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Some Important News!


My Dear Friends,

Had been experiencing Internet problems for some 6 weeks or so, (Ever since You stopped hearing from me over Your kind comments, etc).

And today, You know what, Of itself and By itself, the notation section that just would Not open all these days, did so in a flash.

So, happily, shall be getting back to You. Thanks for Your Patience.

With Love and Regards,

Yesudas. Dec 7, 2018.


Hello, there!

This is by way of greeting You All. And to let You know that I am having the greatest of difficulties in doing so!

Usually, I respond to those who have kindly commented on my posts, before posting new ones of my own.

But, having switched back to 2G internet due to economical constrains, find that Notifications are simply Not Opening. The Service provider is ‘airtel.’ The problem is that I do not think any of the others are better in this. You go back from 3G to 2, and they smirk and laugh at You, and go for a Beer.

It might have been better if their CEO had come with a Begging Bowl and Begged for the Rs. 330.

So, till I am able to do something about going back to 3G, bear with me Folks! It seems I shall not be able to Read Your notifications and respond to You.

[Somehow, this New post seems to work, but my Notifications have Still Not Opened, this after one whole Hour! Nor is Google opening.]