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Pope Francis and the Serenity prayer!

Very Good one; Francis says the Serenity prayer and then he cries! Very Honest. Pope Francis MUST have shared these sorts of things with the Artist. …Am beginning to like Our pope. Salud.

The pope and the Serenity prayerFrom the comic strip: http://ncronline.org/blogs/francis-chronicles/francis-comic-strip-104#

More Wimpish Talk


What Else to Say? What else is this except Wimpish Talk from a ‘supreme leader?’ Seeing all the glittering gold on this man, had hoped for some stronger words.

pope francis the wimp


Here’s MY message for him:

francis, this is a NICE message for the many who feel lost, lonely and helpless.

But you are the earthly leader of a church which also contains MAFIA BOSSES, DRUG LORDS, PIMPS, (You should Know what a Pimp is, francis), PAEDOPHILES, PEOPLE WHO SELL THE COUNTRY (aka politicians), CORRUPT JUDGES, POLICE AND OFFICIALS.

And People feel Lost, Lonely and Helpless because of THESE.

Don’t you have the GUTS to tell them something HARD, something that would make them THINK and CHANGE?

If you say you do, I say it is NOT Enough. you do not EAT 5% of your capacity, do you? Then WHY are just about 5% of your words like that? Shame, Shame.


And, my Dears, ‘leaders’ will change ONLY when We tell them to. If We Keep Accepting Wimps, they will REMAIN Wimps, and keep talking as Wimps. Or Whatever.



AT LAST! Words from the Pope Worthy of his Office

AT LAST! Words from the Pope Worthy of his Office!


The Pope Has A Message For Christian Fundamentalists:

“You’re No Better Than ISIS.”

Read more: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2014/12/03/the-pope-has-a-message-for-christian-fundamentalists-youre-no-better-than-isis/#ixzz3RVGkIohv

Finally, some Words of Essence from a Pope!

From the time of my Youth, and in about the last 50 years, this is the FIRST TIME that a Pope has Spoken Sociological Truths. Kudos, Francis. Need More of this from You.

Hope Other community and religious heads, particularly in India, would have the gumption to admit this.


Came across the following site, reference below, with the title: ‘The Pope has a message for Christian Fundamentalists: You’re No Better than ISIS!‘ in Facebook this morning.

Do not agree with All the views presented there. But!

It starts with this:

The Pope gave liberals an early Christmas Present this week, on a flight back from Turkey…by drawing a parallel between Christian Fundamentalists and Islamic terror groups such as ISIS.

When a journalist attempted to draw the Pope into yet another condemnation of the world’s 2 billion Muslims on the basis of the actions of a few thousand – the pontiff dropped a logic bomb.

“You just can’t say that, just as you can’t say that all Christians are fundamentalists. We have our share of them (fundamentalists). All religions have these little groups,” Pope Francis said.


For more:


ROWDYISM in the catholic church!


Recalling all that INQUISITION and things, We see that Rowdyism, Torture and Terror Have existed in the church. I had Not known this Present, Existent Rowdyism, when I was Young. Even when I was 50 years old. These are the revelations within the last few years.


Here are some Very Recent Remarks from a cardinal sin! Hahahahahah! Well, if You insist on the right name, it is cardinal george pell of Melbourne.

Years ago he offered the Fosters* a little money and warned them any attempt to sue the church would be “strenuously” defended. Particularly blunt was Tim Seccull who has been the Fosters’ barrister for a decade or more: “What does the use of the adverb ‘strenuously’ add other than menace?”’ [Fosters* – ‘ the parents of the two little girls raped by Father Kevin O’Donnell.‘ See article: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/aug/22/pell-opting-for-moral-low-road-comparing-church-to-trucking?CMP=twt_gu


Regarding Menace, I came across that in Nagarcoil. The diocese had had the Leaders of the catholic community Beaten Up! When I had gone there, there had been Two Vehicles of the usual police, and Two of the RAF, India’s Rapid Action Force. The church’s way of doing things!?

But Why are they grilling pell? What is this man doing?! …Collecting Salutes, and grinning away. Useless.

pp n swiss guard

pell had said this too: ‘one of the functions of the leadership of the church is to control and eradicate this.’ Don’t even think of merely ‘Controlling’ these things, pell/francis. Eradicate them. Unfortunately, We have Seen Absolutely Nothing done in this regards.


On Our Religious Leaders


This post is Open for All. If You belong to another Religious Community, You may Not like to give a ‘like.’ That depends upon You. This is perhaps my Most Important post. Do Please Share it, at least on Twitter. This is also one of the Most Difficult posts I have written! But I shall complete it as it is Needed.

The Whole Point of this article is to say that, the pope and the bishops have to Use their responsible places of Authority to say that:


This should be Thundered out from All Pulpits, in no Uncertain terms, again and again. Let it Not be said that people Know this. Times Demand that this be Vocalized.

Saying these sorts of things In the Churches would have Two Effects:

  1. Those who might be guilty of such behaviour would be put to Shame, of course, as the Same Congregation Could contain their Victims! This should hasten their ‘Conversion.’
  2. Those who are guilty might, and very probably would, decide to leave the church. Are We to Stop because of that. NO.


Religious leaders of all ilk seem to disappoint. You will Remember that I have written quite a lot – which I shall continue – on the catholic side of it, being a catholic myself. But We also have:

pentecostal prayer-groups/pastors rich enough to ‘own’ TV channels. They also put up multi-crore, air conditioned ‘churches’ in no time. church leaders of Other Christian denominations are frequently involved in cases of ‘Fraud’ with regard to church property.

One would have thought that the Buddha embodied Peace. But buddhist ‘bhikkus’ have been known to Foster violence, as in sri lanka.

I had heard from a person whom I Trust, that the Babri Masjid had been built on the remains of a Hindu temple. This person, who travels a lot, recounted that, on the ‘back wall’ of the Masjid, he had seen figures of Hindu deities. But, even if all this is True, that a Big Mistake had been made Umpteen centuries earlier, did the Structure, which was a Religious one after all, Have to be Torn Down? Much has been said about the very careful planning that had gone on before the event. With the Aid of political and religious leaders.

Last but Not Least, as they say, am Absolutely Astonished at the Violence carried out by Islamic Militant Groups.

Now let me come back to the Christian one, particularly the catholic Religious Leaders.



Let us suppose that in a school, You found that the Teachers spend ‘All’ their time in the ‘Staff Room.’ Would You, or Would You Not Take that Up? That is Criticism. One Hopes to Improve the Situation by Criticism. We bring it to the Notice of those concerned that We Know What they are doing, and that We are Not Satisfied. That is the Point of All Criticism.



homeless family L

It has been said time and again that Thousands are Sleeping on the Streets in the US and in Europe, while Thousands of Homes are Lying Vacant and Empty.

pp fran a

Photo from internet.

Many catholic-tards are Extremely happy that francis paid his own hotel bill instead of sending a flunkey, wears simple clothes, and serves himself like this and eats with the crowd. You know what? I give him 30 marks for Simplicity. If he would serve Others, as they do at weddings in India, I would give him more. If he can bring himself to Wash the Dishes in the Pantry, I would give him even more marks.

One does not choose a CEO to Open the Doors, to Wash Cars and Man the Lifts. This is what francis is doing. A Religious Leader should Speak Out. At least in the Christian/catholic Tradition. That is How We have So many Epistles, and the Bible is such a Fat Book.

priest forgives molested

Toon from Internet. …It depicts dear Ratcatcher. This also shows the Reality and the Situation of the World.

pope francis speech in South Korea

While there, the pope said something like this: ‘Forgive and Forget the Wrongs of the Past…’

Is South Korea the Aggressor? Does this country have to tone itself down? Did francis even know where he was? What the situation of the area is? north korea is friend only to putin and co. Have YOU Ever Met a north korean?! They can’t even participate in Sports events! That is how much Freedom they have. And francis tells South Koreans to Forgive and Forget. No Wonder there were So Many Wooden Faces in the Audience.

francis’ past:

In Argentina, in 1976-1983, the military junta kidnapped and killed thousands of people in a “dirty war” to eliminate leftist opponents. Argentine church has a dark history of supporting the murderous dictatorship. Some priests even worked inside torture centers, and blessed those doing the killing. In all this, francis is more concerned about preserving the church’s image than providing evidence that could lead to convictions. All this is in the public domain.



I repeat the main message of this post here: To put it Most Simply, francis, and all the bishops, should tell, In So Many Words, and Keep repeating, that:


Conscience Needs to be Formed. Recently I heard things like these:

  • Nothing is Wrong.
  • The Situation Demands such Behaviour.
  • Wrong is Not Wrong if it is Done Properly!

francis and co should speak out, Clearly, stating that WRONG IS WRONG.

A Large Part of the World is Christian, and Many among them catholic. Many catholics must be in Influential posts, like senators, judges, lawmakers, senior officers in the army, etc. A Crook, of Any Sort, it not Entitled to Holy Communion. A Confession would Not be enough. To be a Good Confession, a Change in Life Has to be there. A catholic policeman who sprays Pepper on Unarmed Civilians should Not Receive Communion. Nor should a judge who takes bribes. The list would be practically Endless.


The Bible on Wrongdoers:

In the New Testament, Paul is rather Clear on the Subject:

“If (one) does not Recognize the Meaning of the Lord’s Body when he eats the Bread… he Brings Judgement on himself. That is Why Many of you are Weak and Ill, and Several have Died.” 1 Corinthians 11:29-30, passim, TEV. Paul did not go the whole hog and say, ‘you will die if…’ But he Did mean that those Unworthy Should Not Receive Communion.

The Lord is So Disappointed with His priests in the Old Testament that He calls them ‘Dogs,’ (Isaiah 56:10-12).

The Lord also said: I will give their wives to other men… From the least to the greatest, all are greedy for gain; prophets and priests alike… Jeremiah 8:10. Hoho!

It might seem like a case of Living with Everlasting Fire, (cf Isaiah 33:14). But a Righteous Life Can be lived. It would bring Happiness rather than pleasure. It is the Duty of Religious Leaders to Teach that. We have Not been Taught to Live like that. That is Why the World is going to the Dogs.

If Lone men, not only like hitler, but Napoleon, could make Such a Difference in History, Why Can’t these people?



Here I am, a Man of the Cloth, who is Not supposed to Delve into, or At least Not supposed to become Too concerned with, politics or World affairs, and yet who regularly and assiduously writes on these subjects!

If You ask me, I would like to go on a LONG holiday, or at least just Sleep for a few DAYS! In 4 months and 2 days today, I have published 122 posts in WordPress, besides numerous writings on Facebook and Twitter. I had done something just like that earlier in Blogger. 66 Years old, a Heart Patient, Bone Tired, having Bad Habits like Watching Cricket upto Midnight, (The IPL is On!), getting up Regularly at 5 AM, and things like these would say that I should just Sit Back and Relax like any Sensible Retiree. Hate to write such things about myself. But let it be for just this one time.

During nazi times, in south america, china, russia, etc, the Christian Clergy had been targeted, and put down. Because, by their training, they are people who could organize others and raise their voice.


A’bp Oscar Romero of El Salvadore, who was KILLED for Speaking Out in Favour of the People. He had even gone to the Extent of saying, with which I Absolutely Concur, that the Armed Forces should Support the People.

Image source: Wikipedia. Incidentally, Romero has not yet been declared a Saint, whereas john paul the IInd is!


In India and the West, where the Waters have not gone over the Head, the Clergy is Not just Relaxing, it is indulging itself in Luxury.

On the Other hand, the ‘church,’ or churches, if You like, instead of Teaching Values and Standing up for it, still believe, as I said, in Luxury, for themselves! What if francis pope is simpler than his predecessors. Even now, just ONE of francis’ ‘dresses’ would repair a Poor Man’s house in India. Whereas, look at what the Indian Sannyasis wear.

In Concrete terms, taking India and South India in particular, the catholic church has ‘Sold’ itself to mammon. The latest is that in the name of ‘parish councils’ and such, the bishops and the dioceses want to take over the handling of monies into their own hands, and do not want to give accounts for that. Much of this has come to light in the Coimbatore and the Kottar dioceses. (It had already started in the time of the fat archbishop of Chennai). They want to build ‘malls’ in the church compounds, whereas even Viaticum has not been administered to the Sick and the Elderly.

Where the Faithful protested against this, the Eucharist and the Sacraments have been denied. The Flock protested against this by going to the Civil courts! And in one case at least, at the last count, the People  have spent Rs. 1,20,00,000 (6 Hundred Thousand US Dollars!) in court fees and travelling expenses. Please note that that is more than 1 Crore!


On an entirely different side, MOST Christians and catholics, (except for those who have joined the AAP), believe in using the social media – excellent channels for change – merely for posting pictures of themselves, their outings and their parties. catholic priests and bishops have not been far behind in these, posting the Most Inane things!


Whereas, The State of the World, and particularly the State of the World’s Poor, does not really Need much Expounding. Yet let us recall that Water is getting Scarcer and Scarcer, the Temperature of the Earth IS increasing, and Even in Democratic countries, Citizens are Not Allowed to Protest Peacefully!

Now tell me I should Not Write on Current Issues and Social Affairs.

ONLY people who have Not Read the Bible in its Fulness, who have Not seen that God is Concerned about the Cry of His People, would say that the man of the Cloth should not Speak Out/Write on Social Issues.

But Love Demands that We do so.

07. Love Speaks Out!


There are some who keep talking about love, but do nothing much about it. And there are a few, who do things out of love, but stop with that. The problem with this group is that they are Very Capable and Talented people. They have reached, and are, in positions where people would listen to them if they speak. But in most instances, they fail to do so.

Communication, Reaching and Speaking Out, are Important Tools. I had the Opportunity to meet a Gandhian and Freedom fighter in Trichy. He said that Gandhiji had organized Volunteers to go to the Villages, Speak to the People about Freedom and the Support Needed for it, etc, for a Long time, before He, Gandhiji, brought His movement into the Open.

I had written earlier that the world is not just divided into the 1% vs the rest. It is more like 10-80-10. The 80% in the Centre are the ‘Sheep’ of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Ready to be swayed anywhere.

From of old, the story teller held a fascination over the masses. Even today, a person who can speak in public commands attention. It is not just the spoken word, of course, though the written word has a harder time.

hitler knew all this very well. So does castro, who liked to give 7 hour speeches. Knowing that repeated, loud speech has impact, china used it for its ‘brain-washing’ phase. jayalalitha, present cm of Tamil Nadu, gave Whole-page ‘statements’ in newspapers for months on end. Taking just her case, it can be seen that people pay more attention to words, than her dismal performance. Megalomaniacs have used Loud, Long, Repeated Speech/Communication almost as a Weapon to gain control over the masses.

Is Love supposed to be Silent? Should those who are Good limit themselves to ‘Live out Lives of Love and Simplicity?’ How many would come to know of these examples?  Would not somebody else have to share that?

Pope Francis is living a very simple and even ideal life. People appreciate that, and may be many would like to follow his example. This becomes possible ‘Only because Others are Talking or Sharing about what he is doing.’

What did the Masters do? Did they just set examples, or did they keep Speaking and Teaching?

It is Impossible to Count the number of those Who can be called Examples of Love. Similarly, Great Women and Men of All religions, in All societies, have spoken out against problems that need to be addressed. It is just Not Possible to give All their examples! When Indian philosophy was getting developed, there used to be great discussions and debates on them. Indian Logic was born especially for carrying out such debates. Buddha, Mohammad, the Sikh Gurus, all had their followers, who learnt at their feet on a regular basis. Being a Christian, let me give the Example of Jesus.

Christ Not Only Healed; He went around Teaching the People. He toured tiny Israel Three times in three years. And He spoke Not only on Worship, Prayer and Fasting.

Jesus spoke out against Hypocrisy of the pharisees, sadducees and scribes, who were leaders of the society there. The Evangelist Matthew, who records the Lord’s words the most, writes Whole Paragraphs, (See chapters 12, 15, 23), on this.

Jesus spoke out about taking Care of one’s Parents. (Matthew 15: 3-9). It IS a Social Issue, after all!

In those days, they had rules even for the Washing of Hands and Feet, Plates and Dishes. He Castigated the practice of keeping rules for rules’ sake. He Knew of the Problems of a Woman losing a Single gold coin, or a Shepherd losing a Sheep. He knew of being Waylaid, and How people generally Ignore Victims, particularly if they are of a different ‘social class.’ Jesus spoke on all these things.

John the Baptist spoke out against Herod, the ruler there, who was involved in Incest. John was killed for that. But he spoke.

The AAP has taken off because the youth of our country liked that, and took it upon themselves to the means of the Computer, the Net and the Cell phones to Share about it. We can sure that Arvind Kejriwal had thought this out well. The Good have to Speak out, too. Otherwise the evil forces win.

Our Light is supposed to Shine Out for Others to See, and We Have to be Catalysts of our Society. That is the meaning of being the Salt of the Earth. Jesus Taught us. We are expected to proclaim things from the Roof-tops Now, Loud and Clear. (Matthew 10: 27). No Mumbling Allowed.

Most Christians think that it is enough to say: ‘Jesus is Lord.’ No, there is Much more to say, to Speak. We Need to Speak out on the Injustice in the World, the evil in society, the many Ills.