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done so openly, & in a supposed democracy


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Re ‘Hathras,’ see here.

Re ‘Activist,’ the Latest. 83 yo Fr Stan sj arrested.


On Indian #media in #modi2.


3 Excerpts from an Excellent article in The Hindu, an Old and Reputed (e) Paper. For the complete post, see bottom.

Whatever [the] Indian media is reporting, the opposite is true,” says one Kashmiri journalist. “Editors give directions to field reporters on the kind of soundbites they want from the ground to fit into their studio scripts. People oblige but viewers do not see the security men behind the camera.” ( Emphasis mine. )

On the last morning of October 1984, Rajiv Gandhi was campaigning in West Bengal when a police jeep intercepted his Mercedes to deliver the message: “There’s been an accident in the house. Return immediately to Delhi.” His mother, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, had been shot at by her Sikh bodyguards in her garden, on the way to a TV interview. As he waited for a helicopter to take him to Calcutta, the Congress General Secretary turned on his transistor radio to get the latest. He tuned in, not to All India Radio but the BBC. The news was not good but that is not the point.

Even in pre-reforms India, when broadcast media was a government monopoly and mouthpiece, a would-be Prime Minister’s first resort of trust was “Auntie”, not mummy’s Akashvani. Thirty-five years on, with 400 private TV news channels, 1,000 newspapers, and 3,000 radio stations, it is a telling commentary on the credibility of the Indian news media ecosystem — in fact, on the theology of “competition” in a free-market economy — that nearly every piece of information which contests the establishment narrative that all is well in Kashmir, has come from a non-Indian source.

Stark contrast in coverage

Here’s a baker’s dozen since the “lockdown” began:

First video of protests, firing: BBC, ‘Al Jazeera’, Reuters;

Number of arrested: AFP, AP, TimeThe New York Times;

Minors among those detained: The Washington Post;

Detenus flown out of overcrowded jails: AFP;

First pellet injury death: ‘Huffington Post’;

Soura, epicentre of resistance: Reuters;

First bullet injury death: France 24;

Beatings, torture: BBC, The Independent;

Harassment, sexual abuse of women: Deutsche Welle;

Civilians forced to chant ‘Vande Mataram’: Foreign Policy;

Doctor detained for speaking of shortage of medicines: BBC;

Hospitals turning into ‘graveyards’: The Wall Street Journal;

Emerging medical emergency: The Lancet editorial.

( Editing: mine ).




On Preity Zinta and…

Preity Zinta had made a Complaint. Now I find that She is becoming the Accused! Actually, She is being Blamed for Two things: One, of Filing False charges, and Two, of Bringing on Media coverage on a Small happening, when so many Major (sexual) assaults are taking place.

preity zinta

Preity Zinta, from: http://www.fansshare.com


In the midst of all this, during one of the TV debates conducted by NDTV, one of the experts on the panel, one tavleen singh, (among others), wanted to say that Preity’s case was a minor one, or words to that effect. Anyway, where I accept that I am not sure of the words, tavleen was definitely all for minimizing the issue.

tavleen singh

Image of tavleen singh from: www.oxfordbookstore.com

Please understand that I have plenty of People who Love me, though I would not technically call them ‘Friends.’ And I never got to have a Girlfriend. Alas?! But for the post I am supposing one. [Oh, the Sacrifices I have to make!] 🙂

Now let us suppose that I have become irritated with my Girl Friend, and start calling her, ‘Fat Bum,’ in her hearing. Subsequently, I just start ‘Mouthing’ the words whenever I catch her eye. Go on, Please Imagine that and Visualize it.

How long, do You think, before She starts tearing out her hair? Now, if I were to substitute a four letter word instead of Fat girl or something, one should begin to see what would happen to a person at the receiving end.

The Greatest Pains need not be Physical at all. Heartache never is. And Heartache is a Major problem. Am not talking about heart attacks, either. …I do wonder how tavleen would have responded if I had mouthed four letter words at her, and If I could have got it Trending!


It seems that Preity had wanted to say that this wadia had ‘Outraged her Modesty,’ or something like that. That is what her lawyer was saying. And, as You know, I know Absolute Zero about law.

Instead of this ‘Outrage of Modesty‘ business, she seems to have used the words: ‘molestation‘ in her complaint. Oh, just How could She commit such a Crime! Naturally the World is Up in Arms. A whole Three page (counter) complaint has been drafted, duly signed and submitted, as a result of which now Preity has to answer just How She could have committed so vile an act. Oh, Brother.


On the other hand, the media ‘has’ made much of it. But I ask, Why Blame the Media? It will dish out what people want. Period.

As for Preity, is it not Naive to think She got the Media to make this into such a Big bit of news? It has been said that political parties had spent Hundreds of Crores on their campaigning, and on the media coverage. Preity’s detractors would have us believe that she manipulated such large coverage. This is Not to deny that people in Show business do not have Friends in the Media.


Over Facebook and Twitter, people had gone to the extent of calling Preity the worst possible names.

Let me draw up some Questions.

Preity is a reasonable well off girl, rich, if You want to put it that way. An Actress, from what I understand, and the Owner of a Cricket team, no less. Does that mean that people have the Right to make Fun of her Complaints? Is She entitled to Justice or Not?

The Reversal of Charges on mere Technicalities, and small people making fun of her, all reek of male high handedness!


Whether We get it or Not, I Fully Expect Justice and Redressal for Each and Every Individual, irrespective of being poor or rich, male of female, big or small.

As Tagore had said: ‘Into that Heaven of Freedom, my Father, Let my Country Awake.’

Gandhiji – Anarchist!

This happened when I was in Bhagalpur diocese, at Basmata, I think. A Beggar was turning up all too often, and so the Parish Priest said, with some Irritation and in Sarcasm, ‘Yes, the Next time, Come with your Whole Family!’ And Bless me, he did that the next time!

At sometime Arvind Kejriwal seems to have said that he was (also) an anarchist. The media, which likes to keep harping on this, does not deign to give us the background, or the Original instance of this utterance. But it does keep ‘Crowing’ about it in its own sanctimonious way.

Speaking of Crowing, of Old, it was said that the True Sportsman neither Cries when he loses, not Crows when he wins! Crowing is Best left to Crows! I want to remind the media of this. Particularly when those who are presenting the news seem no better than mere Wage Earners. It does not behoove them to behave thus with Game Changers.

Coming to Anarchy, is that such a Bad thing? One Man’s Terrorist being another Man’s Freedom Fighter, and all that? Anarchy, from Greek, signifies ‘without government,’ or Rejection of the Administration. The other definition of Anarchism, namely: the political philosophy which holds the state to be immoral, is where Kejriwal comes in, and in that I am with him. Whatever the beginnings, just after India’s Independence, might have been, for the last 30 or 40 years, Morality has been Sold to the Dogs by the Administrations that followed one after another.

Also, in Kejriwal’s case and mine, it is: Rejection of ‘the’ administration; and Not: Rejection of Administration. Let them give Us a Good one, and We will Accept that.

Coming to Gandhiji, called ‘The Father of Our Nation,’ We See Him here with ‘lord’ mountbatten. It must have been Cold, mountbatten has his coat on, but more importantly, has put on heavy woollen socks. So Gandhi appears with a ‘Shawl.’


Dress ‘Codes!’ The vatican has one, and so has the taliban, especially for Ladies, and Only for Ladies, it would seem. We see what Gandhiji thought of dress codes. It is said that He went in the same Attire for the ‘queen’s’ Tea Party, (though I could not find a photo of that), and the queen had to bear it. Anarchy!


I give the following from: ‘Does Gandhi Deserve a Place in the Libertarian Tradition? By JEFF RIGGENBACH,’ in http://mises.org/daily/5002/

The intellectual historian George H. Smith: “Gandhi’s hatred of State oppression was as passionate and deeply-felt as any contemporary Libertarian.” Smith quotes Gandhi as having said that “Any man who subordinates his will to that of the State surrenders his liberty and thus becomes a Slave.”

“In the enormous corpus of Gandhi’s writings, we find no systematic treatise on political theory. Yet scattered throughout letters and articles we find unmistakable indications of his anarchist tendencies.”

“Gandhi repeatedly called himself an anarchist.”


So, if Arvind Kejriwal called himself an Anarchist, he is in Very Good Company. Let us Join them!

Kejriwal’s Controversial Jan Lok Pal Bill

The Jan Lok Pal Bill is an anti-corruption bill drafted and drawn up by civil society activists in India seeking the appointment of an independent body to investigate corruption cases.

The words Jan and Lok are Common nouns, both signifying ‘the People.’ Might sound unnecessary to have the two words, but they are Needed to differentiate this particular bill from an existing, Toothless one passed by the administration.

…I have seen reason to criticize the media left and right in these pages, for being Partial. But there seems to be a goodly difference between the reports over the TV versus the ‘net editions’ of the same groups. I have found that timesofindia.indiatimes.com gives more balanced reports. Different Editors, perhaps. I shall quote certain sections from its article on the subject. (Reference to article in comments).

‘Delhi Cabinet cleared the draft of the much talked-about Jan Lokpal bill which provides for COVERING ALL PUBLIC SERVANTS – FROM CHIEF MINISTER TO GROUP D EMPLOYEES – and seeks life term as maximum punishment for those found guilty of corruption.’ (Emphasis mine).

The Emphasized section shows one of the main differences between AAP’s bill and the government’s one. Let me offer some tidbits that would clarify things.

At present it is Exceedingly difficult to prosecute chief ministers and such. In physical terms, they talk of a 5 layer security and things like that. For creatures like cms, one has to go to the moon to get clearance to bring them to court. And even if cases are filed, in the run of the mill courts, things drag on for a-g-e-s. The ‘law’ is really loaded on the side of those who play hanky-panky.

Coming down to ‘Group D employees.’ These are seemingly harmless people, last on the rung of the ladder. But let me speak more of the Clerks. Bill Dwyer had said: ‘A Clerk is a Jerk.’ Clerks like to prove it.

You go to an office, to a particular department. And You will Very probably find that the clerk at that desk is simply Not there. This will happen to You many times. Then one day You find him there. And seeing You, You find that he is saying to his companion at the next table: ‘The Tyres on my Cycle have got completely Worn Out.’ You go out, get a pair of the blessed things, go back to the desk, and say, with a Garfield like grin: ‘One of my Friends presented me with these; I do not really need them just now. Wonder if You could use them.’ Your work gets done.

That happened in My day, more than 40 years ago. Today, they travel by Motorized vehicles. And comparatively bigger bribes are expected. And that is the only difference.

You have a problem connected with Your Land/Path or things like that? First You have to search for the VAO (village administrative officer). It takes Quite a Long while to locate these people, as they are ‘supposed’ to be on rounds, though, according to rules, they ‘have’ to be present in their office on certain days. But, in the meantime, they have found out all about Your issue, evaluated how much they can collect from ‘which’  party, etc.

In the meantime You also have to get the ‘Surveyor’ of the area. You go through the same Rigmarole to locate ‘him.’ Then they all come, have a look see, and quietly ask for, say, (as it happened in a case I know), rs. 1500. They say it is for Expenses. Everybody knows just ‘What’ expenses they are going to be. It will keep them in Free lunch and drinks for a while. The amount seems measly. But everybody also knows that this is merely the ‘first’ installment. …The problem is that after a few days You get a letter from the department, informing You that because of this reason, and that paper being not just right, Your work cannot get done. …The other party either coughed up more, or was more influential.

This kind of ‘looting’ happens at Every office. I could go On and On with Examples. …The Common Man calculates that the Cost, in terms of Time, Energy and Money spent, may be greater than throwing some money on these fellow’s plates. There are Many who can afford to pay bribes. But there are Millions who simply cannot meet the ‘rates,’ and thus lose even their Lands and Homes.

And there are Two more problems with this. Those who take the Bribes are Already Quite Well to do. A government employee gets ‘At Least’ rs. 10,000 pm, if We take the case of humble Peons who stand at the doors. Whereas, outside of government jobs, in the private sector, there are Thousands who get about rs. 1,500 pm for a 10-12 hour day’s work. You want proof? Come to me. I will take You around. …So, point number one is, Why Should the ‘Haves’ have more?

These Individual cases of Corruption in the offices affect Every Citizen Directly and Personally. Affecting Citizens Collectively, first, politicos simply carve out large chunk of the taxes for themselves. Next, in the Projects, they ‘dupe’ the Common Man by giving outlandishly false accounts, like charging a Hundred Thousand rupees for an Ordinary, Stadium Chair! Whether it is issuing licences for the mining of Natural Resources, providing Electrical Power, putting up schools and hospitals or running them, politicos, having taken money from the business houses, Cheat, Fool and Denude the Citizen. Any and Every Project is merely seen as a means of raking in Commissions.

Heads of states and political parties spend Crores claiming to have Put up Hundreds of Projects in motion. On the one hand, many of their claims are false. On the other, those projects are badly executed, and are of Not of great use to Citizens. Take government hospitals. Only the Poorest go there.

But if the politicos had Not been Corrupt, Thousands and Tens of thousands of Projects would have come up along the Length and Breadth of India, all running Well. There indeed ‘are’ good roads. Somebody said that he felt as if he were ‘flying’ while going on one those by car. But for every such road, there are literally Thousands that are Ruts. Because of rampant corruption, Water and Electrical projects in particular have not been put into effect. This is something that is going to affect Generations to come.

In all this, the Citizen is the Loser, the business houses and politicos, and very many government employees, the gainers. And courts and police form a ring around these, protecting them from effective Prosecution.

And ‘that’ is what Kejriwal’s Jan Lokpal bill hopes to address. It may be good to recap the differences between the govt’s so called ‘lokpal’ bill – which We call the Jokepal bill, and Kejriwal’s one. In the former, neither higher govt officials, nor the lower cadres can be brought to court. And the agency that would examine the cases would be under …govt control! Any wonder why We call it the Jokepal?!

But Why should there be so much Controversy over this? …It is an artificially created controversy, created by political parties, because, if this comes through, their freeloading will come to an End. Going back to the Times of India article:

  • ‘They (Congress) realise that if there is a strong Lokpal then many of these people will get into trouble. For seven years BJP is in power in MCD and they may also get into trouble. If the bill is passed then all these CWG cases will go to Lokpal’
  • Translation: The congress party realizes that if there is a strong Lokpal, then many of Its Own people will get into trouble. …For 7 years, the bjp had been incharge of the MCD, (The Municipal Corporation of Delhi), and so they will also get into trouble. Also, all CWG (Common Wealth Games) cases will go to Lokpal.

The administration of Delhi is under the AAP now, and Arvind Kejriwal, as its Chief Minister, is at the helm of things there. So, for the congress and the bjp, in particular, and for every political party, the Easiest way to avoid all these cases would be to see that Kejriwal’s Jan Lokpal bill does Not get passed!

Lopsided Criticism

This is different from Stilted Reporting. Only the media indulges in ‘that!’

We are ALL Criticizing! Criticism, after all, means ‘judging.’ So We are All judges. And some fellows are being called ‘justices!’ Lol.

On the Lowest, what might be called the silly level, it is choosing between this potato or that one, this shirt today or the other. On higher levels, We decide if a person is Trustworthy and whether We are going to interact with them further or not.

Thus Criticism cannot be Avoided, and it is not Wrong.

But when people criticize when they should be Praising and vice versa, We start Pulling our Hair. And when Lopsided Criticism is applied to Public domain and National Issues, We Start Losing our Hair. Let us take a few cases.

(No)mamata banerjee’s cadres use Gang Rape as a political tool, and this brings out Low Criticism. azam khan sends out whole companies of the police force to search for his blasted buffaloes, again Low C. Somnath Bharti’s ‘orders’ the delhi police to investigate Sex and Drug rackets, …what a Hulla bulla! And that Somnath was later proved right is another matter.

Andhra’s protests bringing Movement to a Standstill on a National level is considered not even worth talking about. But if the AAP-ians protest, it is the End of the World!

For more than 60 years, the major political parties had been farting around. That is run of the mill. If AAP wants those laws changed, ‘AAP does not respect laws, AAP does not know how to govern,’ and Much More.

…Well, the PIGS in Animal Farm had made laws too. And they were enforced by the Dogs. And the laws were ‘followed’ by the Sheep. …80% of our Populace is made of Sheep too. But Some of Us SHALL Criticize at least Some of the Laws and the Doings of business houses, and their handmaidens – policos, courts and the police.

Only History can decide Who was Lopsided and Who was Straight.


Stilted Reporting

Two events of Violence are in the air. One is due to britain admitting that it had helped plan the attack on the Golden Temple in Punjab, the holy shrine of the Sikhs, in 1984. (The sikhs seem more incensed by this, than the fact that a terrorist had desecrated the temple by turning it into his hideout). The second is in the aftermath of Nido Taniam, a Young Man of 19 from the North East being killed, on reportedly Racist grounds.

Both events gave rise to Protests. And both the protests have something in common, as far as can be seen from the videos shown on TV. Both are Violent.

But Nary a word from the media on the Nature of these protests. No mention that those who had gathered had indulged in violent pushing and shoving, faces Angry, not only scaling the barriers that the police put up, but also overturning them.

Whereas there was the AAP protest, led by Arvind Kejriwal, just some time ago, where 3000 police personnel had been ordered onto the spot by administration (down with the word ‘govt.’). For so many police to be there, what must have been the number of AAP supporters? And Yet, had there been violence there? Except for that shown by an elderly policeman, distinctive in his whitish hair and moustache, who was caught on camera Twice, shoving, pushing and hitting? As for the stories by the police of stone throwing, etc, they were not convincing.

Now here comes the Stilted Reporting: How does media report these? In the case of Arvind’s protest, the administration, the police and the media had made so much noise, trying to show that the fabric of society was being torn apart, whereas just the Opposite was the case. And in cases of actual violence, as in the Sikh and NE ones, the media is Calm as a Calf. Shame on media, politicos and the police for this.

The Modern ‘media.’

The media of Old, the Newspapers, through their Editorials, and selection of what they presented, not only informed, but ‘formed’ the opinion of the people, often being the Instruments of Change.

All Freedom movements must have used some sort of medium, media, for sharing information, even though this might have been just in the form of Handbills.

Today’s media does all these things too. Of Sorts. But the ‘freedom’ they are helping establish is Not one that can be Appreciated. Today, the media is a very good example of: ‘Loot sakaay tho loot,’ as they say in Hindi, which means, ‘Loot on, as much as you can.’

The politicos are looting the nations. And one of the first things that any political establishment that takes control of the ‘governance’ of a country does, is to try to take control of the media. Even today, when a coup takes place, one of they first things they would do is to take charge of the country’s radio station.

There are ways of avoiding this control. It takes a few things. I could tell them if they wanted it, and if they asked me.

But, since fighting for ‘Independence,’ even of the media, is always a sort of War, they prefer to give up the ghost, and search for easier hunting grounds. Like Advertisements. So, right from the media owners/bosses, through the ‘famous’ anchors, to the journalists/reporters on the street, they get satisfied with their incomes, their perks, and style of living.

They become satisfied with being part of the ‘jet set,’ getting to live in star hotels, able to move around, visit places, and being on ‘TV,’ (rare is the person who does not ‘wave’ when the camera is on them, as we see in sports, particularly cricket). In short, a series of Daily Titillation. It is Unfortunate that they think this is Happiness.

So, what the modern media does today is, Present what it is Sure will bring in More Advertisements to the channel; Go the way the ‘govt’ wants, to ‘keep’ its licence, and Berate and Yap away at those they are Interviewing, particularly if they are of the polite kind. The media knows to keep quiet with the akhilesh yadavs, and the azam khans. But the members of the AAP, brought up better, are fodder for them.

It is really Sickening, even Disgusting to watch media anchors/interviewers ask questions, then, not even allowing 3 minutes for a reply, Rudely Interrupt, and start Stacking more questions. The questions themselves become so long, it would be Insane to try to answer them.

My TV package only allows me to watch the Headlines Today and the Times Now, as far as english news is concerned. Though I would like to see what goes on in the so called ‘debates,’ what I get to see is a Shouting Match. Professional politicos speak without taking a breath and carry on whether somebody is speaking or not. And the media anchor holds court like the Mad Hatter.

I quietly switch on to the National Geographic or such, or better, to some Comedy channels in Tamil.

Muzaffarnagar Riots – Delhi Protest

A search for the words. ‘Riots in UP’ gives 119,000,000 results in 0.32 seconds in Google! These Riots in the Muzaffarnagar area claimed 43 lives according to ‘Wikipedia.’ It left Thousands Homeless, afraid to go back to their places, fearing further Violence. These people had to brave the Cold of Zero degree temps, most unusual for the plains of India, but which occurred this winter.

What is Worse about the Riots is that they are the Result of Incitements, by politicians, of Both the Hindu and the Muslim communities, and belonging to major political parties.

On the other hand, politicians, the police, the media and even the courts are simply clamouring for the arrest/removal/jailing of Arvind Kejriwal and Somnath Bharti.

Oh, yes, there was some cry about the Inciting politicos. But the courts, saying, ‘Behold, the handmaid of the lord,’ gave Clean Chits to all of them, saying that there was no evidence against them. …In this day and age, with Dozens of Cell phones shooting away from any number of angles, the courts dare to say there was not enough evidence.

What are the Charges against Kejriwal? He is the Chief Minister of Delhi, but the police is not under him. Demanding that this be corrected, he started a Protest. Knowing that Hundreds of Thousands would support him, the Delhi police clamped section 144, by which people are forbidden to gather in numbers, and closed down railway stations close to the scene of the Protest. In spite of these, the People did so gather is his support, though he had specifically asked them not to turn up.

Kejriwal is blamed for disrupting the daily life of the common man of Delhi. …But when the political parties of Andhra had blocked Train Traffic for days on end, NO complaint came from the police or the courts. We have to note that Trains from ALL parts of the South of India, namely Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, HAVE to pass through Andhra, whether they are going to Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Kolkata or the North East.

Somnath Bharti is blamed, among other things, for demanding that a Woman suspected of using Drugs undergo a Urine test.

…Now let us see. Devyani Khobragade had been subjected Not only to a Strip Search, but Cavity Searches. Nothing less than a Rape. Even if it had been carried out by female security personnel, it is an Accursed Invasion of one’s body. Many have said that this is the law of that place, so it should not have been a big deal. I just invite them to ask one of their friends to carry out something like this on them, just to know and experience what this feels like.

As for a Urine test, the person enters a toilet cubicle, and in privacy, gathers the sample ‘by’ herself. I ask in My turn, just What IS the big deal in this?

Next, Let us take the Kangaroo justice meted out to the 20 year old in West Bengal. This woman is said to have had a relationship, and for this, the village heads order that she be Gang Raped, On Platform for all the See.

No Human Rights organizations, No Women’s Commissions, No court, No police have filed any FIRs (First Information Report, a police procedure) against the chief minister of West Bengal.

The Influence of Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP is growing day by day. politicians are absolutely scared and worried by this scenario. The courts, police and media being subservient to the politicos, are sparing No effort to Try to Nip the AAP movement in the bud, if that would be possible. They have roped in some sort of Women’s commission in their aid. But that org is also headed by a  politico! …Great Fun, what?

It is There, for All to See!

Arvind Kejriwal, along with many of his Ministers, AND a Whole lot of People, turned up to show the central govt what they think of the way it is running things.

Among the words that are filling the Air, we have:

  • From the side of the media, yammerings of: ‘Is this the way, AAP going too far? Complete Anarchy, Arvind protecting his ministers! Arvind’s dangerous tactics, Reducing governance to drama,’ etc. Well, in that case, Just whom is shinde, the home minister and the chief of police protecting? Also, the hypocrisy of the media needs a separate article.
  • From the side of politicos: The Usual political bhah, like: ‘Focus on Administration, not Activism, etc.’ manish tiwari, one of the central govt ministers, Walks, as he find so many supporters of the AAP on the road, and makes much of it. And,
  • From the side of the AAP, Point by point presentation of Facts, WITH written proofs. It is all centred around the Delhi police this time. The AAP presented 3 cases:
  1. A Danish lady, 51 years old, had been Gang Raped. Some arrests have been made, but it does not seem that much progress has taken place.
  2. A Young Woman went and complained to the police that she was mortally frightened of her in-laws, and that she was on the verge of suicide because of it. The police took No action. And it happened. She is fighting for her life in some hospital.
  3. And the Local Citizens, where Somnath Bharti had told the police men to investigate, had been complaining for MONTHS, about Suspected Drug and Sex trade in that area. NO Action on part of police. …And interestingly, it comes out that the High Commission of Uganda had come up to the Delhi govt, – most probably because the central govt did not heed them, – saying that their Nationals had been lured to India on the pretext of getting them Jobs, only to involve them in the Flesh Trade. And they had named the Same area that had come under Somnath Bharti’s eye.

For all this, the TVs have NOT succeeded in Hiding the Truth. Instead of Anarchy, the People gathered there have Not resorted to ANY Violence, not even Shoving, Not involved in fisticuffs with the police, etc. And they have been there since 9 or 10 this morning, and it is past 5.40 PM just now.

It has been Notable that the Police is Very Quiet; It even seems As if it is On the Side of the People in This. On the Other hand, the police mentality is being seen in the person of An Oldish policeman, White Haired and Mustached, who has been seen Shoving the People in at least two instances.

To my fellow AAP-ians:

  1. Please Keep Your Cameras, etc, ready.
  2. Or Else, Please Record this kind of police highhandedness.

That would be a Great Service You would be performing.