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Violence is a Very Poor Answer!


We could start with the Incident at Uri. India seems to have ‘Avenged,’ Retaliated against the attack by a ‘Surgical’ one.

In connection with all this, showing their Anger against pakistan, the MNS (a branch of the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra) and the VHP (the Vishva Hindu Parishad, an organization of rather right wing in nature), have Banned pakistani Artists from working/performing in India.

Salman Khan, a rather popular and eminent actor of North India has spoken out, saying that the Arts and Terrorism cannot mix, and should be kept Separate, meaning all thereby that the Imposition against pakistani Artists should Not be there. He is being criticized for it, and We could say, being Isolated. Foolish and Sad.

In one of the many so called TV debates over these issues, the spokesperson for the ruling party Blithely said that the Surgical strikes in particular should be seen as a matter of Pride. He further went on to say that Surgical, Overt, Military, Minimalist and Major, All sorts of Military operations should be considered against Pakistan.


I am a person who considers even Jailing somebody as Violence. And that Severe Actions should be taken against Drug Dealers, Rapists and Acid Throwers. I would even recommend that Nails (one inch ones would be Enough!) – be driven into the bodies of these Criminals. And that I support Pain (Torture), and Not Death, for these.

I further go on to say that JUDGES in particular Must be made to Realize what Real Life Is.

In the Olden days, Kings, even Emperors, used to go out of their Palaces, leaving off all vestige of Royalty, like a Commoner, and came to know of the Problems and Pains of the Subjects. Indian History tells us that they even visited Military Camps. They used to Aid the Needy, and Punished the Wicked.

King Harshavardhana, one of the Last Emperors of India, who reigned between c 606 and 647 AD, was Famous for doing the above.

Today No politician, judge nor officer knows of the Pains or Problems of the People. Which is Why People’s lives or lots do not change, and We get No Justice from judges.

My contention is that they should be Made to Realize Real Life. That, Alas, would take what Much of world, from its Comfortable Armchairs, calls Violence. First, on Violence. People speak about Peaceful Means, and Rousing up the ‘Conscience‘ of the Oppressors, through Ahimsa.

They are Easily Silenced. I would like to know if Hitler, or Saddam Hussein, to name just two, could have been brought to ‘See their Ways’ through Any Peaceful means. These few lines should be able to End the argument. The ‘evil’ Are going to be there. And Violence Is a Necessary, though Sad Means of Containing them.

Violence, in the sense of Force, is Not the Problem. The problem is, ‘WHO’ is going to Wield it.

And for Heaven’s sake, Let’s Kill off Drug Lords and such. Makes No sense in building Expensive containment facilities for them, only to have them living there as Kings, and to escape at will, to continue their merry business once again.


Above: Peru’s Guzman is a notorious example. Said to be Guilty of having ordered the death of 60,000 people(!), this is how he was transferred to his place of incarceration. He had escaped from even that place, but was thankfully captured again. There he is, sitting like a ‘lord;’ a war ship, special commandos, and very special underground cell, and the attendant guards, all chalked up to Our expense. While Billions go Hungry and Homeless. …What a waste. Spend it on a Single Bullet.

As You would see, I Advocate Sufficient Use of Force to Contain evil, as Corrective Punishment.


FOR – ALL – THAT, to come back to Uri, many people all over India, and the Indian Media in particular, calling for ‘Teaching’ pakistan a lesson through Military means, (the media does not do this directly, of course), just have No Idea of what War is.


A picture I have Already used. But one of the Very Best for Our purposes. An Injured Indian Soldier. Salutations to Him. …More text follow the graphics, in continuation.


On the Field, they do not get Bandaged up Immediately. They fight on, amidst Death, the Blood and Gore.


He must have been a Very Handsome looking Young man. We are speaking about ‘Looks’ only here. The Trauma he has suffered, and that will shake him up on a Daily basis, are Well and Truly Hidden.


African, Or…inj-sol-f-brit

In this case British, …they All look the Same when they get Maimed and Injured.


These are the ‘Effects’ of War.


Their Friends try to drag them to Safety.


Statue of Injured, Battle Weary Soldiers. Created especially for the Emotions pictured on their faces and in their Eyes.


So far, I have shown, and been able to show, Only pictures of What happens to Soldiers. The effects of Battle on Ecology, the Land, Houses and Habitation, and Particularly on People And On Children, is Devastating. You are Invited and Requested to pay attention to footage’s of Bombings and Shellings shown on Your TV. They give a goodly idea indeed.


And HUNDREDS of Soldiers Die in case of War.


If After all this somebody still wants India to Initiate Military steps and actions against pakistan, then…

But the Main Problem of the World is Not Violence. It is Apathy.

Happy Gandhi Jayanthi to You All! May the recalling of his Birth remind Us and Encourage Us to search for Ways to Peace.

All graphics from the Internet.


Pakistan says Indian Soldiers at Uri Killed by Indian Army



Graphic from the Internet.

“On 18 September, four militants attacked an Indian Army brigade headquarters in Uri, near the Line of Control in a pre-dawn ambush.

They lobbed 17 grenades in three minutes.

Most of the soldiers killed were from the 10 Dogra and 6 Bihar regiments.

The casualties were primarily believed due to have occurred as a result of non-fire retardant transition tents. This was the time of a troops shift, whereby the 6 Bihar regiment was replacing the 10 Dogra regiment. The incoming troops were housed in tents, which are normally avoided in sensitive areas around LOC like Uri.”

[ The above from Wiki, reference a little below, and edited for brevity. ]

For all that, I blame the officers for their Slackness, with reference to the Tents, and in the Security of the Area.


The Military has its own ‘Quaint’ terminology. War Games. Black Flag Operations. Collateral Damage. And a thousand more, of course. pakistan saying Indian Soldiers at Uri Killed by the Indian Army itself, and blaming the other side for it, would be a Black Flag operation.


As I have said in the link above, this is Hardly possible.

India, for all its weaknesses, of all sorts, is Even Now, a Peace Loving Nation. …The LoC, the Line of Control, is Not an International border, but which has been achieved/brought under control by operations without a War having been declared. The orders and the command to Fire-back, answer enemy fire, is Not Easily given in India. Though it has been given at times, and has been given at the present moment again.

India has Nuclear Arms now. Yet they do not come much into the news, though the fact is Internationally known. (This knowledge is difficult to hide). This is Another way of saying that India is Not a Sabre Rattling Nation. This is Unlike North Korea, which constantly threatens with its nuclear warheads, and Pakistan, which has said that it will go to the extent of using these in case Waters to it are stopped.

95-98% of Pakistan follows Islam. Not that I object to it. But India, on the other side, has roughly 80% Hindus, 14% Muslims, about 2.3% Christians, 1.7% Sikhs, besides others. The Indian Military is Well represented by the Minority groups, besides the majority one, of course. On the other side, The Indian Military also has personnel from All the States of India, (Gujarat is an exception, having about just 1% therein). With all that, the Indian Army is a Well knit, SINGLE UNIT.

Particularly in view of the above point, it is Absolutely Irresponsible to say that Soldiers of the Indian Army would Knowingly and Willingly be Ready to Kill their Own.


It Is True that ‘The attackers sneaked into the camp breaching heavy security and seemed to know exactly where to strike.’ From: <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Uri_attack&gt; But this would mean Spy/Spies within the Ranks rather than Black Flag operations. The latter would mean ‘Planning’ by officers.

pakistan had claimed the Same for Acts of Terrorism at other points of the globe. These had originated from its soil, in that those Terrorists were Based/Trained-in pakistan, to the extent of being trained by the pak army

Thus Pakistan’s ministers’ claims of Black Flag operations at Uri stand Shattered.


How Geography Affects Perceptions


WHY are We So Adamant in Not Speaking out on Social Issues?!

Because of Geography? 

Because we think that the Melting Ice Caps cannot affect Us, at least in Our time? That Tsunami’s in x, y and z places will Not make a difference to Our lives?

But my (own) brother lives in Dubai. My nephews and nieces are in Australia. That is Blood. Relations. In short. …And Thanks to the Internet, I have Friends All over the World.

Such being the case, can We Really say that the Socio-Economic-Political and other situations in even far-away countries are Not Our Concern?


Here I am, Claiming that Terrorism is Not the number One problem for India. …And, lo, here there are people in Tamil Nadu itself, who are Not bothered about the Dangers of Nuclear Reactors in their own state.

And this what I mean by Geography.


This morning’s (29.09.2016) media report says that Attacks or Incidents, from Pakistan, have turned from small arms fire (read Rifle) to Mortars, thence Shellings. But the targets, would most probably be in Punjab, the state shown in Green at the North West of India in the above map. That is because it is a well-to-do state, and land upto the borders would be inhabited. Not so in Rajasthan because of ‘deserty’ nature.

For all that, a weapon is a weapon, and People are People. We cannot and shall not differentiate between the People of Punjab and those of Tamil Nadu, as raised in the post. Any and Every harm to One brother is harm to the Family of the Nation and the World.

And not just War, but even these sorts of Incessant Shellings are Nasty business.


An Injured Indian Soldier. …His Cheerfulness Only makes Us feel All the More Bad. Image from the Internet.

But Soldiers Everywhere and Anywhere look and become like this. The World has created a system whereby a Soldier lives by:

“Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die:”

as Alfred Tennyson wrote about the Charge of the Light Brigade.

To continue with the good poet,

“Was there a man dismay’d?
Not tho’ the soldier knew
Someone had blunder’d:”

How Often, and How Easily, do generals and politicians Blunder. And Soldiers and Common People Pay the Price.

Soldiers and Police personnel have to Learn to Question, Reflect upon, and thence, if it be Right, to Act.


I have Not Strayed, but yet I have to come back to the point. To recap what I have alluded to so far, The Shellings, the Injuries and the Devastated Houses do Not come to the notice, so Easily, of the Man in South India.

But the case of No-Attention-being-paid-to-the-Nuclear-Projects is Not just to “It Not being Known.” It is a case of: “I will not be Affected.” …Let’s get a map.


The Kudankulam Nuclear plant is situated at the town of its name, roughly the Red dot. It is some 45 Kilometres from Nagarcoil, and just a little more than that from Kannyakumari. We might say that People about a 100 Kilometres from Kudankulam were Actively Opposing the project. In their case, it is Not just the Danger of Nuclear Radiation, Leaks and Dangers due to Tsunami’s. I would Frankly say that I have very little opinion of Indian Workmanship.

But people of, let us say Tiruchirappally, (the blue dot) the Famous Temple Town, close to Tanjore, another famous place, are Not protesting. They are actually the Least bothered by the Issue. Reason? Distance. Tamil Nadu is a large state. It is for that Same reason that people in Coimbatore, on the Western edge of the state, do not bother about Nuclear Dangers from Kudankulam.

Why are not the people of Tiruvananthapuram, (that’s a name for You! …The multi coloured dot) protesting about this Nuclear project? Because they have a Mountain Range in between, which, I suppose, they believe would protect them. Does Anybody Say these things? No, Nobody except good old Yesudas.


So what is the Conclusion? It is Not just the people of Tamil Nadu, or India, but The Whole World, Makes a Noise ONLY When it gets affected by a Calamity. Foresightedness is Not an Issue. No Need to think about the Danger of Leakages in Storing spent up nuclear material.

People live by the Charvaka pseudo philosophy; that of Radical Materialism. The Only concern of the Charvaka adherent is that the Fish bone does not get caught in the throat.

Today, the so called Gurus, Great Yoga Teachers, the pope(s) (the present one is an exemption in some ways), and bishops and priests in general, Are they All Not living lives of Luxury? As Charvakas? Can You Really see any Concern in them, for the Suffering World? What are they going to Teach when they are like this?


In the End, as always with Yesudas, the Question comes to: Why are We So Adamant in Not addressing Ourselves to Social Issues? Just Where We, Each one of Us, with regard to this question? 🙂 Can We Allow Geography to mar Our Thinking? 🙂


Maps from Google Maps.


Tweets on the Indo-Pak situation, as in Sep ’16.


Indian Soldiers have died at Uri in India. India blames Pakistan for this, and Pakistan, in its turn, has gone to the extent of saying that the event was ‘Staged’ by India!!!

That Hardly seems possible.

In the meantime, modi’s government is of the opinion that ‘terrorism’ is India’s No. 1 Problem. I Strongly Disagree. Water Scarcity and the Damage to Farming and Farmers are the Real Issues for Us Today.

For all that, there is talk of trying to get Pakistan to stop aiding Terrorists. Economic Sanctions, Surgical Strikes, and Even Stopping Water to that country are being considered.

In the map below, of the rivers marked in ‘Blue,’ the three Southern ones are the ones in question.


Map from the Internet. I DO NOT vouch for the veracity of the Borders.

Here are some Tweets I fired up on the subject. Tell me how much You agree with me on them.


1. #NoWater2Pak: Have already written about this Inhuman, Barbaric tactic, Unworthy of India.

2. #NoWater2Pak: The Pretext being generated is: India wants to ‘Fully Utilize’ its share of the Water.

3. #NoWater2Pak: And behold, We have the #CauveryDispute, as Yet on the boards.

4. #NoWater2Pak: Is it going to be, One rule across borders and one within?

5. #NoWater2Pak: If India can ‘Fully Utilize’ its share of Water in case of Pak, cannot Karnataka do that?!

6. #NoWater2Pak: #centre seems to be setting #Precedent for #Karnataka citing this. This can lead to #CIVILWAR bet K’taka and TN!

7. #NoWater2Pak: When #RajivGandhi had been PM, he was blamed for rasing the #ForeignHand to Hide Local problems.

8. #NoWater2Pak: #modi‘s govt doing the same; raising #ForeignHand and#Ignoring #Problems of #Farmers.




Hearty Kudos to Anna, the Tireless Crusader against this Abominable Issue, and for that who have expressed support through their comments.

Yes, Sexual Abuse, and that too Child Molestation, is Heinous thing.

And it is Absolutely Disgusting that some peoples and societies, instead of Sympathising and Rendering Support to the Victim, choose to Victimise the Same further.

And it is Sad that the Parents of the Abused choose to Shield, Hide and at times even Kill the victims, as they prefer that to the Perennial (Verbal) Abuse the Victim and the Family will have to face.

On the other hand, evil is NOT winning. Consider. Though a Great many such incidents are happening, there is also a Growing Outcry.

Though society is chock full of police who will not even bother to accept reports of crime to investigate, nor will try to find the culprits; to judges who care the LEAST to what is happening to the citizen., the Media, Individuals, and Powerful Individuals at that, and Organisations are taking up the Fight.

I go to the Extent of recommending the Withdrawal of Security to politicians, judges and officials, so that they may experience what is Sexual Abuse, being the Victim of Acid Throwing, Extreme Poverty, and such.

Let us not just Pray, but WORK for a Better World.


ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

Pakistani children playing in the street, Author Hanzala Aslam (CC BY-SA 4.0 International)

WARNING:   Graphic Images

Incest, the least reported form of sexual abuse, exists worldwide.  Even when incest is disclosed to other family members, a family may want to keep the abuse secret from society at large, in the name of so called “honor”.  There can, also, be governmental reluctance to investigate matters considered of a highly personal nature.

This leaves victims without recourse.

Pakistan – Human Rights Violations

Pakistan is just one country where these factors come into play [1].  The UN estimates that 36% of girls and 29% of boys in Pakistan experience sexual abuse.  An estimated 90% of street children have been sexually abused [2].

The situation is complicated by the fact that women have so little power over their own lives, and so few options other than staying in an abusive marriage.  Mothers are, in effect…

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Locals of Muslim-majority village build church for Christians


[ This is post is edited on 18.06.16, and has extra material towards the end. ]

The ISIS might be the worst terrorists, but it is Sad that many Muslims get maligned for the actions and doings of Some.

In India, as in Most parts of the World, People of All Religions have Co-Existed, for Ages. The Exceptions are the Hotheads, of all Creed.

Am Very Grateful to these Brothers and Sisters of the Muslim community in Pakistan for having built that Church. Al’Hum Dullillah!

May the Almighty Bless Us All! Regards.

Sister w palm

Image from the site.

Giving a reference to the site, as could not find a Reblog button.


Am grateful to Our fellow blogger, Imran Ali, who shared this with me. Blessings.


Here is something I had been searching to put on this post, which I finally found:

Muslims in Bihar Donate land for World’s Largest Hindu Temple.

Largest Hindu temple, land by Muslims

Ref: http://www.dailythanthi.com/News/India/2015/05/19230031/Bihars-Muslims-donate-land-for-worlds-largest-Hindu.vpf

From Facebook.


How Media can Help


For a long time We in India have heard that pakistan had resorted to ‘Unprovoked’ firing across the border. And they accuse us of the same.


pak shelling mortar frags

Mortar fragments and villagers, on the Indian side. The expressions on the faces are to be Noted. Picture: indianexpress.com

pak shelling army evacuates vill

This picture is from the 26th of August! Indian Army helps Evacuate Villagers. Picture: groundreport.com

pak shelling abandoned vill

Abandoned Indian Village near Border. From: www.deccanchronicle.com


Satellite photo records Would provide Honest answers to this. Below, my tweets to BBC over this.


@BBCWorld 1. Just saw Your report on shelling bet India and pakistan. Question always comes to ‘Who started it?’

@BBCWorld 2. You have satellites to track Weather. Must be Child’s play to track cross border firings!

@BBCWorld 3. Satellite pics, date n month wise, showing WHO started, wd solve this problem; wd quieten critics, n put pressure on offender.


Of course, there is the Further Headache, that BBC records might Not be believed. …The UN should have a cell for this.


India, syria, pakistan, and terrorists

  1. Over Simplistic on part of Obama to have announced Air strikes against ISIS. Rabid dogs Swerve when they see a gun.
  2. India, as Yet a Developing country, KNOWS where its trouble makers are. Each Citizen needs multiple Id cards for banks, sims, etc.
  3. Why Can’t and Why Don’t states like pakistan and syria opt for these methods? Or are they favouring and aiding the terrorists?


I Die A Thousand Deaths Each Day!

I hate even the idea of War. But.

I appreciate what the present govt in India is trying to do, if I read its motives right. modi made overtures of friendship to all our neighbours. Yet possibly, pakistan, china and lanka, all seem to be trying the patience of India. And there are plenty in the country who want modi to ‘teach’ pakistan and china lessons. But the present govt is saying: ‘Friends might change, but Neighbours do not,’ and is seeking peaceful negotiations.

But in the case of ISIS and similar organizations. I really wonder what my fellow readers would suggest. Whatever might lie in the past, are these organizations open to any sort of negotiations? Except the flat acceptance of their demands?

So let us go one step further and see what the Future possibilities are, instead of just speaking of the past.



When will you stop killing me?
I die a thousand deaths each day.
You kill me over and over again,
and then another me, you slay.

We are all just one big family
but you don’t see me in that way.
You point your weapon at my chest
as though I’m just some hunted prey.

The blood that flows from me,
also pulses through your veins.
And as another me lies dying,
a thousand more of me remains.

So, kill each and every one of me.
And when you’re the last me left to stand,
then the killing will finally end,
when you die by your own hand.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

What difference does it make in the name that we give the latest excuse for war? There will always be a ‘group’ of people that will be perceived as evil incarnate and therefore…

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Are PEOPLE Responsible?

Atrocities and Horrors have taken place in History. When Bad things happen, We tend to Blame ‘Peoples’ for them. Like:

For the Destruction of the Twin Towers, Arabs or Palestinians are generally blamed.


Photo: http://world-visits.blogspot.in/2011/11/world-trade-center-911.html

Sri Lankans and Indians might like to blame the Pakistanis for the Attack on the Sri Lankan Cricketers, which took place on Pakistani soil.

Image Image

Pictures from: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7920260.stm

For the Horrors visited upon the Tamils in sri lanka, Indians, more particularly Tamilians, have even a Hatred towards the sri lankans.


Photo: www.channel4.com


Pausing here with the Graphics, let me raise the question again: Are PEOPLE Responsible for All this? If Somebody were to say, “Were not those who caused these destructions people?”…Here, the word, ‘People,’ might want some Clarification. In this post, the word, ‘People’ shall mean – The Common Citizens, Of ANY and EVERY Country!

In this sense, THE COMMON PEOPLE, constituting at least 90% of All Humanity, are MORE CONCERNED with their DAILY BREAD and their FAMILIES. Not that they have any Reason to be Ashamed of this. The Common Man is Too Concerned about his Family and its Upkeep, to get involved in Genocide!

There have been Very Few hitlers, idi amins or pol pots. people like these, and their Coterie, shall be counted as Individuals. They are Not the ‘Mass.’

The People, the Common Citizen, the Mass, – Call it what You will, IS at Fault, in that they give in to LAZINESS and APATHY. It is Far Easier to ‘relax’ with a ‘drink’ at the end of a day, than to give a few hours Extra, for the Betterment of Life and Society.

Whereas these INDIVIDUALS know, Very Well, the Mind set of the MASS, and have taken, and continue to take, Advantage of it. They know how to Whip up the Emotions of the Crowd at times, turning it even to Murderous Frenzy. They know how to Cow them down through their Hired/Salaried Rowdy elements. The few Individuals who rule Countries do not hesitate to do this through use of the police, secret police, and other armed forces.

We definitely Should have Confidence in the Electoral Process. But Except in the case of the Fewest of the Few, the So called ‘Democratic’ Countries merely seem to give their People the Freedom to Protest Ineffectually!


The PEOPLE of iraq did not set fire to these oil wells. It was the Madness of ONE man, along with his sycophants and the army behind him, who was Responsible for this Wastage and Pollution.


Photo: http://www.albertaoilmagazine.com/2012/08/three-oilfield-veterans-recall-the-kuwait-oil-fires/

…Sure, the ‘Protest’ in Tiananmen Square was BY the People. But who was Responsible for the Brutal Crushing of the Protest? china’s govt. Incidentally, I DISTINCTLY SAW a video clippage on BBC, which showed Protesters, this time at some railway station, being MOWED DOWN by the Locomotive and the train. …Media generally Loves to show videos repeatedly. But this incident had been SO gruesome, that even the Highly-Independent BBC decided against repeating broadcasting that scene.


Photo from Internet


An Enlightened, Awake and Concerned Citizenry is the Answer to All this. This is Not Easy! (But Nobody said Life would be a Bed of Roses). This is going to Need Conscientizing and Organizing One’s Neighbours, and Standing up against the Tyrant, Ready to Face their Wrath at Risk of Limb and Life ‘and‘ to the Family. A Tall Order Indeed.

As it is, Let us Recognize that One’s So-Called ‘Elected’ government is NOT under our Control. In MOST cases it seems to be a modern Pandora’s box, which has let in parasites who suck our Blood.

Are our governments arranging for WATER, ELECTRICITY, GOOD ROADS, CHEAPER OIL? No, and Emphatically NO. As far as India is concerned, the ‘oil minister’ has the Crass Nerve to say: “‘Not’ allowing the Increases in oil prices would hurt the ‘Oil Companies!'” Poor Giants; and our governments – Wonderful protectors of these Giants.

The West is Plagued with FRACKING and MOSANTO, etc.

All in all, the government, which is Effectively just a Group of Individuals who have taken Control, with the Aid and Support of the Dogs of Animal Farm of George Orwell, are the ones who are Responsible for the State of things, and of the World Today.

JUST WHEN HAD A GOVT BEEN IN CONTROL OF ITS POPULACE? If We are going to cite Iceland or some such, then I would say that Exceptions Just Prove Points.


But at least, in the Meantime, LET US REFRAIN FROM BLAMING PEOPLES for the Greed, Faults and the Sins of the ‘governments.’ It should Not be: Sri Lankans are responsible, or Pakistanis are: Not Arabs nor Americans, Not Muslims or Hindus, or Whatever. After all, a Whole Country or a Whole Race is not doing things by Unanimous, Total Consent on Referendums! …Peace.