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And The Leaf Falls…

WordPress informs me that this is going to be my 500th post. I had wanted this one to be Special. And Gacia’s post on ‘Family’ is Well worth it. Kudos to her.

As I had written in its ‘comments’ section, An Absolutely Beautiful article on ‘Family.’ Well Worth our read. Hearty Kudos, my Dear Gacia! Much Love.

Sheet music of life

Family, is it love that binds the leaves of a family tree?(Not Groot). Or just the fact that we’re supposed to stick together? An ideal family is that where the members talk and sort out their differences. Because even the best of families have problems. When people gather to live in a group, problems arise, it’s only natural. But is there more to family than just following an old habit? I wonder if family members instinctively share a more intimate bond, but then my own family proves me wrong. Family is just a label. Blood-relation does not magically draw people together and make them care about one another. True friendships are more valuable, because there is no pretending, there is no ‘doing what’s expected of you’. With family, we don’t have a choice. We don’t pick the members, we’re born into it and follow through.

Just because it’s…

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