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How to have Everything!


…Many, many years ago, when I was praying that my youngest sister get married, – it all depended on money, in India, weddings mean money, especially for a Girl, – Dowries are needed, and We are a poor family, …I got what I would call a message from God:

“You take care of my family; and I will take care of Yours!”

…I was in the seminary at that time, so started concentrating on my studies, and thinking and praying on what I could do for suffering Mankind. I can even say I stopped praying for my sister, EXCEPT for One very small prayer for her every day.

…She got married into a Very good family; am Very Happy, and I literally have More than I need.

…Do look up Matthew 6:33. It says, in effect:

Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, …and All the Rest will Fall in Line!


Talking All night, Is that Love?

In the advertisement, the boy has rung up the girl, and they have been talking till past midnight.

In the advertisement, the Girl sounds Tired.

voda talk all night a

voda talk all night b

Both images from Airtel adverts, by Screen Capture.

The Whole thing could Very Well have been Vice Versa. As, the girl having called up, and the boy ending up Tired.

We shall not, and cannot blame the people who dream up these adverts.

But, Talking All Night, Is that Love?


 TILL We Realize, that the OTHER Needs Space, Time, Rest and So Many Other Things, and Not Just the Sound of our Beautiful Voice, We are FAILING in Love.

The OTHERS in our Lives may be our Husbands, Wives, Mothers, Sons, Friends, Neighbours, Whoever.

They will have their own Priorities, Value Systems, Needs, Way they have been Brought Up, and Very Much So, the Need for Free Time.

Denying them that, Not thinking about Their Needs, is a Denial of their Rights, Invasion of their Privacy, and, though I say it once again, a Failure of Love.


One Other Advertisement, that of BRU, speaks about finding out What the People in our Lives LIKE.

Let us Find out, and Strive to Keep Finding, What will Help People, and Get to It!