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On Bible Study

For Long Years, I had been A man Without Peace. It was His Grace and Bible Study that brought me Tranquillity. The Turmoil in my mind had been due to the Philosophical Issue of The Problem of Suffering. I had grappled with it roughly from the age of 22 to 43, for about 21 Years!


With this post I begin a Series on the subject of Bible Study.

  1. On Bible study
  2. The Problem of Suffering
  3. My Journey on the Road to Peace
  4. The Answer to the Problem of Suffering!
  5. Understanding the Bible
  6. Ezekiel’s vision of God
  7. The Bible and History

The first three deal with the Use and the Advantages of Studying the Bible. The last three pertain to Bible Study, per se.


The Dear, Saintly and Wise man Kabir Das had said:

Kabir Das on Love

His words mean: People studied and studied, and Not just their lives, but the Very world seemed to End! (But they did not become Experts). The one who learnt Just One letter of Love becomes the Expert.

So, the Bible cannot be ‘read’ like the newspaper. We read it, and discard not just the paper, but also the material We had gone through in that!

Those interested in Bible Study should make the Bible their Companion. The Bible cannot be Studied without referring it Constantly, whenever We come across references.

Those who want to Study the Bible cannot do it without Prayer, without being in Conversation with God.

Studying the Bible brings a Difference to our Lives. I share with You just How that happened in my life in my posts: ‘The Problem of Suffering,‘ and its sequels. And I wish You Happy and Fruitful times with Bible Study.

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Wishing You All Much Happiness!

Hello, there, My Dear Friends! Much Love, Regards, and Hearty Wishes for a Lot of Happiness in Your lives come to You, All You Great People, from Your Favourite Pest, Yesudas! 🙂


(Graphic from Internet).

As Happiness comes Only when one receives Love and has Peace, I think it is a rather Complete Wish.

And I Do Wish You All that, and Pray for that! 🙂


This thought, of Peace, at the Time of the celebration of the Birth of Christ, is something slightly new. Where everybody is wishing everybody else a ‘merry’ Christmas, I have thought of sharing some thoughts on Peace!


Graphic from: www.youtube.com

Peace is Not exactly Unconnected with Christmas. It is said that Angels were heard singing, heralding the Birth of Jesus, as We find it in Luke 2:14.

Today I confine myself to points on one’s Personal Peace. Let me share a few versions of the Second part of the verse quoted above:

  • “Peace on earth to Those with Whom HE is Pleased.” (TEV).
  • “And on earth Peace, Good Will toward men.” (KJV).


Peace is Not the Absence of Problems. It is Not even the Absence of Turmoil or Calamities even!

Let us consider the Holy Family. Are We Ready to Accept or Concede that Mary and Joseph enjoyed Peace? Or are We going to say that their Hearts were Restless? Mary’s heart had been ‘pierced’ with sorrow. But was She Restless?

What was their Situation? Right at the Birth of Jesus, herod wants to get Him killed. If We come to know that some enemies are going to kill our Child, not in some ‘story’ fashion but in Reality, would We be as Cool, Collected and ‘At Peace’ as Mary and Joseph?

It is Possible to be So.

…Speaking about Peace, there are Many who ask:

  • Why did I Not get this or that,
  • Why do such things happen to me, …and Worse,
  • Why do such things Always happen to me?

Yet, if We ask them, they would say they have plenty of Peace. If We are asking such types of questions, that means We are Lacking in Peace.


In the Toon above, from Facebook, the Artist seems to think that Mary and Joseph were perturbed when Frankenstein arrived instead of Frankincense. But look at the Face of the Babe!


As I understand it Today, to me, Peace is the Assurance that God would Not find me Guilty. This is NOT in the sense of certain groups of Christians who think that once they are ‘Born Again’ or something, they cannot sin! God is Not going to be Fooled.

Putting it all in Another way, Would God say, “You have Not Wasted Your life?” We have to Remember that Life is Not about Accumulating Wealth, or even providing for our family. Even Animals take care of their young. What great credit in that?

Here come the words ‘Good Will’ and all.

If We have Wished Everybody Well, and If We have Worked for it by Labouring for the Welfare of Our Neighbour, Upto a Degree that would Satisfy God, then We can be Sure that He is Pleased with Us.

Many Christians think that ‘good works’ mean giving to Charity or, God Forbid, buying up those funny indulgences of yesteryear. This is Not what I am talking about. I am talking about being a ‘Good Samaritan’ to the Whole World, All the Days of Our Life! This would mean getting Your hands Dirty and Working up a Sweat. There is No Arm-Chair good will.

Have You Tried Your BEST at Working for the Welfare of Your Neighbour? Would God say so? Then Relax. Be in Peace.

I Wish You All the Blessings of Christmas. 🙂

Peace, War, and Other things


Nobody in his Right mind could Like, or Want War. Yet there are some, who, without knowing the effects of War, call for it. For example, if reports can be believed, pakistan has been firing shells across the border of India. And again, it is reported that chinese troops have/had made numerous incursions into Indian territory. In these instances, there are a group of people who want the Indian govt to ‘take on’ these countries. Meaning, military engagements.

As I said, these people seem to have No idea about The effects of War on the Families of the Soldiers, often rendering them Orphaned and Widowed, and the Soldiers themselves Maimed and Traumatized.


All that being so, the call by ‘Armchair Philosophers’ for Peace is Laughable. One needs the Experience of Beatings, Pain and Shame before One can even speak, or write on Philosophy. And a Person should have a Care for the Victim. In Mooooost cases, this is Lacking.

There are Many words that are Akin to War: Fighting, Violence, Vehemence, etc. A Person who resorts to these is also considered ‘Not for Peace.’ Let us take a few cases.

I have seen many instances where Mothers had tied their infants by clothes, to keep them out of harm’s way, yet allowing them movement. It is like the ‘Crib.’ Is this not Violence? (And I am not talking of Badly manufactured cribs). Just hold somebody by her Wrists and MAKE her sit by your side. Is that Violence? What is the difference between the two?

ch in crib


Putting a person in Irons or in Jail is Violence. Concluding with Just these instances, – except for the ‘Wrist case!’ – We see that these are Accepted as OK, Necessary, and even Good, by Society.

There are enough cases of the Weak and the Poor getting Oppressed, Taken Advantage of, being Subjected to Violence. In India, Bus Conductors would oftentimes Load Up their buses, taking Passengers on willingly (More Passengers means More Bonus), yet Shouting at them while they are getting down. “Get down, Get down, Get down,” they say, and “Hurry, Hurry, Hurry.” So Undignified. And Violent. After all, Just Who wants to Remain in the blessed thing? And if some Poor Soul wants to get down at some particular spot, the answer from the conductor is: “The bus does not stop here.” The Creature has taken a mind of its own, and just refuses to stop. What is he to do, the poor fellow?


Have We ever said: “Let this Old Woman (Or the Woman with Small Children) get down. Why should they walk back so far in the Sun? How much Time would We lose, after all?” etc. No. We have paid for the Journey. And We should not get late. And when the driver stops to pick up members of his family, Nobody objects. No complaints when the bus is pulled over for 15 or 20 minutes for tea and things. And No complaints at all when held up by traffic or ‘Bandhs’ (Political Protests), for Hours on end.

We Want Peace. And that is What I am talking about. If We have Love in Our Hearts, We Would Speak out.


Serious Thought has to be given to the Question if Gandhi’s ‘Ahimsa,’ Non Violence, would have worked if it had been hitler and not the british who had occupied India!

The ISIS is one such creature. So it putin. Think of Ukraine. There is a saying in Hindi: ‘Laaton ke Bhoot Baaton se Nahin Maante,’ which means, roughly, ‘There are some who will Only be Controlled by Kicks; they will not Listen to Reason.’ Mad Dogs Have to be Put down.

So We Will Fight, Will Have to Fight, If We Love Our Fellow Human Beings.

You can read here how a Soldier fought to save a Girl from getting Raped.


Peace? …War?

  • The Problem is that Peace is thought as Doing Nothing.
  • Peace is neither My Daughter, Nor Anybody’s Daughter, getting Raped or even Molested.
  • Peace is My Land not getting Encroached, and the same for my Neighbour: Red Indian, Gaza, Israel, Ukraine or anywhere.
  • For the above, if the Aggressor needs his Ass Kicked, I will do it, even if the world calls it War.
  • I would have liked Albert Einstein, or the Buddha, try their hand at making the ISIS ‘Understand,’ and Not behead.
  • Let us Remember that the Sanctimonious world cries Foul ONLY when Its Own ass is in danger.
  • Thus, War, started by hitler or anybody for his own benefit, Wrong. Battling to Help Our my Neighbour, Right and even Necessary.


In Response to:

thepublicblogger ‏@ThePublicBloggr Sep 26
@babayesudas CHOOSE war http://wp.me/s33yiN-war OR CHOOSE Peace http://wp.me/s33yiN-peace since you can’t choose both


War and Peace. Very Complex Issues. War is Never to be Welcomed. But at times it cannot be Shirked.

India has Time to Dialogue with China and Pakistan. But are ISIS and orgs like that, giving even the time? Have the Openness?

I Die A Thousand Deaths Each Day!

I hate even the idea of War. But.

I appreciate what the present govt in India is trying to do, if I read its motives right. modi made overtures of friendship to all our neighbours. Yet possibly, pakistan, china and lanka, all seem to be trying the patience of India. And there are plenty in the country who want modi to ‘teach’ pakistan and china lessons. But the present govt is saying: ‘Friends might change, but Neighbours do not,’ and is seeking peaceful negotiations.

But in the case of ISIS and similar organizations. I really wonder what my fellow readers would suggest. Whatever might lie in the past, are these organizations open to any sort of negotiations? Except the flat acceptance of their demands?

So let us go one step further and see what the Future possibilities are, instead of just speaking of the past.



When will you stop killing me?
I die a thousand deaths each day.
You kill me over and over again,
and then another me, you slay.

We are all just one big family
but you don’t see me in that way.
You point your weapon at my chest
as though I’m just some hunted prey.

The blood that flows from me,
also pulses through your veins.
And as another me lies dying,
a thousand more of me remains.

So, kill each and every one of me.
And when you’re the last me left to stand,
then the killing will finally end,
when you die by your own hand.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

What difference does it make in the name that we give the latest excuse for war? There will always be a ‘group’ of people that will be perceived as evil incarnate and therefore…

View original post 115 more words

Is Gaza Serious about Peace?

This time, I am not asking if Hamas is serious about this; rather, downright, Is Gaza really serious about Peace?

  • Hamas accepts the SAME terms NOW which it had rejected a month ago. Are they just plain Mad? Thousands of Lives could have been Saved if they done this a month earlier.
  • They celebrate declaration of Ceasefire with GUNFIRE from SOPHISTICATED WEAPONS! One small search in google under ‘Gaza celebrates ceasefire’ gives this image as the first one. And saw plenty of this on TV too. And 14 year-olds firing them.
  • If GAZA were Serious about Peace, the govt would have Controlled Automatic Weapons, as they do in India.



Just What do they think they are going to do with these Automatic rifles? The administration in GAZA did not, Could not and Would not Oust and Expel Terrorist elements. All this shows that they are Just Not Serious about Peace.

Some Very Needed Qualities!

You know the old and wise saying, which mention Qualities that are Really Needed:

God grant me

Graphic from: www.aliexpress.com

Evidently the Wisdom lies in Knowing the Difference between What Can and Cannot be Changed by Us. BUT. There are More, Important Elements involved in this too:


A person who does not Care about Others is not going to worry about Changing the situations. Nor is the person who is Lazy. And it Requires Honesty, Even BRUTAL HONESTY, to Acknowledge the Realities about Our Selves!

Too many of Us would like to Escape by saying: ‘I am not the Wisest of Men!’

There is Much We CAN Do. Honesty is Needed to Accept this.


If We Genuinely Care about Others, and Raise Our Voice in their Support and Really Do things for them, That would be Love. And Only Doing these things Can and Will bring Us Peace and Happiness.

So, Love, Happiness and Peace can be Attained Only when We Put to Use these Very Needed Qualities. We are Born with them. It is upto Us to Use them.

A Post that does Not make much Sense

Upto 5 years ago, our Ashram used to House and Care for about 16 Homeless People at a time, while helping some 40 more by way of Daycare. I have had to stop as I had to shift, and have no facilities to house People just now. My Help these days takes the form of Daycare alone. …As for today’s post, came across what I would say a Meaningless and Senseless one in Facebook in this regard. As Usual, am Pulling No Punches.

Homeless People are No Novelty in India. You will find them Outside our Railway Stations, Near or Bus stands, and In our Bus Stops, looking Lost and Dejected. Not only that, there is an Old People’s Home in our Very Street, and Two more within 2 Kms of where I sit just now, but our Village is special, as there are many Ashrams here.

Let us now come to the post:

homeless a w bg

First of All, let me make it Clear that I am Not writing this post against ‘Jesus Daily.’ Who Knows what all Good things they are doing. BUT. Here are the Problems: This Man looks Educated, and seems to come from at least a Middle Class Home. In India, People would think Nothing of Lying Down under a Tree on the Bare Ground, and if Homeless, find the Shelter of a Bus Stop as a God Send.

bus stop comp

Composite from: j0035001.blogspot.com and fox2now.com …Evidently both are different ones. But they are only to show the Dilapidated conditions they are generally in. For most Indians to live in these kinds of conditions is Old Hat. But for Educated People!

The World is creating the Homeless day by day. russia downs another Civilian airliner (this Malaysian one is the second, as far as I remember, there was a Japanese one some years ago), and Bingo, how many families of the passengers affected? The ISIS decides to kidnap, hold hostage, chase out or frighten away People, who had paid Lakhs (Hundred of Thousands, albeit Rupees), to go and work there, and where are they Now? AND How many are Abandoning their Parents?

Where I do not see the sense is in the Post in question is in these things:

  • Somebody photographs a Homeless Man,
  • Leaves Him Sitting there,
  • Posts His picture and gather ‘Likes,’
  • AND Thinks that Everything is Solved by Saying an ‘Amen.’

Was the Man ‘Posing’ for this picture? His Eyes say it is Not so.

What We Can and Should Do in situations like these, besides providing Him with a Meal is this:

Offer Him Shelter. Do it as a Community. A Few Neighbours, together. Work at it. BOLD Steps, Sure. But I am Used to Talking to Lions.

Let us Not think He would Not be Pestersome. People who have had to live like this would be full of Resentment.

Too many are Ready to say: “There are details that maybe we don’t want to hear, things we didn’t want to know.” Let us Firmly leave such statements to Others. Let the Blood Run Red in our Veins.

Frankly, this ‘my’ post comes under all the headings/tags I mention: A page called ‘Jesus Daily’ posts this. I would expect ‘Leadership’ in Religious Issues from such a page. But such a Spineless kind of a thing Disappoints, Hugely.

By Saying an Amen and going away, We Cannot Expect to Receive God’s Blessings, His Love, Peace or Happiness.

Taking a picture of a Homeless Person, getting ‘Likes’ out of this, and asking People to say ‘Amen’ makes No Sense. If We would Profess that Christ lives in Each and Every one of Us, then We have to Prove it to Him by our Actions.