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03 Sex, and the Ultimate Orgasms

This series on Sex is in Response to one Annie’s https://aedmonds315.wordpress.com/

Her comments are in Red. Mine in Black.

That excitement of getting ready for a night of romance ending with fabulous sex and the ultimate orgasm.

Let us come to your ‘Ultimate’ orgasm part now. It would seem that one is not satisfied with one’s sexual life, and is searching for a better one. To be Pitied.

I would say that 90% of Mankind, not just in India, is very well satisfied with their Sexual Life. And it is not just a question of ‘Climaxes.’ Sex is More than that.

If one were to search for ‘ultimate orgasms,’ one could migrate to certain countries. One could even ‘Keep’ migrating. I would be interested to know the ‘condition’ of the person after a scant 5 years! That would Not just end all sexual life, but ‘life’ in general! The ‘seeker’ would end up an Old ‘Maid,’ Literally.


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