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It is the Mistake of the ‘churches.’


I am a Catholic Priest. A @RomanCatholic36 (Let the msg go to this grp too). …And I say it is the FUCKING MISTAKE of the pope, bishops and priests, [ and other heads of all the other Christian churches ] who are All going to be most, most offended by my words, but will Not speak out ENOUGH against hate.

I have said, again and again, that the pope should be THUNDERING against all sorts of evil. Just what is holding him back? That they would kill him like John Paul the First? That they would Dethrone him, or whatever the word is? AS he seems to be Afraid, and Not Speaking ENOUGH, I call him, and Most bishops, as Nincompoops.


The Church is NOT the pope and the bishops!


We have a deeply entrenched Fallacy, in that many, many People think that the bishops and the pope are the ‘Church.’ As in the media saying ‘the church’ is not responding, etc. The correct statement would be ‘the concerned authorities,’ even the ‘church authorities,’ provided we remember that they are Not the church.

The bishops and the pope are NOT the ‘Church.’

Definitely they are Responsible for holding and teaching the Teachings of the Bible.

Beyond that,

The Church SHOULD be taken as the Body of the Faithful, the Believers. Paul’s letters to the Ephesians and the Colossians should be

Proof enough of this.


The catholic church BEGS us to leave it!


[ You might be interested in going through the ‘conversations‘ and the links in this post. Lots of matter there! ]

And YET I remain one, in Theology and in Spirit, though definitely Not in Name – I call myself an Indian Christian.

Now the cases in point, (Yes, I can present Two of them, over and above the above, Miserable cartoon):


An Archbishop, no less, who Claims  he Didn’t Know Sex With Children Was A Crime. Perhaps he thought it was ‘merely’ a sin; not a crime.

I believe in Violence. This would be an Excellent example for my Advocating it.

I have heard of criminals nailing people’s fingers to a table. Do the Same for this fellow, Only, Do it to Another part, please.

This second is More recent, in the sense that it is in the Indian news just now. A bishop is accused of ‘raping’ a nun.

Though ‘that,’ namely ‘Rape,’ does not hold much water for me. 75% No. YET, for a bishop to do that! Not that beeshops are not humans. And Many, Many of them, not to say Priests, not to say Nuns, not the least of all Popes, are guilty of it.

WHY keep this ‘Celibacy’ stuff at all? Anyway, that is a Different question.

Now, here is the fellow:

beeshop franco mullakkal, of Jullundhar, India.


And what happens if You complain? In the church where ‘Charity’ (Caritas, LOVE) is supposed to reign? They would Ostracise You, Terrorise You.


A little More:



The Pope and Poop


The pope will have to poop, if You will excuse me. The pope will have to do much more, and stronger things, as I have written in response to Dear Brother Dennis Wells‘ Facebook sharing, as under:

His post:

Dennis Wells:
“And some folks still find it hard to believe this type of hate even goes on.”

[ It refers to some Students in the US chanting: ‘Build the Wall. ]

And my comment to that:

“We can understand that political animals will do the most atrocious things, and that children will take up whatever their adults teach them.

But, What are Those who should be forming the Adults, in this case I address directly the Vatican, doing?

The great new pope has not even released a ‘Fart’ over this kind of hate. Oh, yes, he did. But he has to learn that Farting alone will not help, not even one’s digestive system. The pope will have to Poop. Do many more things, much stronger things. The pope will have to learn to THUNDER.



Right or Wrong, I fully believe that when I write, particularly these kinds of posts, at some internal urgings, in which I have Faith. That said, when I see that People have SO much reverence for the ‘person’ of the pope, that they would refrain from agreeing with the thoughts in the post, I feel pained.

It seems that the Dignity of the pope is of More importance than that of Millions of Others. Let’s name them: Mexicans, – it seems in particular, but in general, anybody without a valid entry document, or even People of Faiths other than Christianity. Is that so?

When Christ took the Cup, He said:

“This is the Blood of the New and Everlasting Covenant; It will be shed for ALL…” 

(Matthew 26:28, Mark 14:24, Luke 22:20).

[ There are Theological and Translation points involved, which We shall discuss further. ]

All that being so, if the pope, If he can’t be bothered to open and keep opening his mouth in the defence of Justice and Right, Shall be condemned.

On such harsh words, have written two more ‘explanatory’ kind of posts, which follow this.

Hearty Regards.


Weapon Manufacturers Not Christian, says Pope!

Hoor-RAY! NOW he is talking! Viva la papa! I had been thinking of leaving catholicism. I shall hold on a bit more and see if Francis has more.

Pope says weapons manufacturers can’t call themselves Christian.

The Hard Face of Pope Francis

I call this the Hard Face of Pope Francis. Much Appreciated, Francis. The World needs More of this. Blessings.



AT LAST! Words from the Pope Worthy of his Office

AT LAST! Words from the Pope Worthy of his Office!


The Pope Has A Message For Christian Fundamentalists:

“You’re No Better Than ISIS.”

Read more: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2014/12/03/the-pope-has-a-message-for-christian-fundamentalists-youre-no-better-than-isis/#ixzz3RVGkIohv

Finally, some Words of Essence from a Pope!

From the time of my Youth, and in about the last 50 years, this is the FIRST TIME that a Pope has Spoken Sociological Truths. Kudos, Francis. Need More of this from You.

Hope Other community and religious heads, particularly in India, would have the gumption to admit this.


Came across the following site, reference below, with the title: ‘The Pope has a message for Christian Fundamentalists: You’re No Better than ISIS!‘ in Facebook this morning.

Do not agree with All the views presented there. But!

It starts with this:

The Pope gave liberals an early Christmas Present this week, on a flight back from Turkey…by drawing a parallel between Christian Fundamentalists and Islamic terror groups such as ISIS.

When a journalist attempted to draw the Pope into yet another condemnation of the world’s 2 billion Muslims on the basis of the actions of a few thousand – the pontiff dropped a logic bomb.

“You just can’t say that, just as you can’t say that all Christians are fundamentalists. We have our share of them (fundamentalists). All religions have these little groups,” Pope Francis said.


For more:


Terrorism, and Christianity


I Dream of a World that would be Absolutely Free of Wars. That may be in the Very distant future. In the meantime… Terrorism is a word that is often Misunderstood.

Howmuchever We want Peace, there would always be people like putin and saddam hussein, who would never be satisfied. saddam invaded Kuwait, and putin, as of even this moment, is in the process of invading Ukraine. What else can stop these dogs but armies? Thus the Soldier seems to become a Necessary evil.

But a Soldier fights Only against another Soldier. If Civilians get caught in the Cross-fire, or a foolish 14 year-old pops up during a gun battle, the Soldier is Not to blame, and that is Not Terrorism.

Two aspects have to be there before a violent act could be called Terrorism: The Target and the Purpose.

  • The Target has to be a Civilian, or Civilians. Non Military personnel.
  • The Purpose has to be to Intimidate and Force the Administration into doing something that the culprits want.

Let us take some examples.

A Soldier going berserk and gunning down many of his colleagues is Not a Terrorist. A Mentally affected, dissatisfied person killing children in a school is Not a Terrorist. These are Crimes, Definitely, but Not Terrorism.

putin sending tanks into Ukraine is Not T. Even if it erupts into a War, it would Not be T. That is a Invasion.

Long years ago, members of  a particular community in India, had got into Buses and Shot and Killed passengers. Just like that. I am Not saying that they represented that particular community. The Issue had been Sharing of River waters. The Central Administration of India had decreed that a certain amount of water had to be let out, to be available for the neighbouring state. This particular  community had thought that they could force the hand of the Administration into changing that order by such killing. They wanted the Whole of the river’s water. The Idea was that the People would Plead with the Administration to give in to their demands. It can be seen that the two aspects of T are present here.


The attacks in Mumbai in 2008, particularly at the Railway station is a perfect example of a Terrorist attack, as We see in the photograph above. Civilians were targeted, and the purpose had been to get the Indian Administration to give in to political issues. Picture from the Internet.

I hold that Holding up of Trains, Uprooting Railway tracks, Setting Fire to Buses; and Bank employees, Doctors, and Trade unionists going on strike, also to be acts of Terrorism, albeit of a Different Intensity.


Militia, of both Muslim, and so-called Christian groups in the Central African Republic have been Killing Civilians, including Women and Children. This is Grade A Terrorism.

Let me come to the Christian part now.

When I was studying Theology some 30+ years ago, as far as I remember, in the Catholic Church, it is Canon Law (the law of the church), that A priest At the Confessional trying to get a Woman to have sex with him is Automatically Excommunicated* (then and there).


There should be laws in the church for Terrorists. A person Willingly and Habitually indulging in Terrorism should be Excommunicated Automatically. That person should…

Lose the right to Receive Communion, above all. There should also be the law that a Terrorist, even if he had been Baptised and been a member of a church, cannot call himself a Christian any more.

This should be announced from all the pulpits in No Uncertain terms.

Of course We do not have laws like this at this present time. If I were Pope, I would promulgate this, and other similar interesting laws. All those in favour of making me pope may please register their Vote within the bracket that follows: ( ). Hahahahaha!


* I googled this. I find that there are differences between what I had been taught or what I remember, and… Canon Law. To see those points, please click here.


I wrote this post after reading:



Buddhist ‘Monks’ Lead Violence!

The Buddha would be Horrified. Buddhist (so called) monks in lanka had already been at the forefront of Violence against Tamils. Now their next target, it would seem, are Muslims. Whether the lankan locals want to achieve their ends ‘using’ these monks can be debated. But even if the locals give the call, ‘Real’ Monks could have refused, and changed the ‘course’.

Here is a recent Carnage, Instigated, Encouraged and Led by them, AND a Cool monk in the midst of all that.

carnage ag moslems lanka 0614

Image from Facebook.

The dalai lama, instead of Whispering Sweet Nothings, should make out Strong statements against such happenings.

As Should the pope in situations where catholics have been/are at fault. As should any religious leader with regard to his following.


A Large section of the Martial Arts, from Jiu-jitsu to Karate, and all their sisters and brothers, were developed by our (Old) Buddhist Monks, mainly to protect themselves, for Self Defence. Whereas, at least for the last 30 years or so, it can and will be seen that these (modern) so-called monks seem to have given up all ideas of ‘Shanti!’ For them it seems to be: ‘long live violence.’ But We cannot and Should not blame only the Buddhists for Violence like this.

Let my Right Hand Wither!

The Priest, Bishop and the Pope should have Enthusiasm, Fervour, Yearning and Zeal for the Kingdom of God AS MUCH AS…

Israel was devastated. So was Jerusalem, their Temple city. There were the Israelites, settled on the banks of the Rivers of Babylon, by their captors. They had their Food, had their Water and a Place to Stay. Slaves are given all these things. They cannot Work if they are too weak, or sick, can they?

Besides getting this Free Labour, those babylonians had wanted the Israelites to ‘Entertain; them, sing them songs from their country, no less. If those Israelites had done that, they could have got some money or other favours!

But what they had said was: “If, on these foreign banks, We forget what happened to You, Oh, Jerusalem,

  • Let our Right Hands Wither, (So that We cannot play a Harp again), and
  • Let our Tongue Cleave to our Mouths, (So that We shall not be able to Sing again). Psalm 137:5 and 6.


What We see below is a Nice picture of Jesus healing a man with a Withered hand. If a hand gets Withered, that hand will not ‘work;’ that hand cannot lift itself up, and We have to use our other hand for that. As this man is doing. That is a Withered Hand.


Image from: http://biblestudyoutlines.org/bible-study-lessons/new-testament-bible-study/mark-3-bible-study/attachment/jesus-heals-a-withered-hand/

When I searched for more images of ‘Withered hands,’ what I got were Gruesome in the extreme. What I show now is bad enough.


Image from: http://www.lwbc.co.uk/Marks%20Gospel/wonderful_healer_and_the_withered%20hand.htm

THIS was what the Jews were ready to Accept, in their Zeal for Love of Jerusalem and their country.


The Zen Masters say that We have to desire enlightenment AS MUCH AS a drowning man desires Air. The Masters will sense that, and will not accept a pupil who has less enthusiasm than that.

The picture below is a good one. He has fallen into the water with his full set of clothes. In these conditions, even if You know swimming, You are in trouble. His facial expressions express his situation quite well. He seems to realize it.

THIS is How much Fervour We should have in Service of the Lord. AS this man is yearning for Oxygen and the Shore, SO should We desire the Establishment of the Kingdom of God.


Image from: http://www.samuelmorrisfoundation.org.au/latest-news/2014/01/learn-what-drowning-really-looks-like/

If We do Not have the SAME Zeal for Christ, His Teachings, AND His Injunctions, We Fail. And He is Sure to say to Us, “You have Wasted the Talents I gave You.”


We have the words, “Zeal for Your house CONSUMES me,” Thrice in the Bible, Psalms 69:9 and 119:139, and John 2:17.

The Word of God IS a Consuming Fire.

  • Are they saying to you: “Prophesy Not unto Us?” Why Not? (Isaiah 30:10).
  • Are they saying, “These words are Too Hard?” Why Not? (John 6:60).

Are We giving them What they WANT to listen? …You should know the reference to this.



My Dear father, bishop and pope, We keep Crucifixes in front of our eyes. And Why? To remind us of what He had suffered for Us. But are His Sufferings Over? Did He Not say: “Saul, Saul, Why are You Persecuting Me?”


Do it, and Answer that Girl, Who is asking: “Am I not a Child? Have I to Work like this to Eat? Have I No Right to Play?”

And Above All her Question: “What, Dear Father, Bishop and Pope, have You done for me in Concrete Terms? When can I Expect this to End?!”

To Organize charities is Easy. To Speak Out is MORE Difficult. The Clergy CAN make a Difference. THAT was why even hitler eliminated them. Would We Dare to say: “Let my right hand Wither, Let my tongue cleave to my mouth, If I do not Speak out for You, my Lord.”