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Let Us (*) build nuclear plants


For those who would like me to say it: Let Us NOT build nuclear plants.

Tweets and Response:

Hindustan Times Retweeted
Presley Thomas @presleythomas 5m5 minutes ago Mumbai, India
‪#‎Breaking‬‪#‎Day2‬ at ‪#‎MahadBridgeCollapse‬ Indian Navy’s diving team conducts grapnel search .@htTweets .@HTMumbai

Collapsed mum goa hiway brdge

Collapsed Mumbai-Goa highway bridge. Photo from Twitter


Yesudas @Yesudasptklt 27s27 seconds ago

@presleythomas @htTweets @HTMumbai Cannot build Safe bridges. Let us build nuclear plants.


Rajiv Kunwar Bajaj @rkbnow 1m1 minute ago

Drought or Flood!Nashik to Aurangabad to Pune dams ovrflow to flood downstream villages.Lives destroyed.Water wasted



@rkbnow Let us build nuclear plants. We are experts at Safety and Good Engineering work.