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Gill finds Gold!

One of my Blogger Friends, Gill McGrath, posts, (as other too, do), on Nature. Have recently reblogged one of her posts. …In our conversation, I found her writing Really Poetic! Here is what I wrote to that, and what she had written, below, shortened and edited by me:


That is a Very, Very Beautiful comment, my Dear Gill, well worth a post by itself. I do suggest You do that; take the material from this comment and make it a post. Wait, I shall do it!

And You write SO Poetically! Have a Very Big Heart too! Love and Regards. 🙂


Frosts and dew are quite magical to play with and catch on the camera with a low rising sun when for a few moments (and when the sun doesn’t decide to disappear) things turn to towards gold. The best sort of gold.

Gill's Gold

Photograph from: http://gillmcgrath.com/2016/01/26/finding-the-bird-looking-for-the-gold/

It makes me feel happy so its worth looking/waiting for it. The birds see it and get so excited so I follow them… they sit in the best high up places bathing (it seems) in this small burst of low sunlight.

It’s not there everyday if the sun has to deal with too much cloud and has to climb higher where its first appearance is too high for the gold moment (there is a silvery level which shows up the dew rather than gold moments thick in the air sometimes due to cold ).

I sometimes think that the birds know a bit more about God than we do! 


Kudos, Gill! Kudos, Love and Regards, my Fellow Bloggers! 🙂

When You Provide Water, They Will Come – Certified Wildlife Habitat 139,583

I find Bonnie’s ideas Excellent! Very little expenditure, just a little labour, and We are Helping in Ecology, and Enjoying Beauty right in Our yard! And he even has an answer to the Mosquito menace!

Let’s all try this! Kudos, Bonnie! 🙂

The Iris and the Lily

When you provide … they will come

Green frog 2014

One of the 4 key components of a Backyard Wildlife Habitat is water with the other 3 being food, cover and places to raise young. Providing water can be as simple as placing a bird bath in the garden  or as complicated as installing a pond.

Reflection of the sumac stand

 I have provided a bird bath, installed a small, molded pond  as well as creating downspout watering holes.

Pond in lower gardens This pond in the lower garden was created using a plastic molded form purchased at a yard sale for two dollars.

Green Frog Galvanized tubs are placed under downspouts to catch the rain. Animals now use them as a summer home. The tubs are surrounded by river rock which allows the water to flow into the gardens without washing the soil away.

  At every water source animals who share this space come  to drink, sun themselves and play.

Three Green frogs sunning themselves on a log in the pond Three…

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Last one

Very Good! The Song of the Last one.

The Poem is Particularly Good.

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Let’s decide how much life I have got
Can you see me? I am the one in the middle
No! this not a riddle, I am the one, really in the middle
Some green life of my mother, Earth, left in me
Your feet are itching, to suppress me and press me
Hard on the ground, stopping my pulse abruptly
Don’t be so cruel, don’t be a fool
No fuss, but do you know
life on earth depend on us
You have this sense of invincibility
Master of the universe
Writer of this verse
Shame on you
Blame on you
Of all my mother’s woes
She is sick
Dying from, lack of fresh air, clean water
Killing forests is a non starter
What you get,
El Niño, el nina,
polar vortex, Katrina,
Keep denying, keep heading towards me
As I speak up, have my last few breaths
You decide, upto…

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02 What Is Religion?

This can also be named: The Meaning of the word ‘Religion.’

The word has its roots in the Latin term, ‘Religare,’ which stands for ‘Relationship.’ It relates to Just How You and I decide to Relate to: God, the Universe, and Man. In Other words,


In Other Words,


I had to learn the meaning of the word ‘Religion,’ at one stage of my life. If We are going to Use Any word, Others should at least Understand What We Mean by It!

Every Religion has a Word for GOD, and Every religion also seems to have Its Own Understanding of God! We shall see at least a little bit of it in other posts.

…MAN here means, Other Human Beings. And Man is considered in a separate category because Interpersonal Relationships with Human Beings is quite a bit more complicated than with the Universe, for which We can use another name, ‘Nature.’

The UNIVERSE again needs to be given some definition.

We shall see all this in separate posts. To go to the Next article in this series, namely, ‘Religion – and our Relationship with the Universe,’ please click here. …To see the First article in this series, please click here.