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No Right to Protest = No Democracy


Today’s (Oct. 8, 2017) international news over NDTV says that the opposition leader of Russia, Ilya Yashin, along with his supporters, was arrested by the Russian police on the grounds that they were staging/organizing a protest for which permission had not been granted.

[ Once again the Brutality of the police in handling Citizens, in this case Ilya Yashin, is clearly seen in the photograph, from the internet, of course. I shall contrast this with the police’ behaviour with regard to criminals in another post. ]

Interestingly, and sadly, this is the second time in a mere 20 days that this opposition leader has been arrested, the first also being on the grounds of unpermitted protest.

From centuries before George Orwell, police, likened to dogs, have been brainwashed to obeying blindly; fed, housed and coddled – upto a bit, of course, – by tyrannical, despotic regimes.

That these police have to give one the permission even to protest is ludicrous in the extreme.

  • If I am not getting water in my area, I cannot protest.
  • If there is no electrical supply in my area, ditto.
  • If You do not want a nuclear plant in Your area, You cannot protest.
  • If Your highly arable land is being given to mega-business, You cannot protest. The list can go on and on. (All these things happen very often in India).

  • The police, along with the politicians, judges and officials, receive their salaries from the tax money of the Citizens.
  • If the Citizen says jump, they have to jump.
  • If the Citizen wants to protest, the police has to give him/them protection, so that no hidden member of ruling parties disrupt, much less cause harm to the protester(s).
  • That is their Only job.

It is Not the job of the police to decide whether or not the Citizen can/should protest.

If, When and As the Citizen is not given the Freedom to Protest, as is Most often the case, that means Freedom has disappeared from the Land.

The administration, in the form of politicians, judges and police and other officials alone are responsible for this. When this is the case, they should all be sacked ignominiously.


Responsibility (2)


Was just watching the movie – Black Mass, over the TV. …It speaks about Murder, Drug Trafficking, and Mayhem in general, And as to how the govt agencies are Involved, and part of, this. …Did not surprise me at all. To cap it off, there was a Funeral, for one of the dead Drug barons, And there was a Grand Eucharist, with the Priest mouthing away Platitudes.

The World will start Changing the Day when* the Church Refuses Known Murders, Drug lords, Looters of the Poor and Rapists, All Sacraments except that of Reconciliation. (All spoken from the Catholic perspective, of course).

I confess that I do not know enough about the practices of other churches for me to speak. As for the catholic church, of which I am a part, well, it is one of the Most powerful and Most numerous, is it not? So let them start Acting.

They Do do it for those who are not married according to church laws, don’t they?!

[ *The World will change the day politicians, judges and officials will start acting Justly. But, for me, that seems to be Too much to hope for. 😦 ]

[ This is Important. Directly, this post would Not apply to my Friends, unless You are a Mega-business person, politician, judge, lawyer or high ranking official, Haha! But I DO Request You to Re-blog this post to Your Utmost. ]

And the Essence of this post is that ‘Most’** mega-business persons, politicians, judges, lawyers and high officials are responsible for the woes of the world, due to their Greed. Addressing Christians and especially Catholics, this deprives them of the Brotherhood of Christianity, and,

 Catholics living lives of high Corruption,

Should Not Receive Communion.

(** Please note that I have said Most, Not All.)

Now Continuing from my previous post in this vein of thought of We versus They, let Us consider about Ourselves now. We. What and How are WE?

Let us Not Forget that We are part of the Crowd that Mew, and Sit on Our Haunches.

Given that,


We have to Concede this, If We have the Honesty and the Courage.

Do We mean to say that there are No politicians, judges, lawyers – who had a big hand in the people losing their homes, it seems, – army and police officers, not to say officials of the administration (government) among Us?

Do We mean to say that Each and Every member of the above group among Us, is Corruption Free, and Working off the bones of Our fingers For the Benefit of the Common man and the Betterment of the World, taking On Opposition from ‘Them?’

Why not? Quite possible. It might be happening.

But IF We really believe in the axiom that People are Not Fools, that they Know what they are doing, which We reiterate come every Election time, Are We going to deny that the People Know the Real, the Good ones, the Exceptions, the Corruption-free ones, whom they Celebrate right when they are Alive, – hang all the False Charges against them, – like Arvind Kejriwal, S P Udayakumaran, and Collector Sagayam, ? (I shall have to write more about this last man, Collector Sagayam, another Lion of India. He is Worth writing on. The administration has transferred him countless times, which should be certificate enough.)

The three Greats, named above.


Most of Us would be Taking On the Wrath of God upon Ourselves if We deny that by Commission and by Omission, by Our Silence which Kills, by Failing to Act against Corruption, – (however hard that is), We have been part of the Crowd that Oppresses.


At this point I have an interesting incident to relate. Just recently I had been to the DRC, one of India’s greatest (in terms of numbers) retreat centres, attending a retreat. During that I had taken time to meet one of the directors.

I said to him that it would be good if We could say that those who err seriously in ‘Caritas,’ – like those who are responsible for the Homeless, the Farmers committing suicides, those responsible through greed and negligence for the death of the 70+ children in UP of India who died just recently, etc, If they are Catholics, – Not to receive Communion without a Serious decision to change.

He said that We cannot categorise like that. But Jesus Did. Look at the way He castigated the pharisees and the sadduccees. And Paul did, in altogether too many times for me to give references here. They are there at the end of Each of his epistles.

The church today is too concerned about Income. If it talks tough, the high and mighty, who are the ones who are contributing to the coffers, after all, (Just look at the way the buildings in the DRC have grown!), these same high and mighty would stop attending church, which means the heftiest fall in income. Oh, the church knows which side the bread is buttered, all right. …It is not just at the DRC, of course.

Jesus had not been bothered about the Many who left Him…

“Because of this,*** many of Jesus’ followers turned back and would not go with Him any more. So He asked the twelve disciples, “And you — would you also like to leave?” John 6:66-67.

(***the way the Jesus spoke, the content of His message and the Words He used.)

All too often we have comfortably been concentrating on Peter’s reply to this question, which had been a Hypothetical one. The point is that Jesus was not ready to change His message. Those who were ready to receive it could, if they wanted it, or leave and keep walking. It is the very same all through the Bible.

I see that altogether in too many places ‘Smoking’ is held to be the greatest sin, next to Sins of the Sexual kind perhaps. So Ok, Rape, of any kind, and Abduction and Torture and all those are Nasty business indeed.

But Driving People onto the Streets, Being the Cause for their Hunger, which are occurring in Countless instances Need to be addressed with Vigour indeed. See Matthew 25:31-46.


What Does the Bible say about these kinds of things?

This is what the Lord says through our Inimitable St. Paul:

“…A person who calls himself a Brother but is …GREEDY, or a THIEF, Don’t even sit down to Eat with such a person.” (1 Corinthians 5:11).

“Surely You know that the Wicked do not possess God’s Kingdom. Do not Fool Yourselves. People who are …GREEDY … will not possess God’s Kingdom. (1 Cor 6:9-10).


  1. Hopefully, Every Christian understands that the word ‘Brother,’ stands for a Follower of Christ.
  2. Yes, GREED is a Number One sin. They don’t talk about it much in church, which is their problem, but it Is there, nevertheless.
  3. And obtaining Peoples’ Homes, Leaving them Homeless, Making them Commit Suicide, Is THEFT.


The Bible says:

“God Punishes sins, He Destroys what the sinner loves.”

Check out Psalm 39:11.

And it has Happened. The pharaoh, supreme and powerful ruler, lost his beloved First born.

I have given a picture, a Still, from the movie The Exodus. Are we going to think that this is all a Story?

Let us consider our lives.  If We stop to think, We will realize that,

  • A Good Appetite,
  • Good Sleep,
  • And the Ability to Enjoy the love and Company of others

Are Good Indicators of Happiness. How do our high and mighty fare in this?

Over and beyond that, Are You Sick? Is there Sickness in the Family? Why should it be there, in people eating All the best things? Do Your Children Love and Respect You? Does Your Wife respect You?

The Bible goes to the extent of saying:

“I will give their Wives to Other men.” (Jeremiah 8:10). I think Nothing can be Worse than this.

With regard to the Holy Eucharist, St. Paul says:

“If anyone eats The Lord’s Bread or Drinks from His Cup in a way that Dishonours Him, is Guilty of Sin against the Lord’s Body and Blood. …he brings Judgement on himself. …That is Why many of you are weak and ill, and several have DIED.” (1 Corinthians 11:27-30, passim).


So Finally, The Best thing to do, You Catholic Mr. Mega Businessman, Politician, Judge, Lawyer, High Ranking Army and Police Officer, If You want to Remain a Brother in the Biblical sense of the Word, and If You want to keep receiving Communion, Start Changing Fast.



In Search Of A Leader

Rajiv raises Good questions. Quite a few questions. And a Very well written article, as Rajiv’s always are!

As to HOW the money for the Subsidies/Free deliveries (promised by the AAP) is going to come from: I have already written about this here and there, elsewhere.


POINT: MOST OF IT DISAPPEARS INTO THE POCKETS OF POLITICIANS. (As Rajiv himself asserts in the banquets, the air miles and Hunger for MONEY on the part of politicos).


Equation Resolved and Problem Solved!


PS: After posting my thoughts above, came across this in Facebook. Am giving the Jist of the writings in Hindi into English, below the picture:

00 stop freebies

  • CONSIDER what those whom You elect get for Free…
  • Everything from Free Residence, Free govt vehicle, Electricity and Water, and Servants to boot…
  • They don’t even pay Toll Taxes.
  • Do they even pay Income Tax?



Below, an Image of India’s PM, narendra modi’s Uncouth suit in question. It is being auctioned off, and at present is fetching about TWENTY FIVE TIMES its original price of 17,000 USD!

0 simple man

Photo from Internet.


As I get into this post, I am going to make a disclaimer, to some extent. While much of what I write uses examples from India, the stuff I write about does not really pertain to India alone. I quote Indian examples, because this is the context of the world I currently occupy.

The ruling party at the Centre is the Bhartiya Janta Party, or the Indian Party for the Common Man. They lost the Delhi elections to the Aam Aadmi Party, or the Party For the Common Man.

You may notice the names of both parties claim that they represent the Common Man!

Anyway, the BJP came into power on an anti-Congress wave, and our Prime Minister started by talking about austerity, humility, hard work etc. However, he seemed to let his backing party, the RSS, shoot their mouths off about Hindu fundamentalism, and allowed them to vandalise churches…

View original post 219 more words

Citizens, politicians, Ineffective police, …In Real Life

Below is a REAL LIFE Account of one Gopika, as she shared it in Facebook. It came under: 92.7 BIG FM Balaji‘s photo. I have made her paragraphs smaller, and have formatted it a little for easier read.


Yesterday, My mom and I, were returning home from Chennai in kanyakumari express (12633) in 2nd A/C coach, we boarded the train at Tambaram. There was this group of men(around 5 or 6 men) who were already seated in our adjoining cabin. By their dressing and their manner of speech we assumed they where some local politicians. As soon As the train left the station these people closed the curtains and started to consume alcohol right there, without any shame or even the slightest guilt that there were kids in the train. The T.T.E* (whose name I do not know, as he was not wearing his coat or his ID) turned a blind eye to this.

There was a young lady with her little daughter seated in the side berth of that same cabin, to whom these people kept offering food(so we obviously assumed that she was their relative, and was travelling with them).But soon she moved to our cabin asking if she could please stay here as she wasn’t feeling comfortable there. On enquiring further she told us that like the camel in the dessert story, these people had occupied her berth and had asked her to move to the side berth which wasn’t even theirs, and when she asked the T.T.E to help her out he just said that she’ll have to talk it out with those drunken idiots and not bother him.

Drunk politicos on train

So my mom and I ,we secretly took pictures of them drinking and also called up railway helpline and railway police authorities.Eventually at Vilipuram railway station S.I. Pon Balasubramaniam** came in, He in all his authority just scolded us for complaining to the helpline and just told that those people won’t create any problems and when I demanded some solid action he said that we’ll have to go with him and write an official complaint and only then will he take action.(Yeah sure, My mom and I, two ladies travelling alone should get down at an unknown station and miss the train so that the culprits can go on and cause problems).And the most frustrating part was that he didn’t even bother to warn those people or even talk to them.

So, once again we called up the helpline (the lady on the phone was very sympathetic towards our situation) who told us to write an official complaint and using that they will de-board the offenders. This time the T.T.E understanding the weight of the situation offered us help, and even provided seating arrangement for that lady and her kid ,and also he obliged to my demand to give the offenders seat numbers so that I can file it in my official complaint. Initially, He gave us just 4 numbers then when we probed further he gave us the rest.

And so at Viruthachalam, railway police arrived and even this time they just got the complaint letter from us and left. Not a word was spoken to the culprits.

Those men having understood that we couldn’t do anything to them even after our hardest efforts just kept laughing at us, at our helplessness. And all of us, the ones who dared to raise our voice against the wrong had to spend a restless night worried that they might hurt us in retaliation. And to top it all off, these worthless idiots had the courage to consume alcohol at the crack of dawn once again and scream proudly that they can’t be hurt or punished.

I am someone who had this unshakable belief in justice that no matter what happens justice will always win. But the indifference shown by the T.T.E, the SI and other police officials has made me question my beliefs. In an era where we can get almost everything at the click of the mouse or touch of a button, I felt so helpless. We can “Be the change”, but if there is no effect who will be ready to act???

– Gopika


* A T.T.E. is a Travelling ticket examiner, an official of the Indian Railways.

** An S.I. is a sub inspector, an officer of the Indian police force.

lock the front door

As I was reading this excellent article, I was getting ideas.

Let the United Nations be Relocated in… Some Desert, Siberia, or the Poles! All those places are practically getting wasted, and they could be converted to ‘Politicians only’ zones. And then they can blare away to their heart’s content.

my zen city


The White House’s new security plan: Lock thefront door

every time i see a headline like this i wish i worked at the new york post.  it has to be fun . . . .   seriously though, if the peeps in dc need some high level security tips, i suggest they just spend the week in nyc during the general assembly – which happens to be this week.

i’ve been out sniper seeking with my zoom lens since saturday and haven’t seen 1 sniper.  these guys are good.

i’m not sure what the mission of these people is, but they are scattered about the sidewalks near the united nations building.  they look like they have bombs strapped all over themselves and i have to believe this would  effectively keep people from trying to break in to the white house.

general assembly soldier 1they do not like having their pictures taken either.

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Victory is Only for the Brave

For all the quote from Ecclesiastes, (9:11), the Race just might be for the Swift. And The Brave. And Most of the time it goes to them, too.

usain bolt

Picture from: www.gistus.com



Horatius, a Lone Man, a Brave Man, decides to Stand Alone at the ‘mouth’ of the Bridge, a Bottleneck, and Saves Rome. His story is to be taken as an example, and not for discussion, as that is not the subject here.

I consider Gandhiji, Nelson Mandela and Arvind Kejriwal as Good Examples too.

horatius bridge

Horatius at the Bridge, graphic from: http://www.stentorian.com/politics/war/bridge.jpg


They, the politicians, have spent Crores to come to their positions. Only the Naive would believe they spent this to ‘Serve’ their Countrymen!

Being Discussed and Questioned Threatens them. To Stop this they will effect New laws, and use All the old laws to the Full. But the Only Way to Retain Sanity, and to Ensure the Good Future of our Children, is to Keep Questioning them.

If We have to have Victory in this, We have to Act. And let Us Remember that Only the Brave Achieve it.

04 Religion – Our Relationship with Other Humans

Most of Our Time is spent in Relationship with Other Human Beings! This is True whether We take the Family or the Work-Space. And this Accord follows certain Lines. Even Our ‘Recreation’ is governed by Our Mindset on this Interconnection with Others.

For instance, I know an Oldish gentleman who used to play Football (Soccer). Below his knee he has quite a number of Scars. He says he got them during his ‘Football days!’ Opposition players would not ‘mind’ Trampling down on the legs of their competitors. …There’s a Relationship for You!

Women, Almost a Total Half of the Human race, are said to have No Souls, No Rights, and are seen as ‘Playthings;’ and as ‘Support’ for heroes in movies. Worse, Woman has Acid thrown at her, is Raped, and is made to ‘Answer’ for these attacks, as if She is Responsible for them. As per its definition,  All this makes for Very Bad Religion!

IMP Acid attack victims

Slavery, Forced Labour, Child Labour, Not Paying Equitable Wages, Unjust Working Hours and Conditions, All spring from the Mindset which believes that Some Humans are worth Less.

Those who have come to Power by the use of Money or Numbers, as in the case of the ‘mafia,’ choose to think ‘Nothing’ of Others. politicians, judges and the police, who often misuse the Authority bestowed on them by the Citizenry, seem to think that People are there to ‘serve’ them.

The List can be Very Long. All Established Religions state what is Right and what is Not. The Sad part of it is that in some cases, it is held that some things are Ok if done to Others, but which should not be done to one’s own!


In Practice, We see People practicing Love, the Most Harmonious kinship possible. We would find that MOST People are Ready to Help, Ready to Reach out a Helping Hand, whatever their Doctrine. 

Religion is Not what pastor W says, nor what bishop X does; not even what guru Y or mullah Z Suddenly announces one day, even if it becomes a trend.

The pharisee at right in the picture below was saying to God: “I Fast Two days a week, and I give You a Tenth of All my income.” (Luke 18:12). Evidently he thought God did not Know that! Haha! He must have ‘prayed’ too, and a lot, I am sure. But Jesus was Not Impressed by the pharisee.

Christ gives the pharisee’s example to show just How this man had Failed. The pharisee had completed All the Rituals, but, like Most of his kind of his age, had been Lacking in his Concern for his Fellow Man.

The Pharisee and the Publican

Image from: http://www.lookandlearn.com

In Conclusion, True Religion is that which Holds, and Teaches Us, among other things, to Have a Healthy and Positive Relationship with Our Fellow Human Beings.

[This article is part of a series on ‘Religion.’ To go to the Next one, please click here. …To go to the First of this series, please click here.]

politicos, police and other officials!


politicians, who are expected to arrange the Infrastructure and amenities for the Country, are busy sidling up to business houses and making money for themselves.

       And the police, who are supposed to render us Protection, are bending down to politicos and trying to get richer, themselves!


       Here we have a ‘high ranking Indian police officer’ touching the feet of a politico, adding ‘glory’ to the IPS (Indian Police Service)! Interestingly, all these politicos don the Simplest, Gandhian type of dresses for their ‘public’ outings, but fail in their desire for the Image of Simplicity by the Arrogance of their Stance and expectations.

       [Touching the feet of Your Elders, Your Guru, Teachers, etc, is considered a Very Good thing, a Sign of High Culture. A police man, of ANY rank, would be expected to ‘salute’ at the most. Here, in this case, the touching of the feet is Utterly Despicable.]


       The one at top left, kneeling down to modi, the prime ministerial candidate for the bjp, is a Collector, an IAS (Indian Administrative Service) Officer! Pic two at top shows a very high ranking IPS officer kneeling to speak to akhilesh yadav, the chief minister of UP.

       At bottom is Arvind Kejriwal being saluted by his security, who are Ordinary Policemen (as Opposed to Commandos, whom Kejriwal had refused). Noteworthy is the Way He received the Salute of the men, as against akhilesh, whose hand on top of his head shows his Contempt for the officer.

       chief ministers of state have a way of ‘choosing’ their highest ranking police officers. they look for those who would be Most compliant to their wishes. And these officers ‘benefit’ by this, of course.

I have some Question to these slurping, fawning police and other ‘officers.’

  • How can you fellows SLEEP?!
  • How are you able to EAT?
  • How much RESPECT does your Own Family give you?

       What Would happen if these officials down right Refuse to bend down like this to the politicians? …They might get Transferred. Is that such a horrible thing? Compared to this Shame? Yes, Transfers would mean difficulties in getting Admissions into Schools. But there ‘are’ provisions for ‘transfer cases!’

And Questions for Us:

  • Of What Use are such officials for Us?
  • Is it not Time to Throw out such people?

We All Love Our Children. It is Time to Speak Out, Question, Challenge, and Make our Children’s Future Better.


Kejriwal’s Controversial Jan Lok Pal Bill

The Jan Lok Pal Bill is an anti-corruption bill drafted and drawn up by civil society activists in India seeking the appointment of an independent body to investigate corruption cases.

The words Jan and Lok are Common nouns, both signifying ‘the People.’ Might sound unnecessary to have the two words, but they are Needed to differentiate this particular bill from an existing, Toothless one passed by the administration.

…I have seen reason to criticize the media left and right in these pages, for being Partial. But there seems to be a goodly difference between the reports over the TV versus the ‘net editions’ of the same groups. I have found that timesofindia.indiatimes.com gives more balanced reports. Different Editors, perhaps. I shall quote certain sections from its article on the subject. (Reference to article in comments).

‘Delhi Cabinet cleared the draft of the much talked-about Jan Lokpal bill which provides for COVERING ALL PUBLIC SERVANTS – FROM CHIEF MINISTER TO GROUP D EMPLOYEES – and seeks life term as maximum punishment for those found guilty of corruption.’ (Emphasis mine).

The Emphasized section shows one of the main differences between AAP’s bill and the government’s one. Let me offer some tidbits that would clarify things.

At present it is Exceedingly difficult to prosecute chief ministers and such. In physical terms, they talk of a 5 layer security and things like that. For creatures like cms, one has to go to the moon to get clearance to bring them to court. And even if cases are filed, in the run of the mill courts, things drag on for a-g-e-s. The ‘law’ is really loaded on the side of those who play hanky-panky.

Coming down to ‘Group D employees.’ These are seemingly harmless people, last on the rung of the ladder. But let me speak more of the Clerks. Bill Dwyer had said: ‘A Clerk is a Jerk.’ Clerks like to prove it.

You go to an office, to a particular department. And You will Very probably find that the clerk at that desk is simply Not there. This will happen to You many times. Then one day You find him there. And seeing You, You find that he is saying to his companion at the next table: ‘The Tyres on my Cycle have got completely Worn Out.’ You go out, get a pair of the blessed things, go back to the desk, and say, with a Garfield like grin: ‘One of my Friends presented me with these; I do not really need them just now. Wonder if You could use them.’ Your work gets done.

That happened in My day, more than 40 years ago. Today, they travel by Motorized vehicles. And comparatively bigger bribes are expected. And that is the only difference.

You have a problem connected with Your Land/Path or things like that? First You have to search for the VAO (village administrative officer). It takes Quite a Long while to locate these people, as they are ‘supposed’ to be on rounds, though, according to rules, they ‘have’ to be present in their office on certain days. But, in the meantime, they have found out all about Your issue, evaluated how much they can collect from ‘which’  party, etc.

In the meantime You also have to get the ‘Surveyor’ of the area. You go through the same Rigmarole to locate ‘him.’ Then they all come, have a look see, and quietly ask for, say, (as it happened in a case I know), rs. 1500. They say it is for Expenses. Everybody knows just ‘What’ expenses they are going to be. It will keep them in Free lunch and drinks for a while. The amount seems measly. But everybody also knows that this is merely the ‘first’ installment. …The problem is that after a few days You get a letter from the department, informing You that because of this reason, and that paper being not just right, Your work cannot get done. …The other party either coughed up more, or was more influential.

This kind of ‘looting’ happens at Every office. I could go On and On with Examples. …The Common Man calculates that the Cost, in terms of Time, Energy and Money spent, may be greater than throwing some money on these fellow’s plates. There are Many who can afford to pay bribes. But there are Millions who simply cannot meet the ‘rates,’ and thus lose even their Lands and Homes.

And there are Two more problems with this. Those who take the Bribes are Already Quite Well to do. A government employee gets ‘At Least’ rs. 10,000 pm, if We take the case of humble Peons who stand at the doors. Whereas, outside of government jobs, in the private sector, there are Thousands who get about rs. 1,500 pm for a 10-12 hour day’s work. You want proof? Come to me. I will take You around. …So, point number one is, Why Should the ‘Haves’ have more?

These Individual cases of Corruption in the offices affect Every Citizen Directly and Personally. Affecting Citizens Collectively, first, politicos simply carve out large chunk of the taxes for themselves. Next, in the Projects, they ‘dupe’ the Common Man by giving outlandishly false accounts, like charging a Hundred Thousand rupees for an Ordinary, Stadium Chair! Whether it is issuing licences for the mining of Natural Resources, providing Electrical Power, putting up schools and hospitals or running them, politicos, having taken money from the business houses, Cheat, Fool and Denude the Citizen. Any and Every Project is merely seen as a means of raking in Commissions.

Heads of states and political parties spend Crores claiming to have Put up Hundreds of Projects in motion. On the one hand, many of their claims are false. On the other, those projects are badly executed, and are of Not of great use to Citizens. Take government hospitals. Only the Poorest go there.

But if the politicos had Not been Corrupt, Thousands and Tens of thousands of Projects would have come up along the Length and Breadth of India, all running Well. There indeed ‘are’ good roads. Somebody said that he felt as if he were ‘flying’ while going on one those by car. But for every such road, there are literally Thousands that are Ruts. Because of rampant corruption, Water and Electrical projects in particular have not been put into effect. This is something that is going to affect Generations to come.

In all this, the Citizen is the Loser, the business houses and politicos, and very many government employees, the gainers. And courts and police form a ring around these, protecting them from effective Prosecution.

And ‘that’ is what Kejriwal’s Jan Lokpal bill hopes to address. It may be good to recap the differences between the govt’s so called ‘lokpal’ bill – which We call the Jokepal bill, and Kejriwal’s one. In the former, neither higher govt officials, nor the lower cadres can be brought to court. And the agency that would examine the cases would be under …govt control! Any wonder why We call it the Jokepal?!

But Why should there be so much Controversy over this? …It is an artificially created controversy, created by political parties, because, if this comes through, their freeloading will come to an End. Going back to the Times of India article:

  • ‘They (Congress) realise that if there is a strong Lokpal then many of these people will get into trouble. For seven years BJP is in power in MCD and they may also get into trouble. If the bill is passed then all these CWG cases will go to Lokpal’
  • Translation: The congress party realizes that if there is a strong Lokpal, then many of Its Own people will get into trouble. …For 7 years, the bjp had been incharge of the MCD, (The Municipal Corporation of Delhi), and so they will also get into trouble. Also, all CWG (Common Wealth Games) cases will go to Lokpal.

The administration of Delhi is under the AAP now, and Arvind Kejriwal, as its Chief Minister, is at the helm of things there. So, for the congress and the bjp, in particular, and for every political party, the Easiest way to avoid all these cases would be to see that Kejriwal’s Jan Lokpal bill does Not get passed!