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I do not want the Accused to be Caught


Having given that headline, here’s actually what I want:

‘I do not want the Accused to be Merely Caught; I want the Fear of God to be put into the ungodly, so that Justice could prevail.’

Here is the latest case.

A Minor girl is gang-raped, the local village body tells the accused to do a 100 sit-ups and pay the victim Rs. 50,000.

“Enraged over the panchayat diktat, the youths went to the house of the girl and thrashed the family members and burnt her to death.”

“As many as 14 people have been arrested” over this incident.

Both quotes above from: https://www.firstpost.com/india/chatra-gangrape-case-14-arrested-after-minor-girl-raped-burnt-alive-in-jharkhand-six-accused-still-on-the-run-4457021.html

Besides the most repulsive fact that Rs. 50,000 seem to be considered ample compensation for gang-rape, (God forbid, do it to a village head’s daughter and see if he is satisfied with that),

…Apprehensions and Arrests are made Aplenty. Then what happens?

The Dastards are taken with great solicitude and tenderness here and there, their faces well covered to save their dignity, following which they will receive Bail at the drop of a hat,

Above: They KILL with Open faces, but have their faces well covered for Cameras. Image from my files, from the Internet.

Above, the man who had executed the killing of the Missionary, Rev. Staines, by Fire, being taken somewhere, Oh, Ever-So-Solicitously!

And Dastardly courts may give sentences in about 20 years.

NO Criminal is frightened in India.

Only We Citizens are Afraid.

JUDGES, delivering the biddings of their masters, the Pigs of Animal Farm, living under the protection of the Dogs of the same, having No idea of the problems or the pains of the Citizenry, try their level best to eat 1,000 rupee meals, and fight never ending skin-heart-and sugar diseases.

[ These judges keep themselves well hidden from the sight of Ordinary Citizens. I suppose it is because they know that People would Shave them Bald, Seat them on donkeys Backward, Tar and Feather them if they knew they were judges.

Anyway, I have ‘Seen’ only two judges. And they BOTH had Skin diseases! …Makes You think, what? 🙂 ]

An Excerpt from MY NOVEL:

“If there was one thing he hated worse than another, it was rape; and the thought that this, and gang rapes, were happening to children, made him lose his sleep. If only this was taking place in my back yard, he thought,


He looked to the Justice department to deliver Justice, but apart from the fact that nothing bad happened to the judges or the members of their families, and their masters, the politicos and their guard dogs the police, the justice department of India existed only to draw fat salaries and pensions. Only when real bad things happen to them will they realize the pain of it, thought he.”

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Here’s hoping Nothing bad happens to Your children.