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Happy Mother’s Day!

My Mother is Old and Bedridden now. But here is a picture of my Mother as I will Always Remember her. Picture taken by my Dad years ago, when they were both Young!

04 Mom e

Father’s are great. My Dad was a Truly Great Man. But fathers in general, Count the hours. they Frequently mention, ‘I have done so much,’ and this and that. fathers Never hesitate to say, ‘I am Tired.’

Mothers Never Count the Hours. They do not even Mind if Others Do Not Notice. Mothers are Great.

VG bird feeding

Picture from Twitter.

The picture does not really reflect Mother’s day. At least in the ‘Bird World,’ Father Birds work as Hard at feeding their young as the Mother Birds do. I put this picture just because I liked it.

Happy Mother’s Day to All Moms, remembered and unremembered, sung or unsung. Let us Wish Them Every Happiness.