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India’s Aadhar Card Embroglio


Sample Image, from the Internet.

Aadhaar, as it should be spelt in English, means the Base, the Basis.

In effect The Aadhaar Card stands for a Basic Identity Proof for the Citizen of India.


  • One’s Photograph, – which is Monkey business, given that All Administrative work, including its Camera Lenses, are Smudged, no bother taken to clean them properly, no real cleaning materials provided, – it costs money to buy them up, after all,
  • One’s Fingerprints, – which is Also Monkey business, for the above mentioned reasons, only, in this case, perhaps they are not lenses,
  • And One’s Iris Imprint,

The Aadhaar Card Can and Should be a Foolproof Identity basis.

If this were Properly Implemented, it can make Short work of Crooks.

  • Make it Compulsory for Opening Bank Accounts, and You know who has how much, and more, if he has paid his taxes!
  • Ditto for Voting. No headaches about False votes then.

They already have it used for Train Reservations, and Hotel Occupancy.  Useful if You want to keep track of Crooks. …But, without doing the above mentioned two, this step is Hogwash. Being Penny wise and Pound foolish.

Mega business understands this. And course, aren’t they the clever ones? In conjunction with the RTI, the Right to Information, the Citizen can know which minister (politics is business, after all) had how much before he took office, and how much later, et al.

And for this Mega business would like to squash this scheme. Through its itsy bitsy mouth  pieces, of course.

Whichever good and brave soul dreamed the Aadhaar card up, with whatever half understanding, seems to have garnered enough support to get this going.

But politicos, past masters at saying something and doing exactly the opposite, – and Not wanting the scheme implemented (remember, they are in danger of people knowing how many and which all colleges, not to say jewellery shops, they are running),

Say at one time that the Card in Mandatory for Everything, from the lowly Ration shops (supposed Fair price shops), buying of Cell phones and Sim cards, Bank accounts and what not.

And pesky little Fools, the Media in particular, – who knows, maybe the mouthpieces of the politicos and mega business, knowing little, in the true sense of the word, cry foul, saying their privacy is being invaded.

My Question is: What does the Average, Humble Citizen, got to Hide?

In all this, the SC of India, the so called soopreem court, not the Scheduled Castes, is supposed to adjudicate.

I Really Wonder just how the courts think they know anything at all. Are they Philosophers? Experts in Any field?


All they carry out are the Wishes of the politicos. Direct ones are Well Hidden; Indirect wishes are given to the judges in the form of new laws. Just remember who makes the laws.

Aadhaar Card as an End to Corruption can work Only When it is Implemented without Corruption.

Speaking of Corruption, I call the Delay in getting any kind of utterance from the courts, these taking one’s very life time, as the Highest Corruption.

Today, when You can’t trust the findings of a Post-Mortem, just How are We to believe that they would be handling Mega cash in the banks without taking bribes and cooking up reports?

I also hear that right when the scheme came up, Millions of settlers from other states, many of whose subjects are feared to be Terrorists today, got the cards, through Cash changing hands, or through Carelessness.

To wind up, The Aadhaar Card is a Fine Idea. It can even prevent a New-York-Tower kind of thing happening. …If done properly and without Corruption. …Politicos and Mega business would not want this for stated reasons.

I should have Added the names of Joodges among those who have unaccounted Wealth. They would be caught too!

And judges are the ones who have the Final say on all this. Real Embroglio.


To the judiciary


Deepavali is just here. A time of blessings and happiness.

Only, it is a happy time only for a few.

On the one hand, because of age old poverty, a large group just watches its celebration if and when it can instead of celebrating it themselves.

A new group is coming into to being, that of the large body of Farmers, who had faced years of drought, a lack of rain, and are now having too much of it, which is damaging the crops they had ventured to sow.

These farmers had got into large loans, — large for them, most of these not even to the tune of 10 Lakh (1 Million) Indian rupees — from banks, most of which are administration (government) operated. These farmers had been literally begging for waivers for these loans, as they have been, and are, in no condition to pay them back.

The administration, which has been pampering its cronies, by writing off loans of Billions for the super rich like the Ambanis, the Adanis, and Mallaya, – had sent off relief cheques of a single Rupee (literally), to Farmers in distress.

Above: Mallaya owed Rs. 7,000 Crores (70 Billion!) and has paid only Rs. 6 Crores (60 Million). Regarding the rest, the administration is watching its tail.

Above: Interest on loans for Study is 14%, for Small Industries is 15%, and for Mega business is… 0.1%

Going back to farmers, the methods used for the recovery of loans are so harsh and loathsome that the farmers choose to commit suicide. Hundreds of these have occurred.

The administration, with its big mouth, says that it has done this and that, announcing that it has released mega bucks for their relief. But that is tied up in such red tape, that nobody except the lucky few have seen the colour of that money. And here is an example of some who did receive compensation:

This one got the most princely sum of Rs. 17.46,  (about 27 cents, according to Google, on 20th October, 2017).

More, from the same site as from which the above was taken:

“The person who received the most was Neela Bai. They got an insurance amount of 194.24 rupees for a total soybean crop loss on her 22 acre land.

Neela Bai’s son commented, “We had paid a premium of 5,220 rupees for the insurance under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna and we are getting Rs 194 as compensation. God knows how they have arrived at this conclusion.”

The incident has happened in the Tilaria village in Sehore district which incidentally is the home ground of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.”

From: https://www.indiahub.com/flash-news/national/crop-insurance-crap-insurance-farmer-receives-rs-194-claim-rs-5200-premium/


Let me go back to Deepaavali.

If any politico, judge or civil servant did not celebrate Deepaavali this year, – for other reasons than those of bereavement, etc, – let them put their hands up. I see no hands raised, Thank You.

They and their families bought new clothes, a lot of gold and jewellery too, I am sure, a great amount of sweets, and fire crackers.

Where the supreme court of India itself had decreed that no firecrackers were to be burst in Delhi during this festival this year (2017), those who had already bought the crackers were allowed to let them off. Now, …the Air above Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai were all at Nasty levels, and hazes of smoke hung over these cities.

Let’s go a little back. The supreme court of India, in front of which we have to put our hands over our mouths like one of the monkeys of Gandhi, had decreed No Firecrackers over Delhi.

It did not have the Brains to announce: “Let’s put an end to the pollution, both to the Air and in Decibel levels, in say 3 years time, or something like that.” 

The point is, Nobody wants to Bell the Cat.

The problem is that a Laaarge group is out there, brainless, absolute sheep, aided, abetted, and goaded on by the business class involved in the manufacture and sale of firecrackers, whom it is easier to placate than to Conscientize.


Worse than this,

Our dear courts have found No way to resolve the problem of Citizens remaining in Jails for Decades without even having been tried; and where Justice has not been  rendered for Decades.


Let the courts pick up some dictionaries, or phone up their old English professors, and ask the meaning of:


As things stand, I have No respect for Most of the judges. Judge D’Cunha who delivered the verdict on jayalalitha and the few like him whom I do not know are exceptions. Let’s remember that exceptions do not make the rule.

They can certainly trace me, and have me put in jail. I can do nothing to prevent that. But putting me in jail will NOT make me respect them even an iota.


Banks, Useful or Not


My Cousin Anand, over Facebook, had raised this question:

THINK my friends…..
What is the role of Bankers?
Are they really useful for You ?

To which I have replied thus:

“A Very good question, my Dear Anand!

First of all, they are definitely Useful for the Common Citizen. Because, when, as
it has happened in my own village, people (thieves), murder and cut the throats of people even for as little a sum as Rs. 10,000, the Citizens’ hard earned money is much safer in the bank vaults.

People are also able to get loans from them, against going to the Usurers.


Image from Facebook

Second, on the Negative side, Banks ‘LURE’ people by offering them Gold-House-and-Car loans, etc, thereby putting their money to use at great interest.

As We have heard, particularly in the States, people took loans, were not able to pay back and have lost their homes and are on the streets now.

But THE BANKS DID NOT MAKE THEM TAKE THE LOANS! That shows peoples’ Greed.

The failure to read up the small print, becomes a fault of the customer.

Loans to Farmers should really be the business of the politicians. And not just loans, but providing all farming aids, in the form of Water, Electricity, Seeds, Manure/Fertiliser at reasonable costs, and writing them off when the crops fails, which is Mostly because of the Failure of the Monsoon, should be in the hands of the (Political) Administration.

One presumes that bank managers must be taking a big share in ‘white-washing’ money. But that is not a failure of the Banking system, but of the Individual.

In all this, it falls back on the Citizen! Not to be Greedy, Keeping an Eye and not just having a say, but Demanding, and Getting done, Good Policies, Policing them, etc, is the DUTY of the Citizen.

But Mankind would like to do what it likes Best, that is, work a little, (because it has to eat), then Eat it off, Watch TV, and, in times of Trouble, Blame the nearest person.

Mankind would like to Conveniently Forget the DUTIES of the Citizen!

Regards. 🙂


PS: Hello, Folks, even while writing all these things, I am working on My Novel, as many of these will be incorporated into my novel, albeit in a different manner! 🙂


Fear Vs Respect


[ Some tweets again. ]

1. Former Ch Min #OommenChandy, told by Bengaluru civil court to pay back Rs. 1.5 crore in the solar panel #scam.


2. 1.5 CRORE #scam, told by #court to Just Pay Back? Not put in Jail? Different laws for #politicos?

3. #OommenChandy, 1.5 CRORE #scam, Just pay back, and THIS is Justice? #courts want us to ‘respect’ them?

4. #OommenChandy, 1.5 CRORE #scam, #courts have not learnt that People #Fear them; People DO NOT #Respect #courts.

5. , , etc, will have to learn that Not Everybody Fears them.


Rape, …Repeated


Only this time, Verbally.

Rape repeated

From twitter

This refers to the case where a Mother and Daughter were Gang raped for 3 Hours in the presence of the husband and father.

Regarding this, azam khan, one of the politicos of the region (UP) where this happened, instead of moving to arrest and punish the culprits, said that these kinds of things were done to Malign his party’s name.

Viva la Sympathy.




WHY do Dogs of police Hide the faces of Rapists and such?

Rape accused face covered

Image from the Internet. This one belongs to those: ‘Arrested for raping and killing teen daughter near Mumbai.’ Ref: http://www.ndtv.com/topic/raped-daughter

Even in the latest incident, where a Mother and Daughter were Gang raped for a whole THREE HOURS, the accused, after being caught, have had their ****ing faces very Solicitously covered, courtesy the Dogs of the Police. And I don’t mean Police-Dogs.

Curses on a so called ‘culture’ that protects Rapists, even if only their Non-existent dignity.

If they, the Dogs of the police say such are the laws, it is HIIIIGH time such laws were changed.


I have said it before. These fellows’ faces are kept hidden, and then later, these fellows are recruited as Killers and Rowdies (rogues) for politicians!


Dogs under the Table


Referred to by Christ in Matthew 15:27 and parallels, Dogs under the Table is not such an Ancient idea, though I am not able to get modern images for that.

dogs u table 0s

This, and All images from the Internet.

Searching for images, came across this shocker below, from dailymail.co.uk, part of an advertisement, trying to show that dogs eat better than many humans.

dog or ch

But the Idea that Dogs get Scraps is a fact. Take India, at least 90% of household dogs get fed leftovers and scraps.

dogs a

These dogs might be in chains, but am sure they eat a little better than those below.

dogs indian sts

In the houses of the well-to-do, dogs get a mash of the odds and ends and the very dregs at butchers’ shops.

Except for dog lovers, dogs do not eat on par with human beings. We can say that The Human gets the meat, and the dog gets the bones.

And that is what politicos for the most part do. From the russian ‘more-than-equals,’ to our so called democracies, politicos feed on the fat of the land, and let the masses have scraps, though these latter are not any the wiser. Sad.


A look at an Indian Gangster!


Looks like some cheap, unsuccessful bodyguard. See the hand cuffs on him! Yet such Arrogance!

Indian gangster chhota rajan

Here is the ‘report:’

‘Alleged (? Haha!) gangster Chhota Rajan had used fictitious identity with the help of a fake passport to escape the law as he was accused in several cases of heinous nature, involving murder, the CBI today told a special court.

The CBI was arguing on the issue of framing of charges in an alleged fake passport case against Rajan and three retired public servants — Jayashree Dattatray Rahate, Deepak Natvarlal Shah and Lalitha Lakshmanan.’

[ From: http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/cbi-says-chhota-rajan-used-fictitious-identity-with-help-of-fake-passport-1407595     … Comment mine. ]

Names of ‘officials’ conveniently highlighted so that You can spit on them. …Such are Our politicos, judges, officials and police. Alas.


Creating a Better Tomorrow!


Came across this post of Aishwariya Ramachandran, and am Reblogging it manually, as the button was not found. Link at bottom.

Before that, my thoughts on it:

Nice, my Dear Aishwariya. Your perception of the situation and the analysis are very good. But the suggestion, ‘Quit Your Job,’ well…

We HAVE to remember that even getting a job is SO difficult these days; starting Your own business, and ‘succeeding’ in it even harder, and all that.

Instead of the corporates, I would suggest that We pull out the rug from under the politicos.


This is what I mean: Leave them in the Lurch. Let us Boycott their ‘meetings.’ Turn Our Backs on them. Let them know when their views are Not worth it. …Image from Internet.

On the other hand, Your saying that the problem is ‘Me,’ (You, He, She… Everybody except It!), is very true.

people have become So Defeated, Disheartened and Listless, that they do not even think straight. They just want to live from day to day: Earn, Eat, Have a little Sex, Sleep and start the cycle again.


So much so that Knowing that the Future of their Children and Grandchildren is at stake, people continue the above way, heads down, like Sheep. Yes, the Problem us US.

The link to Aishwariya Ramachandran’s article: