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self love, Christ, and Others!

This post is to show that Christ Jesus Did NOT Teach or Practice self love.

[This is a sequel to: self love is NOT love, and, self love Creates Problems. It would be Best to read this after those.]

I have to go back to the often misquoted saying of Christ’s: “Love Your Neighbour as Yourself.” Mark 12:30-31. And I have to refer to the Interpreters of the same, in this case many catholic priests, who are very much like the Wise Men of Hindostan! All these, Blind as Bats, as they say, when brought in front of an Elephant, said the the creature was Just what they encountered.

6 blind men and the elephant

In the case of the Interpreters of the words of Christ, they choose to remain with What they Prefer!


If Christ had loved Just Himself, would there have been a Good Friday, and the Ensuing Salvation?

Jesus on the Cross

If Gandhi had practised self love, and tried to avoid the sticks on his head and the jail, would India have got her Independence?

under the british


[The picture above says it really well! We Indians were ‘Under’ the british! Whatever the elaborate head gear, a symbol of respect and dignity, one had to sit at the ‘feet’ of that foreigner.]

If Nelson Mandela had thrown down the towel, to avoid the people who had buried him upto the neck in the ground and were further Urinating on him, what would have happened? The white police would have kept on checking the passes of the Blacks.

police check passes of the blacks

Christ, the Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, to name just a few, Did Not practice self love.

Do You Worry About What People Think?

I think it is a Very Important Question that Alaina raises, namely:

Do We Worry about What people think of us?

Sharing from my life, I recall that I was Worried about Not being ‘Liked.’ Today, having noticed that Dozens of People Like me, that Worry has become something of the past.

The Worry about What people Think about Us needs a Different Solution.

Being 67 years Young, and having seen Much, I have noticed that EVERYBODY is a Big bundle of Worries, Fears, Shame, and Many Failures.

There are Just a Handful of ‘True Achievers.’ Examples: Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Alva Edison. During our own lifetimes, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela. [Imagine people burying You neck deep in the ground, and Urinating on Your face, Just to let You know what they think of You!] The above named went through all the glitches, came up good, but above all, Did Not Look Down on Others.

Surprisingly, the World, and by that I mean those who have Not Achieved Much, seem to ‘Like’ looking Down on Others.

I suppose it is their Natural Reaction to their Own Situation.

The Great Do Not Think Badly of Others. If somebody thinks poorly about Us, that person is Not one of the Greats. Why Worry about his/her opinion?!

One of my Friends has a Great Name for these ‘Non-Greats.’ Namely, Small People! Let us Stop worrying about the opinions of Small people. Worrying about What people think of Us is Useless. I Never Do.

We Can become at least 60% People! Then We shall not be part of the ‘small people.’ And The Way to do that is, Ignore What People Think, and Keep Doing What is Right.

Irom Sharmila, India’s Prisoner of Conscience

I like Soldiers. Yet, Surprisingly, it is because of them that a Brave Young Lady, Irom Sharmila, called the Iron Lady because her Indomitable Will, is a Prisoner of Conscience in India.

Terrorists. think Nothing of Holding Civilians Hostage or as Human Shields, or even Downright Killing them. There come Situations where Citizens, Knowingly or, Most of the Time Unwittingly, give Aid to such.

India’s Army, particularly in those areas, wants special powers, given to them under the name of AFSPA, to Enter Houses and Carry out Searches, etc. The Problem, it is reported that Excesses take place. Even unto Rape.

Irom Women go nude

Protesting against the Rape of their Daughters, these Ladies went Nude in front of Army Headquarters.


Irom sharmila

Image: www.frontline.in

Irom has been on a Fast for FOURTEEN YEARS, Demanding that this act be repealed.

The US met its Waterloo in Vietnam, and russia its own in Afghanistan.

FOURTEEN YEARS is a Very long time. The politicos should have cleaned up the mess by now, or should have repealed the Act in that Area. But, as politicians are known to use Eye wash instead of Addressing the Roots of the problem, Irom remains a Prisoner.


The following article shows the Plight of this Brave Woman, and is Very well written. Please do peruse at:



In a Cruel Joke, if I can call it that, Irom was just recently released on court orders, and Arrested again, all within a number of Days. Long Live Democracy.

Who is the Richest Today???

Some Years ago, I had read that queen elizabeth of england was The Richest. Later it was Bill Gates. And then I read that some mexican man took over that ‘honour.’


A Young Man once told me that my Talks start like the Beginning of a Mystery Novel! And that was from listening to my Sermons! Yes, as I have seen it, the First thing is to get the Attention, and then, to Keep it. What You want to Establish can come later!

Let us go back to Our Original question: Who ‘Is’ the Richest person today? Off hand, would even One in a Million know that? Without resorting to Google or Bing? Or, if We take Another question, Who is the Most Powerful person on earth today? Barack Obama? There would be many who would Contest that. Worse, there would Many More who would not even Know such a man exists. Try India. …Whereas.


If We take some other names, those of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa, I DO believe that these would be More known. These are People whose names are mentioned in History Books, And Remain in the History Books! governments change, Times change, the Writers of those history books change, but these Remain! Don’t You Agree? …What is it that gives them such Permanency and Affection in the Minds of the People?

1990 South Africa


Looking for images of Mandela, found that in at least 50% of them he is found Smiling! And he is a man who had been Jail for how many years? In what all ways? Is it True that he had buried in the ground up to his neck, and worse? …A man like that Keeps Smiling.


To me, the Reason for their Happiness, their Names in the History Books and Affectionate Memories lies in the fact that:


Who cares who is the richest on earth today? I have heard that putin, and in my opinion jaya, are some of the richest people. But I never fail to think of them except with Contempt and Worse. So Ok. What is the Use of Living in History Books? But. To Live with a Smile on one’s face, One has to Live for Others.

Prison: Rehabilitation or Retribution?

‘A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.’ ― Nelson Mandela. (From the article).

And, I wish that this chris grayling is jailed, and left without books..

Globe Drifting


‘It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.’ ― Nelson Mandela

A grandmother’s nature is often indelibly imprinted on one’s psyche; my grandmother was a strong inspiring woman who led an incredible life, she travelled across Europe and even China in the 40’s, translating for the British during the war and eventually settling in a newly defeated Germany; she exuded kindness and even at her weakest, her warmth and charisma would slip out from beneath the hospital bed sheets and splash itself rebelliously against the sterility of the hospital’s whitewashed walls. Naturally, she passed these qualities down to my mother, who in turn passed them down to me – somewhat cocooned by kindness, I have become a kind person, just as my mother and her mother before her.

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Victory is Only for the Brave

For all the quote from Ecclesiastes, (9:11), the Race just might be for the Swift. And The Brave. And Most of the time it goes to them, too.

usain bolt

Picture from: www.gistus.com



Horatius, a Lone Man, a Brave Man, decides to Stand Alone at the ‘mouth’ of the Bridge, a Bottleneck, and Saves Rome. His story is to be taken as an example, and not for discussion, as that is not the subject here.

I consider Gandhiji, Nelson Mandela and Arvind Kejriwal as Good Examples too.

horatius bridge

Horatius at the Bridge, graphic from: http://www.stentorian.com/politics/war/bridge.jpg


They, the politicians, have spent Crores to come to their positions. Only the Naive would believe they spent this to ‘Serve’ their Countrymen!

Being Discussed and Questioned Threatens them. To Stop this they will effect New laws, and use All the old laws to the Full. But the Only Way to Retain Sanity, and to Ensure the Good Future of our Children, is to Keep Questioning them.

If We have to have Victory in this, We have to Act. And let Us Remember that Only the Brave Achieve it.

Is Yesudas Dis-Satisfied?

Many things are happening in my life just now. That is, things worth mentioning. Anyway, while I was talking about them with an old friend my mine, TM, I had said that I was Satisfied with the way things were going. He expressed Surprise. He seemed to be under the Impression that I am not Satisfied with life.


Is that the Impression I am giving? That I am Not Satisfied? Let me tell You that just Quite the Contrary is True! I am Very Satisfied with Life.

02 w elali g e

… I had used the word ‘satisfied’ with reference to a particular situation. With regard to Life, HAPPINESS may be more pertinent. And let me tell You I am Quite Happy too. On the mundane levels, I have a good Appetite, I find my food Tasty, I Sleep Well, and my Health is quite good. Consider my Output!

More Importantly, on the Higher Levels, I am Loved. This my little Kitten had followed me and sat down beside me Unbidden. And though I have many who do not like me(!), there are More than Enough in my life who Love me, Deeply. I have Serenity. …Love, Happiness and Peace, what More could anybody want?!


There Are Conditions out in Life in general, which are Far from Satisfactory, and I Refuse to take it lying down. Was GANDHI supposed to be satisfied with the conditions of Slavery in India? Was NELSON MANDELA expected to be tranquil with the situations of those times in his country?

36garh large

Many define it in different ways, but One gets Happiness when One has Done the Right thing.

There are many who long for ‘tasty’ Foods from restaurants. That means they are Not happy with their food at home. If Tasty Food is what is going to make us happy, that could mean We are Not happy most of the time!

If only ‘Nice’ Clothes are going to make somebody happy, then how is he feeling in his everyday clothes? Another example would be Sex. There is No denying that Sex makes one happy. But how long are You going to have sex?

Whereas, If We have Really done our Best, We have Lasting Satisfaction and Happiness.

I have Fought Hard for my Fellow Beings. Even God cannot ask me, “Why did You Not Open Your mouth? Why did You Not Speak Out for them?” Because I have done that. And that is Why I am Quite Satisfied, and Happy.