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Alabaster, Briefly, a short story


Tremendous! Dear Kim’s post is worth publishing. A Very, Very Good read.

I have had the Honour of attending to Both my Dear Parents in their Last Days. Got reminded of those times by this story. Beautiful descriptions.

“Ella was good for only the simplest things, things like comforting her mother with voice and touch as she became more and more childlike,” a quote from the story, reminds me how I too could just drop into my Mother’s room, briefly Kiss her forehead and leave quickly, being overly overcome with Emotion.

Happily, a Woman from our village had been a Great companion to my Mother in her last days.

“A urine catheter and bag…became less a fixture than anything.” How True! The intake becomes So small that even those bags become mere fixtures.

Finally saw what Kim meant by Alabaster.




Kimberly Townsend Palmer

illustration alabaster briefly

Alabaster, Briefly

After the hurricane, but before the power came back on, Ella went out walking with her daughter, Katie, to survey the damage.  The huge old ficus tree in front of the library had toppled over, its immense grove of roots lying naked, withering now in the sun.  “Nana’s tree gots broken,” the three-year-old said.  Humidity bore down on everything like a weighted fishing net.  The tree had been a twig thirty-five years ago, when Ella was a kindergartner.  She remembered the planting ceremony — her mother, president of Friends of the Library, in a blue linen sheath and white gloves, stepping on the edge of a shiny new shovel.

Now the tree, too, was dying.  The shelter it had provided was still dark and cool — the web of roots from each branch created a division of rooms like a house.  Ella pitied that sodden, gigantic mass, torn…

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Old People’s Homes


When I was about 18 years old, I once had Blood Dysentery. I had become so exhausted, I had no strength to clean myself. My Dear Parents Cleaned me! And by that I mean They cleaned my Butts. When I was 18.

Old Lady at Old People's home q

Graphic from Facebook

Our Dear Parents should Not be put in Old People’s Homes.


We Need to Change

A 71 year old Nun gets Gang Raped. I have Not heard of Any Punishment in the case of 2 Young Girls who had been Raped and found hanging on a Tree.

Minors Gang Raped and Hung

A Young Woman called Shweta daringly shares that Altogether Too Many Women suffer Sexual Indignities.

These things will Change Only When WE Change.

PARENTS, and SOCIETY  on the whole…

We have to Examine whether We have Told our Young Men, Often enough, Repeatedly enough, Strongly Enough and Insistently enough. that they, being the Physically Stronger sex, have a Duty to Protect the Weak, Women and Girls primarily among them.


If You are Sailing, and You find a Hole in Your Boat, You Plug it, Immediately. You don’t take 18 years to do that.

I find what I call the Judicial System, consisting of the Judges, the Law Books and What Not, as a Failure. From the Godhra case to jayalalitha amassing Disproportionate wealth, from the 71 year old Nun Gang raped in West Bengal to the Honest Collector Killed in Karnataka, from Civil cases to the Criminal, Justice has Not been given. All these and more have made Justice a Mockery.

[What You find above was added to: Whose Fault is it? And the following words below are taken from same.]

MOTHERS, have to teach their Daughters that:

There Are, and Will be, at least SOME men who will Not hold themselves back; And that These sorts of men Will attack.

Every railway station, bus stand and such Will have their Share of Pickpockets. Similarly,

Every Society Will have its Lechers and Low-Life.

They will be Just a few, but they Will be there. And they Will be the ones to Cause Trouble. Just as We Guard Ourselves against Pickpockets, so too must We protect Ourselves from Giving Chances to Low-Lives.


The Situation will Change Only If WE Do; Shake off Our Lethargy, Our Un-Caringness, and Become Daring, Bold Citizens.