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India’s CAA, NRC, etc, …Anti Muslim?


My friend Phil, pjwmia.wordpress.com, in response to my post, had written:

“As you know our idiot in charge is apparently currently being “sucked up to” by your yours. We have gotten reports of protests and injuries due to Mr. Modi and his policy that effects Muslim citizenship. Not much is explained but claims of huge crowds greeting the two. Is there a source I can go to on line that might provide more facts and details on the situation both the treatment of Muslims and the great love displayed for Mr. Trump? Any help would be appreciated.”

My belated reply became quite longish. And here it is, for the interested:


My Dear Phil, Thank You Very much for that, and DO, DO forgive me for being so late in getting back to You. (A bundle of very real reasons including poor health, my left hand not typing like of old, etc, contribute to this). …Yes, the two Idi*ts, Yours And mine, have become close to each other, and for many reasons. One is ideological; both being followers of Fascism. The second is the Following that they get in this, from their Brainless supporters. Heady wine stuff.

As for the Anti Muslim agenda, it has been in preparation for at least 60 years, I would say, as I recall my Youth. And Absolutely Needless, as India’s Muslims, though they keep very much (too much) to themselves, and are even a loving and helpful lot. …And the agenda is prepared by the likes of Amit Shah, our home minister, and the think tank of the RSS, an organization that represents India’s Far Right. modi is just a willing instrument in their hands.

The above group knows that it would not receive support from Europe, or Most of the world, for that matter. Hence these two ‘friends’ fawn on each other.

I do not know about the States; but in India, Most of (political) crowds are gathered for the price of a few hundred rupees, in many cases as low as Rs. 150 (2 dollars!), a meal, and oftentimes a small bottle of alcohol. So let us not think that all those people lined up out of love for good ole tRump, though watching celebrities is one of India’s favourite pastimes.

The Anti Muslim agenda is Very real, but Not easily Perceptible. ( Thus the Very Large, numbering in Hundreds of Thousands, – totally Unprecedented in India – of mainly Women gathering at nearly 30 cities in India, being called the Shaheen Bagh protests, after the place where this had originated ).

…The idea might be, must be, to take over Muslim properties, though this is not going to happen in a day.

They would also be Dis-Enfranchising the Muslims, (and later the Christians, who are happily slumbering away).

And end up with a Hindu Rashtra (Nation). But mind You, they do not want to make this So Simple! …After all, we have Many nations that are Hindu, (as a nation, Nepal was one), More as Moslem, as Iran, the Middle East, and in Southeast Asia.


India’s central administration brought in two, hasty, ‘mid-night’ acts in the parliament. One is called the CAA, (Citizenship Amendment Act) an innocuous one that says India will give citizenship to refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. …Do they even need a law to do that? But the fun part is that it will not give said citizenship to …Muslims.

Then We have a thing called the NRC, the National Register of Citizens, which, it is said, will affect NO Indian citizen. …But YOU will have to prove that You are really an ‘Original’ citizen of India. The administration shamelessly concedes that citizenship papers might have been ‘bought,’ aka Bribery. So How do You prove You are an Original citizen? We shall have to show ‘Land Ownership Papers’ dating at least 60-70 years. (India’s biometric Adhar card, the Voter Id, Your Passport, would not be considered valid documents for that!)

And therein lies the crux of the matter.

If a Non-Muslim is lacking the requisite documents: “Sorry for the trouble; You can go.” Muslim: “To the Detention centre You go!”

amit shaw brazenly does double and triple talk, falling back on: ‘It will affect NO Indian citizen.’ But the minions have got the idea, have scented blood, and We have Lynching, Destruction of houses and property,

…All denied by the administration, and taking NO action on culprits; actually they are lauded.

Indian media is a Highly controlled one. Either they would lose their licence, have (false) cases slapped on them, or… I would not put Violent threats against family members beyond the ken of things here.

Thus I Highly doubt You will get a report of this sort anywhere! …And I would Highly doubt that it was love for tRump, (most Indians would not know who he is!) – that brought all those crowds to see him that day. It would have been Money, and Threats.

Much Regards. Yesudas.


Endangered Species!


Ashok Swain


In India, Muslims are 14.2% of population, they are not in danger; Christians are 2.3% of the population, they are not in danger; Sikhs are 1.7% of the population, they are not in danger; Hindus are 79.8% of population but Modi has made them endangered species!
From Twitter.

Locals of Muslim-majority village build church for Christians


[ This is post is edited on 18.06.16, and has extra material towards the end. ]

The ISIS might be the worst terrorists, but it is Sad that many Muslims get maligned for the actions and doings of Some.

In India, as in Most parts of the World, People of All Religions have Co-Existed, for Ages. The Exceptions are the Hotheads, of all Creed.

Am Very Grateful to these Brothers and Sisters of the Muslim community in Pakistan for having built that Church. Al’Hum Dullillah!

May the Almighty Bless Us All! Regards.

Sister w palm

Image from the site.

Giving a reference to the site, as could not find a Reblog button.


Am grateful to Our fellow blogger, Imran Ali, who shared this with me. Blessings.


Here is something I had been searching to put on this post, which I finally found:

Muslims in Bihar Donate land for World’s Largest Hindu Temple.

Largest Hindu temple, land by Muslims

Ref: http://www.dailythanthi.com/News/India/2015/05/19230031/Bihars-Muslims-donate-land-for-worlds-largest-Hindu.vpf

From Facebook.


winning elections, Losing Hearts

The bjp (Bharatiya Janata Party) is almost sure to win in this election. But it is sad that this win is Not Reassuring Many Indians. I am one of those Not Reassured.

I know Zero about Sociology or Politics. But I remember that my Father had said:

Democracy is where the Will of the Majority is done; at the same time keeping in Mind Not to Wrong to Any member of the Minority.

And Old lessons of the Sportsfield:

Do Not Crow when You Win, and Do Not Cry when You Lose…

Need such things be forgotten?


What has happened just recently, as can be seen from twitter, is quite Disheartening! [Not that I am going to Give Up!]

1. One giriraj singh (of the bjp) makes such a communal remark, as under. We find SO many supporting him in twitter. THAT is the bad thing.

2. This what giriraj seems to have said: #SendThemToPak to #AllMuslimsAreTerrorists.

3. This is the support for giriraj singh.

support for giriraj copy

4. This is the love one brother in twitter has for his Countrymen.

IMP anti muslim copy


Good Sense has to Prevail. National Leaders, even those of the bjp, have to see to that. We Expect it of them.