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Catholic Preaching and Practice

The Catholic ‘Faith’ is Just about Perfect. That means that the things Catholics ‘Believe in,’ or to put it More Exactly, Catholic Theology, is Excellent. These things, concerning Belief, the things to be believed in, are known as ‘Orthodoxy.’
On the other hand, the ‘way’ these things are ‘Practised’ in real life, known as ‘Praxis,’ is full of holes.
Ex bishop mullackal brings this out superbly.
The Arrogance of the leaders of the church, their Lack of Concern for Matters of Faith, or the Problems of the Faithful, is Phenomenal.
I have particularly decried the wrongs committed through the Crusades and the Inquisition.
Paedophile Priests, and the authorities having taken NO action (or Not Enough action) is a Big problem with the Church today. As shown below:
In the picture below, while the ‘mother superior’ of the Affected Nun is receiving the ex bishop with a bouquet, [ thus leaving one wondering just Who (Except Christ, of course) is going to stand With her and For her, ] look at the Expression on the ex bishop’s face: The Cat that got at the Cream!
While there are, No doubt, Gems among them, they are the Rarest of the Rare.
Ex bishop mullackal’s action should give the Faithful some idea of what has happened to me! 🙂