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We Created This Election & We Created This Opportunity


Culled, and edited, from my response to Aishwariya:

Do We seriously mean We have NO choices? And I do not mean between these two, either. Rather, on the whole, in life, even in Politics, No choices? …

We sit on Our Fat behinds – or thin ones, 🙂 – all the while, while We Could and SHOULD be doing things about Democracy 24×365, instead of gabbing away a few days/weeks/months before elections.

If anything, let Us Blame Ourselves. Not that finding whom to blame is the game.

So the Answer is: 24×365! 🙂


Monkey Business, aka politics, aka Raj Tantra


In this reposting, Have added some Important points on Raj Tantra, and have put the additions in Red, for those who have already perused it! Do go through. Regards.


Frankly, I am feeling quite Low. Here I am, Labouring away in what is called ‘Conscientization,’ trying to make People Conscious and Aware of the fact that they have to be Invol…

Source: Monkey Business, aka politics, aka Raj Tantra


Monkey Business, aka politics, aka Raj Tantra


Frankly, I am feeling quite Low. Here I am, Labouring away in what is called ‘Conscientization,’ trying to make People Conscious and Aware of the fact that they have to be Involved and Active if Our Children are to have a Good Future.

Politics is a good platform for this, and Pacchai Thamizhagam is a Very good Party, as is Dr. Udayakumar, its leader.

But since the Dr. stands against Nuclear Energy, he has a Cool 380+ cases registered against him! How is that for justice for You! Literally, We can see that they have thrown the book at him.

This is part of the ruling politicos practising what is called ‘Raj Tantra,’ the Tricks of the king. And that, is what We call ‘politics’ in English.

  • hitler shouting away, telling the First Big lie,
  • genghis khan, the taliban and the isis intimidating by sheer violence,
  • jayalalitha wooing the electorate with petty gifts, liquor and things,
  • the modi govt hoisting false charges on Arvind Kejriwal and others of the party, (harassment), and
  • the 380 false cases on Udaya Kumar and others around the Kudankulam nuclear plant, (again harassment), are all examples of Raj Tantra.


And that is Why he did not get many Votes, (People are Afraid to support him, lest they too get slapped with False cases of this sort).

I got a Scare of this sort myself, just recently. Hence the Low. I mean, I would have been prepared, (though I would have Hated it), to be thrown in jail for, let Us say, Protesting when the government says: ‘Thou shalt not protest.’ But to have hoisted on oneself such meaningless and False charges as Sedition and harbouring Drugs would be a Pain in the Backside.

…You have Sedition charges slapped against You!!! I call this No less than Monkey Business.

Monkey business

Image from Facebook, where it was posted in a Humourous way. This type of monkey, named the ‘Langur,’ (pronounced: lung-oor), has the habit of ‘Slapping,’ and a hefty blow it would be too, if it lands. This besides the danger of Our getting bitten. The thing to do is to give him ‘Space,’ which they have done here. All this by way of interest. An Astonishing amount of Dough is kept ready, kneaded, at the lower right, which would mean this is an Eatery of sorts. At least two people seem to be ‘rolling’ the chappaattis, and…

Friend Monkey has decided to try ‘his’ hand at that, reminding Us of You know Who. An Apt picture, and Example, of what goes around in High Places.


EACH Citizen, SHOULD, Actively be Involved in Politics!


EACH of Us, EACH Citizen, Should, ACTIVELY be involved in Politics.

True, politics has been called Dirty, and IS dirty. But We have to believe that We can Change this.

A person standing as a candidate for an election comes with Folded hands. And he leaves with something like 300 Crores! That is YOUR Money, and Mine. The money that should have gone into providing Electricity, Better — Pot-hole-less Roads, Buses that don’t Rattle, More Trains and What not.

The politicos WILL keep looting Us Unless they are challenged. It is NOT enough for Us to Cast Our votes and Hope for the Best. Each of Us CAN and Should devote at least Half an Hour each day, garnering support and Speaking Out.

Each Citizen Should ACTIVELY be involved in Politics.


Am attaching below, a fair number of photographs, all from the internet, depicting politicians campaigning, in the Tried and Tested manner of ‘folded hands.’ This gesture should signify Humility, which it does not, in their cases! Well, in Most case, anyway. Also, it is Not Implied that Only those shown here behave in this way.

The second set of photographs show their wealth, or its increase, after becoming politicos. Gold Shirts, Garlands of Currency Notes!


good ole modi

good ole modi!





Take note of the man, second from left in this picture.


Where is he looking?

Nothing New!

Nothing New!


Victory taken for granted. The Victory signs! And why not? It is not just the joined hands. Money has been ‘poured’ in luring voters. TWO spotlights on the ‘candidate.’ Enough loud speakers to deny You the ability to think. 😦

Help us to Draw Your Blood

Help us to Draw Your Blood! And thus, fianally:

Great Indian Tamasha

A Jolly Time is had by them all. Sigh.


The point is, like in Chemistry, What Happens Next?

Gold shirt man

he is known as the Gold-Shirt man. Yes, his shirt is really made of old. And all the chains and things he is wearing are made of gold too.

Garland of Currency notes
Chief Minister of the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati (C) waves as she receives a garland made of Indian Rupee banknotes worth 1.8 million Indian Rupees (36,000 USD) in Lucknow on March 17, 2010. A political party, championing the cause of poor low-caste Indians, has presented its woman chief with a second garland of bank notes, unfazed by protests against her for wearing a similar garland earlier. Mayawati Kumari, the chief minister of India’s most populous Uttar Pradesh state, sparked public outrage on March 14, when she was photographed with the gigantic garland made of 1,000 rupee (20 USD) notes at a rally in state capital Lucknow. AFP PHOTO/STR

Well, the attached note says it all.

With tiara

she is showing off her Tiara, to boot. And now for the Most Interesting picture:

70% of India

I would say 70% of India lives thus. In such poverty, if not on the street like this. If somebody wants to say Only 50% live like that, it is Ok by me.


Each Citizen Should ACTIVELY be involved in Politics.


Keep On… Speaking Out!

Speak Out! And Let us Keep On Speaking Out.

fulton j sheen

Image from Facebook.

My Father had quite a little Library, and quite a few of bishop Fulton J. Sheen’s books were there. Let me confess that I read None of them! My Favourites on my Dad’s shelves were Fulton Oursler and Dale Carnegie, etc.

For All my Shortcomings, here We see one of Bp. Sheen’s Wonderful Contributions.

What I want to bring out here is the Sheer POWER in his words. As Opposed to the Wishy-Washy-Wimpy words that We are subjected to, by those who Can and Should be Contributing.

And it is Not Only Religious leaders. WE have to learn to Speak Out, Powerfully, and Learn to Keep at it.

Forget Politics or Philosophy. Think in terms of the Future of Your Children.


‘Playing’ politics

We have to Appreciate our Cartoonists! They bring out, in a few Strokes, Realities of Situations! Yet the whole process is both Time consuming, and Exhausting! My Salutations to them. Yet, this post is about…

'Playing' politics

The Chief Minister’s chair and Arvind Kejriwal

politics is considered a Dirty word. That is why most People do not even keep abreast of its happenings.

politicians would like to keep their’s a ‘closed’ circle. Competition is Intense, and promotions up the rungs are hard fought, with even Murder thrown in. But all who enter it are supposed to know its ground rules: Take money, Make money, Do Not forget to Distribute it among your Seniors, and above all, Do Not Upset the Apple Cart. And the Horrible thing is, that people slowly start believing that things are Supposed to be Thus.

In the Bible, this is what the Prophets were supposed to do too. Though of course, the prophets were not too interested in money. The run-of-the-mill prophet was satisfied with the attention he was getting.

That was what the pharisees, the ‘seniors’ in the business of ‘running’ the People at that time and in that place, expected of Jesus too. And that was Why He said:

“You think Being the Man of God is like a Children’s game: If one group sings a happy tune, the other group is supposed to Dance, and if it is a sad tune, the others are expected to Mourn. But I am NOT going to speak according to what you ‘Like’ or Want. You shall get what you NEED.”

The above paragraph is NO translation, but it will give Us the Real meaning of Christ’s words in Matthew 11:16-17.

Actually We do live the Way Christ did! If our child wants Fast Food all the time, are we going to give that? If a Child wants too many sweets? If the Class wants Jokes, Tomfoolery and Nothing else?

It is time to go back to the CM’s chair. Arvind Kejriwal had the Courage to tell the political class that he was Not going to Dance to their Tunes.

Whatever our Early politicians might have been, the present fellows just want money. They are not satisfied with looting the Tax money. They see that business houses are ready to give Big Money to get the freedom to put whatever prices they like, and to escape Taxes, etc.

The political class does not want the examination of its practices, its doings. The Jan Lokpal bill would have given the Citizen the right and the tools to question any and every politician, judge, police officer and official. Which of them would have wanted that?!

And Arvind Kejriwal was not ready to ‘Play’ politics of this sort. Mahatma Gandhi had refused to enter politics. Arvind is the Modern Mahatma! Oh, He will be Back. Because, We, the Thinkers and Citizens who only want the Weal of India, want Arvind back, even as the Prime Minister of India, for a Long time. We of the AAP Salute him. And History will remember him.