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done so openly, & in a supposed democracy


(Before I proceed, had added ‘content,’ maybe foolishly in the ‘classical’ editor; all of which material is lost. Typing laboriously again.)

Re ‘Hathras,’ see here.

Re ‘Activist,’ the Latest. 83 yo Fr Stan sj arrested.


India Needs this, and India wants this


India Needs this, and India wants this. To be said by #Police and #Military #Chiefs, to #Politicos, #Judges and #Officials.

Houston Police Chief @ArtAcevedo: “Let me just say this to the President of the United States, on behalf of the police chiefs of this country: please, if you don’t have something constructive to say, keep your mouth shut.”

Hats off to the #Miami Police, too. Hope to find ‘MEN’ (मर्द) like them in India, particularly in #UP and #Delhi.


Learning, at the age of 72; Edited.


[ NOTE: This is a PS, correcting my former word ‘Immigrant’ to Migrant, please. ]

Hello, my Dear Friends,

Had been concentrating on Facebook and Twitter, as they take lesser time to write.

Feel inspired to start working on my good old Blog again.

About this ‘learning…’

Had been showing what I found wrong, and had thought that people would simply and automatically understand that Doing the Opposite was the Solution.

But Bill Gates, one of whose posts I was reading of late, suggests that we, (in my case particularly ‘I’), say it out, in black and white as it were, what could be the solutions.

With India’s Corona lock down, it has meant that thousands of Immigrant Migrant workers want to return home, deciding to Walk(!), Hundreds of kilometres, as Trains are cancelled; – along with small children.

Youth and others are being harassed by the police, when these are trying to return.

And this is what I wrote to the Indian Prime Minister’s Office:


1. Pl arrange for FOOD along the way, for those trying to return home.

2. Army trucks could help them for at least for part of journey.

3. Army shd be under STRICT instructions not to Molest, particularly the women and girls.

[ Army men have been known to use ‘Rape’ as a tool, for what they would say bringing out the truth, as well as… ]

Response of Women of the North East of India, for Younger women being raped:

Do You think I am improving? 🙂

Love and Regards, and Stay Safe.


On Rape culture of India


My Own Country; and it pains me to call it that. But Needs Must.

  • Sadly, Girls (for it is Mostly Girls) – getting Raped, even Gang-raped,
  • Even Brutalised in the process, – as in inserting Heated Iron Rods into their Private parts,
  • – Even getting Killed after all that, ( Showing these modern Rapists Also have Blood Lust ),
  • And the girls Dying by being Set on Fire…

All this does not Bother Too many people.

As in pointing out Where We Have to Change, In all this I blame Ourselves, The Citizens, First. Lewd Pictures, Posters, Advertisements, Songs and Movies, are Accepted by Us; We do not Protest against them… Not at Home, Nor in Our Conversations and Writings. Not Enough. Let Not The Crusaders get hot over this.

It falls upon Religious Leaders to Inculcate Right Values; and tell me the last time You found them doing that; Powerfully, Incessantly, as Christ would have done. The Precise Reason I Keep Castigating Our Dear, Good Pope.

As things Stand, where We expect Sense, Decency and Direction in the ‘leaders’ of the Civil world, We find a Lot of Blah, Empty Words, which I find a Mockery.

Some Ten days ago, a Young Woman was Gang-Raped, Set on Fire and Killed. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/all-4-accused-in-hyderabad-gang-rape-murder-shot-dead/articleshow/72393178.cms

As the link shows, All four Accused were Apprehended, and after a Furore from the Public, killed by the the police in what they called an ‘Encounter,’ in India coming to mean ‘Allowing’ Accused to Run, and then Shoot and Kill them. Here is what I had written about that:

1. Have No sympathy for the Accused. Suggest they should have been burnt.

2. But Sentence Should have come from #courts. There are Too many Loopholes in the #encounter.

3. Physically, to say All Four were killed is Brainlessness. At 3 o’clock at night, All Four are Shot, no one in the Arms or the Shoulders, but Mortal wounds, …and None of them had Surrendered?

4. #police had #KILLED at orders of #politicos, pure and simple.

5. #encounter Further proves Absolute Uselessness of Indian #courts, who just examine papers, and are NOT delivering #justice in any way.

6. #police totally happy to carry out orders of #politicalmasters.

7. End Result: NO Morals.

Accused Needed MOST severe punishment. But #police story HUMBUG. And police are #KILLERS.

Many Spoke up Against this ‘encounter.’

The Chief judge of India bleated that ‘Instant’ justice is Revenge. …I have Issues on his use of the word ‘instant.’ And this is what I wrote:

1. Chief JUDGE of India, the #cji, ( let’s STOP calling these fellows ‘justice,’ ) said Instance justice is Revenge.

Going on a Side note, he is merely playing with Words. What We want is SPEEDY JUSTICE. When they cannot provide that, let the #judiciary resign and Sell Pakoras.

[ On Pakoras, the prime minister of India, I think, had said at one time that it is Impossible to provide jobs for Everyone, – which is Very True, of course, but the statement carried a Levity about it, going on further to say that people can sell Pakoras, a kind of Indian Street food, mostly made of Gram flour over Onions, fried. ]


Politicians, generally the Most Blase of the lot, have been speaking up; again generally ‘merely’ criticising the ‘ruling’ party.

One Akhilesh Yadav was quite vociferous. On him:

2. #akhilesh is raising his own Drama. It was in ‘his’ time that Two Minor Girls were Burnt and Hung on a tree at Badauni UP, in May 2014, pic attached. …And it was ‘his’ father who had said: #BoysWillBeBoys.


And concluding, the #police are Really working Hard to Prove themselves the Dogs to the Pigs of Animal Farm.

3. #police [ Small case as a mark of Disrespect ], who have been called ‘gorement’ – my own spelling for that, – Gundas, are proving that name Right. #police are Proving they are the #Dogs of the #AnimalFarm. …All this on #Unnao.

Let US get Cracking now; Incessantly trying to Inculcate Values.




For a gist, see bottom.

इक कहानी में इक हीरोईन नाच गयी, …वो थियेटर फूँक दिए.


उनकी बहु-बेटी पर वो अपना सडा बीज* फेका, वो हंस कर रह गए.

[ *जो वीर नहीं, नपुंसक है, उसका वीर्य नहीं होता, मात्र बीज होता है. ]

आज जहां देखो, सेना. सिनेमा हीरो-ओं की सेना, करनी सेना, धरनी सेना…

वो कहते हैं कि उनके लाख लाख सिपाही हैं.

पर, कल तेरे बच्चों की माँ बन्ने वाली पर वो सडा बीज फेंका, …वहीँ अनायास तेरी माँ उसके साथ होती… तेरी बेटी या बीबी होती.

अबे सेना वालों, इन चमगादड़ों को पहचान नहीं पाए, तो तुम क्या खाख के सेना हो?

उनको एक एक को पकड़ कर बांस कर दिखाओ, मैं मानूं कि तुम सच में वीर हो.

वो हेलमेट नहीं पहना, पुलिस वाला उसे घसीट के ले गया.


मिनिस्टर का बेटा पांच लोगों के साथ इक अकेला को मार गिराया, …पुलिस वाला आंड चाट रहे हैं.


पहले कहा करते थे: ***** दूर नहीं, पास मिलते हैं, एक नहीं, हजार मिलते हैं.

आज, हे भारत माता, इत्र-यत्र-सर्वत्र, तेरे पुत्र नपुंसक बन गए हैं.

[ ऊपर चित्रित इन बच्चों को मेरा प्यार एवं आशीर्वाद. जो जन्म से इस प्रकार है, उसे आशीष और प्यार मिले. पर जो आज अपना इज्जत बेच कर बैठे हैं, उन्हें लानत नहीं तो क्या. ]

देश को तुम-ही बचाओ, मेरी भारत माता.

असली मर्द इन विषयों पर लिखेंगे, और चर्चा करेंगे.


This is a continuation of my previous post, addressing those to whom it should matter most, in their own language, in every sense of the word.

When a queen dances on the silver screen, they burn up.

Please see link 1, above.

But when they fling Semen on their Daughters, they keep Quiet.

When a man is not wearing a helmet for a motorcycle, police men thrash him.

See link 2, above.

But when a minister’s son beats up, – along with his friends-goons, another, black and blue, the police men are found licking the minister’s ass.

See link 3, above.

This land is becoming all too full of Shkhandees (Eunuchs).

TRUE MEN will write and post on these things.


Tweets to @MirrorNow and @ndtv


As background, seems an inglorious 8 rapes/gang rapes within the last 6 days have taken place in the glorious Indian state of Haryana! Who knows, these fellows might even be expecting some prizes for doing that, or, at the least, some jobs in the public sector. That is the state of our Country today.

All that being so, another interesting, though Heart-breaking piece of news was mentioned during one of the debates over the TV, namely, some young man, who had earlier raped a girl some three years earlier, and had since been released, – not found guilty or on bail, I am not sure, raped the same girl once again during these days.

That is the Cursed situation of India today.

In all this, what riles me is that these Rapists are practically Molly-coddled by the administration (read government), the police, and the judiciary, by extension, as these have never questioned not challenged the practice of the police to hide/cover the faces of these Rapists and other Criminals. And these rowdy buggers march along with their chests thrust out, well knowing that they will not be recognized by the people at their next Avatar, excuse me, their next appearance.

Below, a photo from my files, – in turn from the internet, which I have named: ‘Kill with open faces, get your face covered courtesy of the police.’

All these policemen, especially the officers, are interested in is: getting their photos into the media.

And does the criminal seem in any way cowed to You? Stands tall, and bold as brass, does he not?

And here is my question to the media:

Why don’t You, @MirrorNow n @ndtv, ask Why the #police are covering the faces of these criminals? Why are the #police protecting them?


Cursed may the whole system be, the administration, the politicos, the judges, the police and the other officials, who have NO concern for the Honour or the Safety of the Citizens, but protect, – how else without Money, the names and reputations of Criminals.


Some Tweets to: @MirrorNow


@MirrorNow Kudos for Airing important issues.

@MirrorNow FINALLY Judges themselves, not to say important lawyers like PrashantBhushan @pbhusan1 have raised their voices about the Need to Clean up the #Judiciary.

@MirrorNow YET, when Justice is not being had for #Nirbhaya only the #police are being questioned.



No Right to Protest = No Democracy


Today’s (Oct. 8, 2017) international news over NDTV says that the opposition leader of Russia, Ilya Yashin, along with his supporters, was arrested by the Russian police on the grounds that they were staging/organizing a protest for which permission had not been granted.

[ Once again the Brutality of the police in handling Citizens, in this case Ilya Yashin, is clearly seen in the photograph, from the internet, of course. I shall contrast this with the police’ behaviour with regard to criminals in another post. ]

Interestingly, and sadly, this is the second time in a mere 20 days that this opposition leader has been arrested, the first also being on the grounds of unpermitted protest.

From centuries before George Orwell, police, likened to dogs, have been brainwashed to obeying blindly; fed, housed and coddled – upto a bit, of course, – by tyrannical, despotic regimes.

That these police have to give one the permission even to protest is ludicrous in the extreme.

  • If I am not getting water in my area, I cannot protest.
  • If there is no electrical supply in my area, ditto.
  • If You do not want a nuclear plant in Your area, You cannot protest.
  • If Your highly arable land is being given to mega-business, You cannot protest. The list can go on and on. (All these things happen very often in India).

  • The police, along with the politicians, judges and officials, receive their salaries from the tax money of the Citizens.
  • If the Citizen says jump, they have to jump.
  • If the Citizen wants to protest, the police has to give him/them protection, so that no hidden member of ruling parties disrupt, much less cause harm to the protester(s).
  • That is their Only job.

It is Not the job of the police to decide whether or not the Citizen can/should protest.

If, When and As the Citizen is not given the Freedom to Protest, as is Most often the case, that means Freedom has disappeared from the Land.

The administration, in the form of politicians, judges and police and other officials alone are responsible for this. When this is the case, they should all be sacked ignominiously.




I started noticing the Excessive mining of sand from the rivers of TN just a few years ago. Thinking about it, understood how this has led to TN approaching a Desert-like situation.

I had thought that the Water situation would reach a Crisis in about 15 years. Reports say that this is going to happen in 2025, ie, just in 8 years. …Watch Nat Geo.

Our Carelessness in Observation, and Inaction, are what are leading to these terrible situations.

In my first picture, I have written that the Mother Monkey taught its young ones NOT to see Reality, as that is Painful, NOT to hear Reality, but rather to pay attention to propaganda, and NOT to Speak out, as that leads to Sedition charges! …And Monkeys Are living that way.

But the Lion-Mother taught Just the Opposite. And that is Why they are Lions.

We had not given attention to the Looting of Sand (by the Administration), and that has led to an Artificial Water Scarcity, the Death of Lakhs of Trees, No Farming even in the Delta belts, in TN.

Actually, even Justice, Freedom, etc, are in Peril. We just need to Notice, and to Act.

If there is Justice, …Everything is OK! But alas, there is No Justice; Anywhere in the World.

In India, the Sheer Delay in Justice, People in Jails Without their cases having been heard for Decades, judges delaying even the delivering of Verdicts, etc, show that there is NO JUSTICE.

People do not talk about it. judges should not think that this is out of respect. It is out of Fear, which is a Shame. Only judges can change this situation.

The Tamil Nadu police has become Notorious for its Excesses during the last few years, particularly during the current Regime, that of the ADMK party.



Irom Sharmila had fasted for 16 Years (!), for the Repeal of the AFSPA, the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, through which Excesses had been committed, even unto Rape of Civilians by the Army. (Who will speak about these, except the few like Yesudas?) …These did.

Women in the North East of India, protested thus.


Hoisting of the Flag and Military March-pasts do not make it a Republic or a Democracy. The granting of the Kachatheevu Island to Lanka, the Tasmac wine shops, the Looting of Sand, all show that what is happening is Politics, Not Democracy.