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Cambodia, Pt. I: Pay It Forward



This is a Reblog. And I shall be raising speech about MOTHER TERESA again.


When I was reading Monica’s this post, I felt like taking a big stone and hitting my head with it. …I get Mad like that at times.

It was Not the bit about Ant Pee.

But, to read that the World has rulers like the Khmer Rouge, due to whose ‘Kind policies’ …….

‘They ate anything they could find: spiders, ant eggs, frogs, dogs, and sometimes …EVEN DIRT’

If We can say: “I made a difference to that one,” without getting satisfied with Too Little Too Soon, We shall be Able to call Ourselves BLESSED.


My Hearty Kudos, Love, Blessings and Thanks, First of all, to that Beautiful NITA, who was instrumental in bringing Love, Relief and Knowledge to many.

Love and Blessings on MONICA GRAFF, her Husband and Friends. Monica for having had those Tears in her Eyes, which she tried to hide behind her Big Glasses, and behind her fever or whatever.

Blessings on Chris and Mike on Emptying their pockets.



Monica had alluded to ‘tour guides’ who make away with Gifts that are sent or given ‘For’ the People. That must be happening Pretty much Everywhere.

That is where Mother Teresa’s MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY (SISTERS) come in.

There Surely Are Enough Good Souls who are Genuinely helping the Helpless. But the Problem comes in finding out the Real ones.

Mother Teresa. A Clean person, but she does not have a clean sheet. Courtesy of Fringe Elements who are worried, Wrongly, about Christianity spreading because of the work her Good Sisters do. Whereas Christianity, per numbers, has gone Down, from 2.6% to 2.3% in India.


To get back, Altogether it is a question of WHERE are You going to give/send/donate Your Hard Earned monies if You so wish it?

This is Where I would Unhesitatingly Suggest to You that You Give/Send Your monies to MOTHER TERESA’s Sisters, the Missionaries of Charity.

They do NOT build people homes. But, besides picking up the Homeless and the Destitute from the Streets, they Also pick up and Care for (Street) Girls, send them to schools and Marry them off, which takes some money.

On the Scale they work, there being some 4,500 sisters, THOUSANDS are taken care of. NO money goes into the pockets of the MC’s.

Mother Teresa's Nirmal Hriday

With Mother Teresa’s sisters, You can be Sure Your donation made a Difference where it matters. Regards.



Two shots of rice whiskey and twelve hours of sleep didn’t help. My head and chest felt like pressurized powder kegs filled with snot. My throat like a cheese grater. I stuffed every pocket with face tissues, double-checked my supply of Advil, and hoisted my daypack over my shoulder.

“Let’s go before I change my mind,” I said to my husband, Chris. Blame my lack of enthusiasm on the respiratory infection I picked up in Saigon, but I felt like our side trip to Cambodia from Vietnam would be a lackluster exercise in checking off sites from someone else’s do-before-you-die list.

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So Now she is Saint Teresa. Now What? [ With Additions! ]


[ This post has been updated. New elements at the Very End! Regards. ]

[ And I have removed that ugly word of mine, with Apologies All around. ]

Teresa skipping

In the Traditional way of things, people would start praying ‘to’ her. And Indirectly the church has encouraged this by demanding that miracles worked through her alone would give her the status of a saint. What is Needed is

But before that.

Found the following in Facebook. I am editing it, by breaking it into two segments. NO other changes:

  1. Very few have seen Mother Teresa in real action,,, and oh, she was really tough too, especially with Christian priests, bishops and her own missionary sisters of charity too.
  2. She’d take 2 of her sisters to Howrah Stn. With their slim, cloth shoulder bags, buy 2 open general class compartment tickets– one to Nagaland-Kohima and one to Gujarat–Surat. As the first train pulls in, she would juggle the tickets and whichever sister got that ticket was sent off by that train and left the other sister on the platform to catch her train whenever it arrived….

As regards point One. Kudos to her. That is Wonderful. Super. Heartily Commended. …But a bit Surprising, is it Not? That a Nun would be Chiding ‘priests!’ …It shows her Internal ‘Worth,’ which made the priests and others to listen to her.

Now for the second point. In this she was Unwise. She had lived in India long enough, and her houses house any number of Young Women who have been the Victims of Rape. Yet she sent out Young Nuns alone! On Long trips!

Holiness does not stop Us from being unwise; Just as Sanctity is No Protection against Rape.

It happened in All corners of the earth. I have personally met, and ministered to, 7 Young Nuns who had been Raped in UP. 

Raping Nuns because they are Nuns is a sport for a particular faction of the majority community. For it was they who had done that in the instance that I mention, as well as the many other such incidents. Search for Kandhamal in Google. Whole villages, some 20,000 driven away, scared away, and told they can come back IF they are ready to become Hindus.

But the above are NOT the main points of this little essay.

She Sacrificed her life for the Service of the Poor. Whatever her background, she could have a live a much more comfortable life. It was her Sacrifice and Extreme Simplicity of life that Attracted so many to her congregation (society). Whereas, vocations (people joining) other congregations is going down, in many instances drastically. The MC’s, the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa’s congregation, is one of the very few that is Attracting Candidates.

MCs in Water

Am Sure this Good little Sister is quite a bit embarrassed at being photographed. They like to work in the Background, away from all limelight. …All photographs from the Internet.



What most would be doing is to pay tributes to her, laud her, and a good many, as I said, would be praying to her. Nothing wrong with that. Pray to her if you feel so inclined.

But Christ, the World, the Future Generations, Our Own Children and Grand-Children would have us Live Like her. Now that she has been declared a saint, That’s What. LIVE LIKE HER.

One of her Most famous statements was: ‘Give till it Hurts.’ …If it has Not hurt me, I have Not given!

So, let’s have less of her praises, and More of Following her Example.


Now for the New elements:

Fellow Blogger Patricia, of <https://newbloggycat.com/&gt; has written in the comments that: ‘But I’ve read some articles about her which are very disturbing and disappointing.’ And she has given the following reference:


{ https://looneybitch.wordpress.com/ also mentioned the huffing post(!) }

This is what I wrote to Patricia:

Hello, Patri! Thanks for sharing this. …Went to the link and read a few lines. It was enough!

This is what I would call the writings of the ‘Fringe’ elements. The author of the post herself mentions: ‘the chief of a Hindu nationalist NGO said.’

I have been with the Missionaries of Charity, which is the name of her congregation, in the branch for men, for a whole Nine months. I have also met her personally a few times. So I should know First hand.

The Only things for which I criticise her are her Autocratic way of functioning (very little ‘Consultation’ took place), and her Unwise ways of sending off Young Nuns ‘by’ themselves over long distances. But actually as I recall now, that was based on a False report. They were/are Always sent out at least Two by Two.

As for:

1. Forced Conversions: Humbug. Their houses are FULL of People who Remain Hindus and Muslims.

2. Bad Medical Care: The MC’s were not founded to give Medical care. Rather they take care of ‘Street People,’ those whom the World ‘Discards,’ leaving them dying on the streets., – allowing them to live and die in Love and Dignity.

3. Gross mismanagement: Her’s was not a NGO. To take care of the Abandoned, living a life of Povery, Chastity and Obedience requires the Very Hand of God, and many special qualities in a person. Which are Sacrifice and Love. Not Educational degrees. …The Indian govt is a Giant, after all. If there had been mismanagements, would they not have found it out?

So Relax. These are Empty Vessels making Noise. 🙂


Rape… Is ‘Justified!’


The occasion: Young catholic, Christian Nuns raped at a place called Chhapra, in Bihar, India, in October 1999.

Three of these Rogues had encircled one of the Nuns, and Taunted her with these words: “How many Priests we kill; how many Nuns we Rape… Why haven’t Christians like You learnt even now? Just Run Away (from this Country).”


The words above the graphic are a rough translation of the text in the snippet above. That itself had been culled from the well know Tamil magazine ‘Ananda Vigadan,’ of 3.10.1999, under the title: The Continuing Horror. According to my practice, I cut and paste things like these in my Bibles. This one is at the 7th chapter of Acts. …Stephan killed, Nuns Raped.

The incident having taken place in (far away) North, it was prominent enough for Ananda Vigadan, a typical Tamilian magazine, to track it out, and to interview one Baikunt Lal Sharma ‘Prem’, secretary of the All India Vishva Hindu Parishad, typically famed as the the VHP. Incidentally, the ‘Prem’ at the end of his name, seemingly his nickname, as We All know, means Love.

Now this was the question put to him by Ananda Vigadan: “Do you consider the Raping of So many Christian Nuns as Right?” (This could also be translated as: Do you Justify…).

Here’s his answer: “This Attack is Nothing but the Awareness and Awakening that has taken place among the Hindus regarding their Safety(!). No Hindu with Love for his Country can allow this encroachment(?) by a foreign religion. Hence The Attack (The Rape) is Justified.

I do think encroachment is the best translation for ‘Ooduruval’ there. As You see, I have attached the snippet from the magazine.

As comment, I find it Stupifying, Stupendous, and Flabbergasting that the word ‘Safety‘ should be used by a community that is about 88% strong, against a community that has Not crossed 3% despite 2 Centuries. And one that is Known Not to be Violent. (My brothers in the North East do spoil the record).

And Love for the Country? Do they mean We do not Love Our Country? Are the Armed Forces of India Ill represented by Christians and Muslims?

vhp secy baikunt lal sharma prem

And the man who says all this is called ‘Prem,’ …Love! Baikunt Lal Sharma ‘Prem’, secretary of the All India Vishva Hindu Parishad of that time.


But I do not recall the Catholic Church having Apologized for the ‘Inquisition,’ the excesses during the ‘Crusades,’ and the Sexual Abuse of Children of Modern Times.

So what is the big deal in Canonizing Mother Teresa? …The catholic church is such a Viper’s Pit, that even the (current) Pope has to tread Softly, Oh-So-Softly, as he issues many Sensible comments. As the most recent one:

Pope Francis Cars

Shared from Facebook

Well, depending on the media, they will use particular Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives. Here, this one has used the words: ‘Lashed out,’ but it sounds like, as I have always said of this man, ‘Mewing‘ to me.


What does it all come down to?

Those whom Common Sense says are on the Right path Mew, and those who dare Rape Our Daughters and Sisters Roar, and DO it. Let’s put our Thinking Caps on, and GET INTO ACTION.


What is Good Friday?


So it is Good Friday once again. And, even after these centuries, even Christians want to know What Good Friday is all about! …Not just the Laity, as the Believers are called, but even the Clergy, including hierarchy, as ‘they’ are called, seem to ‘Wake up’ on this day.

These, particularly the leaders of Christianity, and even more specially the Monastics there of, do not seem to Realize that Christ Dies Every Day, In Torture and in Pain, Due to Hunger, Injustice and all that.

It is High time that Christians Realize that The Blessed Lord, He-who-cannot-die, Dies Every day, and At the Same Time Is King and Lord and Triumphant Every Day.


In India, even among Hindus and Muslims, Good Friday is Better known than Easter. But Most probably, Most do not know what exactly Good Friday is. This article will help understand that question. B…

Source: What is Good Friday?


Christmas and the Missionaries of Charity

The Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa’s Sisters in particular, need no introduction! But do You know HOW they spend a festival like Christmas?

If You go to one of their ‘houses’ on these days, with a Gift/Donation for them or to Wish them, You will Not find them there!

They will be found in some Slum area, arranging Games for the Children, (Adults Not left out!), and things like that.

Not for them the Cutting of Cakes and Coffee (We don’t have much of Cocoa here!)


On the Other ‘Ordinary Days,’ they will be busy with their Regular ‘Duties!’

MCs at Nirmal Hriday

An MC Nun gets some Love!
ONE OF EIGHT PHOTOS BY PHOTOGRAPHER JOHN MOORE– Sister Leatrice smiles as she is is hugged and kissed by orphans under her care in the Shishu Bhavan orphanage in Calcutta, Thursday, Sept. 11, 1997. Most of the children from the home are placed in Indian families, others are adopted by Europeans. (AP Photo/John Moore)

Go there with ‘Something.’ It Will Not remain in their hands. Within hours it would have reached Other hands.


PS: I do not mean to say that Sisters and Brothers of Other Congregations are not doing Excellent Work. So Don’t Forget to Wish them for Christmas! Let us give Our Love and Best Wishes to ALL who serve Humanity. Hearty Regards. 🙂

Quote of the day – Mother Teresa

What is Good Friday? 2020.


Am Reposting this with the addition of the following 3 tiny paragraphs. Wish You a Blessed Good Friday.

Jesus died, once and for all, (Romans 6:10, Hebrews 10:12). YET He dies daily, because He lives in Us.

For altogether too many Christians, Good Friday has come to mean a little Fasting, and attending services.

Not Enough. If We do not Reach out to Him in The Living (1 John 4:20), We know Nothing of Christ.


In India, even among Hindus and Muslims, Good Friday is Better known than Easter. But Most probably, Most do not know what exactly Good Friday is. This article will help understand that question.

Broadly, this post speaks about:

  1. What Good Friday is, or, What is its Meaning?
  2. The Historicity of Good Friday, or, Did Jesus Really Die on that day,
  3. Was Good Friday Necessary? Was Such a Cruel Death Needed?
  4. What happened on Good Friday, or, What was Special about Christ Dying on the Cross?
  5. WHY is it called GOOD Friday?
  6. And, What should We Do on this day?


1. What is Good Friday, or, What is its Meaning?

As to what Good Friday is, it is the day when, nearly 2000 years ago, Our Lord Jesus Christ gave up His Life for Our sake.

Jesus on the Cross

2. The Historicity of Good Friday, or, Did Jesus Really Die on that day?

It is generally accepted that Jesus gave His Life up in 33 AD. There are questions raised by and among experts as to the exact Day and the Year, etc. But It is Historically accepted that Christ was Crucified by the Roman authorities. Two historians of That time, …who were NOT followers of Jesus, attest to this.

1. TACITUS, a Roman, who lived between 55-115 C.E., wrote in his ‘Annals, XV: 44,’ as follows:

Nero fastened the guilt and inflicted the most exquisite tortures on a class hated for their abominations, called Christians by the populace. Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus…”

[A few words about the so-called abominations above. Christ Jesus Himself had established what We call the Communion or the Eucharist, which We partake as Christ’s Very Body and Blood. This is being called an abomination by the author above. (For more on the Eucharist, please click here)].

2. Flavius JOSEPHUS, born 37 C.E., wrote thus in his ‘Antiquities 17.3.3. (81-96 C.E.).’

“There lived Jesus, …The Christ.  Pilate sentenced him to die on the cross, having been urged to do so by the noblest of our citizens; but those who loved him at the first did not give up their affection for him. And the tribe of the Christians, who are named after him, have not disappeared to this day.”

Needless to say, the statements above are Contested, but are also Replied well.


3. Was Good Friday Necessary? Was Such a Cruel Death Needed?

The description of the Tortures meted out to Jesus, are found in All the Four Gospels. In the Next section, I shall further show the Extent of those Agonies. For Now, Was Good Friday Necessary?

The Modern Trend Seems to Suggest that Punishment is Not Needed, or that it is something to be Avoided, to be meted out Only in Extreme circumstances, etc. For example, while some schools go to extreme Chastisements like making the Children Kneel down in the Hot sun for being Late, etc, in Most Other schools, especially those in the West, Penalties seem to be frowned upon.

Prisoner's cell in Sweden

Above, A Prisoner’s cell in Sweden. But it seems Prisoners want and Try to escape from these too.

It would seem that Gone are the days when it used to be said: Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child. …Yet, Jails exist. Even in Scandinavia, it should not be forgotten that Isolating prisoners from Society is itself a Punishment. Ergo, Mankind believes in Retribution.

As they speak about the Special cases in the West, there Are people who Exceed limits of Decency, and Indulge and Rejoice in Harming others. Examples are: hitler, Pol Pot, Politicians, Judges, Officials by the Thousands! They do it with a Straight Face, of course. They would even Claim that they are doing the right thing.

Given all that, Crime and Sin Demand Punishment.

We might, of course, ask what all this has to do with Us. The Problem is, that We ALL Sin. And Deserve Punishment.

(To Reiterate), Sin is Wilfully Harming, Injuring., even Hurting Another.

Let us take Examples:

Indian buses

A. Both scenes above are from India, but More often it is like that at Right. The point is that Most of the time, Indian (Bus) Conductors, who are in charge of passengers boarding and alighting, as well as the dispensation of the tickets, would easily Stop the Bus to let a passenger Get In.

But when it comes to people Getting Down, You will find these Conductors in Such an Almighty Hurry, veritably shouting ‘Get off, get off,’ that Many Elderly and Infirm passengers Fall down. The Bus Driver Helps in this by Putting the Bus in Motion before people have fully alighted. Unless the passenger is accompanied by enough people, the conductor will just abuse the fallen passenger for falling down, and the bus will keep moving on.

The other kind of problem is that the conductors Will Not Stop where Passengers sometimes Request stops, but put them down at supposedly acknowledged/recognized ‘points’. What happens is that the Old, the Infirm, and many poor people with young children get to walk long distances in the Hot Sun, Unnecessarily. But the Bus Will stop whenever the Driver wants a cup of tea; or for him to pick up his lunch from his house.

Most of Us do not Protest against these things, do not Speak out. Oh, We might, If they were happening to Us. By Not Speaking Up for the Weak, the Have-Nots and the Downtrodden, We Sin. MOST of Us are Guilty of the Sin of Apathy.

Where, and How Often, have We spoken out against Injustice?

B. Take Old Age Pensions. The government announces schemes. People applaud, and say, ‘Oh, aren’t things being done for the Poor?’


[Forgive me for Inserting this picture of a Widow and her Children, when I had started to talk of Old people. …Widows are supposed to receive government help too. The picture shows How Well they get it].

To go back to the Old people, On the ground level…

  • Most of the Time, they have to find out about these things By Themselves. I speak of these things from Experience.
  • Those who approach the Village Heads, etc, may be told to Deposit Rs. 150, for Expenses!
  • Half of those who applied May get the pension, for 6 months or so! For Most, it gets stopped somehow, automatically! Oh, sure, there are a ‘lucky’ few who keep getting it, and the government ‘show-cases’ them.
  • Pensions are delivered about 20 days Late. This allows the local authorities to put the sums, (in a village it would work out to Quite a few thousands, at least, after all), in Short Term Fix Deposits. Money is Earned for just the trouble of going to the bank!

Much, Much more can be said about such things.

These sorts of things Do Not happen to the Well to do. I mean You. You arrive at an Office or the Bank, and the Clerks Smile at You and You get Your work done, maybe Even without paying a bribe. That is because the office fellows Know that You would create a ruckus otherwise.

Who Cares for the Feeble Shoutings of a Poor Man? We Don’t. It would be right Childish of Us to think that people in offices do.

We Applaud Mother Teresa for saying that She saw Christ in Every Poor Person. We Profess to do that too. But I can Very Well Repeat my earlier question: Where, and How Often, have We spoken out against Injustice?

As I said, we create a ruckus, and even get ourselves heard, when things happen to us. But that is Not Speaking Up for Christ in the Downtrodden.

Thus, We All Sin. I have sinned much by my Anger. As a Matter of Fact, the Years I spent in Anxiety were years of Sin. Because it is a Lack of Trust in God. We All Sin, and We have All Sinned. Romans 3:23.

So, Was Good Friday Necessary? Was Such a Cruel Death Needed? …By the Time We even come to Realize Our Sinfulness, Our Burdens of Sins must be Too Great for Reparation. That was Why Good Friday became Necessary. Our BIG bundle of sins needed Big Atonement.


4. What happened on Good Friday, What was Special about Christ Dying on the Cross?

Movies like the ‘Passion of the Christ’ are Easily available, and in Many languages. These moving pictures show How things must Really have happened. Critics say that these depictions are not True. Just shows How Mankind Prefers to Keep Reality Under shades, Under the Carpet. Here are two still from the movie, The Passion.

Jesus after the Scourging

Mary Wiping Jesus’ Blood after the Scourging is another, Most moving moments of the movie. Before seeing it, even I had not thought about it. But, How Else could it have been? The Blood, even bits of Flesh, Splattering, even on the soldiers who were doing the Scourging, is Very Realistically shown. My salutations to the Director.

There is an event, if We can call it that, that of Disrobing Christ before these things happened. We all take off our clothes. But let Us think How We Feel if and when somebody Else removes them. A teacher of a professor having his pants removed by his students, grown up children doing the same to their parents with malice, etc, could make one’s heart cry. And here is One Who was called ‘Master,’ Not a light word, and stripped naked, (We cannot be sure they had even left a loin cloth on Him). This was Another, Severe Torture, rendered to Jesus. For a little more on this, please click here.

Below, a depiction from the same movie, of the famous ‘Ecce Homo,’ namely Behold the Man, as Pilate had said to the crowd, (John 19:5). What he had meant was, ‘See the Man; the Beating itself has done this to Him. Do you still want Him Crucified?’

Ecce Homo

This is How Jesus must have looked after the Scourging. Not like the ‘Artistically’ applied strokes we see on our Crucifixes in our churches.

Regarding Jesus’ Blood, see: ‘The Blessed Eucharist‘ in What is Maundy Thursday.

Christ’s Agonies began on the Night of Maundy Thursday, say about 9 PM, and lasted till about 3 PM on Good Friday.

Over and above the Scourging, Christ’s Hanging on the Cross was a veritable Horror. His Cross had not been smoothened and varnished. It must have been Extremely Rough.

The Nails would not have been the ‘smooth’ affairs of today. They were of Centuries old workmanship. Even 4 inch nails of today could not have held a body on a cross. One could have got rid of them by sacrificing the tearing of one’s flesh, and pulling. So, Long, Finger thick, Rough nails. Forced in by heavy hammers.

People died on the Cross because of Suffocation. Try this. Extend Your hands, and let Your body Sag. Along with this, You would have Exhaled. You will notice that, To Straighten the body, which will be Needed to Inhale again, You will have to use Your Stomach and Back muscles. IF Our hands are fixed on the cross, our Body will use the Arms also to Raise the Chest.

We can use the Stomach and Back muscles to raise up the chest Only If We are Sitting or Standing. If We were hanging on the Cross, the Whole job of lifting up the body would fall on the Arms! Using the Arms to keep lifting the body tired the Arms in quite a short while, after which they did not have the Strength to keep lifting it. This would happen Even if the Arms are merely Tied to the Cross, instead of being Nailed to it.

Jesus' feet on the block on the cross

That was Why they Provided a Block of Wood for the Feet, whereby now the legs assisted the body in lifting the chest for breathing. It was Not an Act of Kindness. First of all, the block must have been as rough as the cross, Full of Slivers. But Worse, The Block Prolonged the Agony, Allowing the person to keep breathing longer, Not letting him die! Which was what they wanted, of course. [The feet were Tied to the Block, but in Christ’s case, they were Nailed].

Thus, altogether, it was a Most Brutal treatment. YET. If We look Only at the Physical side, it is Possible that people have suffered Worse, and More Prolonged agonies. Acid attack and Gang Rape Victims could be a case in point.

What made Jesus’ Suffering Exclusive and Most Terrible was this:

  • Jesus Must have Healed the people, or the relatives of the people, who were in the Crowd demanding His Death, and Laughing at Him. He would have realized this, and this should have Pained Him.
  • More than that, According to Christian Belief, He was Carrying the Sins and the Punishment of the Whole of Mankind upon Himself. That was His Greater Burden, one that made Him cry out, in His Humanity, “My God, My God, Why have You forsaken Me?” (Mark 15:34).

But it Cannot, and Should Not be said that Jesus had Despaired. Firstly, the words I have quoted above are themselves a Direct Quote from Psalm 22:1. It is the Prayer of a Deeply Distressed person. But, after beginning thus, this person declares his Trust in God in the second part of the Psalm, using a goodly 10 verses for this. The psalmist ends by Proclaiming: “People Not Yet born will be told: ‘The Lord Saved His people.'”

Jesus, that Supreme Man, would not have Wasted His time on the Cross. (We are speaking Only of His Humanity here). Psalms make Excellent prayer. So, Psalm 22 must have been one of the many He had used. And We see How that ends. In Triumphant Trust in God. And Luke specifically says that Jesus offered up His Soul to the Father, thereby showing His Trust in Him, as we see in the words: “Father, In Your Hands I place my Spirit.” (23:46).

So, that is what is So different about Christ’s Death on the Cross. He suffered the Consequences of the sins of the Whole of Mankind.

All that as a Mere Man. God cannot Die, on the cross or otherwise. And Christ manifested His Godhead by Rising on the Third day.

And, now,

5. WHY is it called GOOD Friday?

I came across a little comic strip that speaks in this regard. From the Very Famous series: BC.

Why is it called Good Friday

Logically, the strip proceeds very well indeed. But one can raise questions on the statement in the second panel, about one being hung on the cross. The question comes, ‘What have I done to deserve being Hung?’

Just leave One room in Your house undusted, unused and unopened, for, let us say Ten years. Can You imagine the Amount of Dirt that would accumulate? Particularly in Indian conditions? Have We Any Idea? ANY Idea as to How firmly the grime would be sticking, particularly to the floor? And How Hard it would be, and How Long it would take to clean that up? …And What Is there? Just Dust. Just Particles of Dust.

Even If We say I am not guilty of Big sins, WE have counted the Moments when We have been Ignored. From Childhood. It has gone into our Sub-Conscious. It has affected our lives. …And We have done that Same to Others. Sins of Commission and Omission.

We should have Got it in the Neck. After all, We are ALL God’s children. When one brother hurts another, we might Ignore that. But the ‘Hurt Brother’s’ Tears, and sometimes his Blood, Cry Out. Have We not cried out?

When somebody gobbles up our hard earned money that we had paid for an Apartment, We Cry Foul. But We want to Pass over the Years and Years that We have been Apathetic.

The Idea of Punishment is Ancient. Called Hell, Gehenna in Hebrew, Jahannum in Urdu of our Islamic brothers, and Nurk in India, We can Try to Wish it Away, but it Exists. That is Why, in Every Country, We have a ‘Justice Department,’ however foul that may be.

Christ took upon Himself Our Punishment, and Paid Off Our Debt. That is Why We Call it GOOD Friday. It has to be Claimed, but that, elsewhere.

6. What should We DO on this day?

There are Many things We do, like Arriving Late for Church Service, (Not to say the Office!), Not paying Attention to the Readings of the Reflections (the Sermon), Fidgeting, and Forgetting about the Day or the Thought of the Day as soon as We come out of Church.

We have to consider whether We would do these same things at Our Work Environment, or Allow our Staff to be so!

It is Not only Our Time In the Church. Our Life lived at Home, in the Office, Our Service to Others, and all that could Always do with a Freshening Up.

The Thinker

Given all this, Good Friday is the Best Day to Reflect on Our Life and to Make Decisions to Change. We should not Forget to Live according to these New Decisions! …I Wish You All a Holy and Fruitful Good Friday.


Do You Worry About What People Think?

I think it is a Very Important Question that Alaina raises, namely:

Do We Worry about What people think of us?

Sharing from my life, I recall that I was Worried about Not being ‘Liked.’ Today, having noticed that Dozens of People Like me, that Worry has become something of the past.

The Worry about What people Think about Us needs a Different Solution.

Being 67 years Young, and having seen Much, I have noticed that EVERYBODY is a Big bundle of Worries, Fears, Shame, and Many Failures.

There are Just a Handful of ‘True Achievers.’ Examples: Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Alva Edison. During our own lifetimes, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela. [Imagine people burying You neck deep in the ground, and Urinating on Your face, Just to let You know what they think of You!] The above named went through all the glitches, came up good, but above all, Did Not Look Down on Others.

Surprisingly, the World, and by that I mean those who have Not Achieved Much, seem to ‘Like’ looking Down on Others.

I suppose it is their Natural Reaction to their Own Situation.

The Great Do Not Think Badly of Others. If somebody thinks poorly about Us, that person is Not one of the Greats. Why Worry about his/her opinion?!

One of my Friends has a Great Name for these ‘Non-Greats.’ Namely, Small People! Let us Stop worrying about the opinions of Small people. Worrying about What people think of Us is Useless. I Never Do.

We Can become at least 60% People! Then We shall not be part of the ‘small people.’ And The Way to do that is, Ignore What People Think, and Keep Doing What is Right.

Who is the Richest Today???

Some Years ago, I had read that queen elizabeth of england was The Richest. Later it was Bill Gates. And then I read that some mexican man took over that ‘honour.’


A Young Man once told me that my Talks start like the Beginning of a Mystery Novel! And that was from listening to my Sermons! Yes, as I have seen it, the First thing is to get the Attention, and then, to Keep it. What You want to Establish can come later!

Let us go back to Our Original question: Who ‘Is’ the Richest person today? Off hand, would even One in a Million know that? Without resorting to Google or Bing? Or, if We take Another question, Who is the Most Powerful person on earth today? Barack Obama? There would be many who would Contest that. Worse, there would Many More who would not even Know such a man exists. Try India. …Whereas.


If We take some other names, those of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa, I DO believe that these would be More known. These are People whose names are mentioned in History Books, And Remain in the History Books! governments change, Times change, the Writers of those history books change, but these Remain! Don’t You Agree? …What is it that gives them such Permanency and Affection in the Minds of the People?

1990 South Africa


Looking for images of Mandela, found that in at least 50% of them he is found Smiling! And he is a man who had been Jail for how many years? In what all ways? Is it True that he had buried in the ground up to his neck, and worse? …A man like that Keeps Smiling.


To me, the Reason for their Happiness, their Names in the History Books and Affectionate Memories lies in the fact that:


Who cares who is the richest on earth today? I have heard that putin, and in my opinion jaya, are some of the richest people. But I never fail to think of them except with Contempt and Worse. So Ok. What is the Use of Living in History Books? But. To Live with a Smile on one’s face, One has to Live for Others.