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Christmas and the Missionaries of Charity

The Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa’s Sisters in particular, need no introduction! But do You know HOW they spend a festival like Christmas?

If You go to one of their ‘houses’ on these days, with a Gift/Donation for them or to Wish them, You will Not find them there!

They will be found in some Slum area, arranging Games for the Children, (Adults Not left out!), and things like that.

Not for them the Cutting of Cakes and Coffee (We don’t have much of Cocoa here!)


On the Other ‘Ordinary Days,’ they will be busy with their Regular ‘Duties!’

MCs at Nirmal Hriday

An MC Nun gets some Love!
ONE OF EIGHT PHOTOS BY PHOTOGRAPHER JOHN MOORE– Sister Leatrice smiles as she is is hugged and kissed by orphans under her care in the Shishu Bhavan orphanage in Calcutta, Thursday, Sept. 11, 1997. Most of the children from the home are placed in Indian families, others are adopted by Europeans. (AP Photo/John Moore)

Go there with ‘Something.’ It Will Not remain in their hands. Within hours it would have reached Other hands.


PS: I do not mean to say that Sisters and Brothers of Other Congregations are not doing Excellent Work. So Don’t Forget to Wish them for Christmas! Let us give Our Love and Best Wishes to ALL who serve Humanity. Hearty Regards. 🙂