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We did not start with the ‘boys.’


And now that they are adults, at least in body, it seems to be too late.

Take Indian ‘Lynching‘ culture. Or lynchings anywhere. It is Never a One-to-One business. They just don’t have the Courage. Because what they were taught, in their families, or the ‘church,’ has been just Crap. It did not make them ‘Men.’

[ The Men among us would understand, and would not take Offence. ]

Take a Look at this:


Learning, at the age of 72; Edited.


[ NOTE: This is a PS, correcting my former word ‘Immigrant’ to Migrant, please. ]

Hello, my Dear Friends,

Had been concentrating on Facebook and Twitter, as they take lesser time to write.

Feel inspired to start working on my good old Blog again.

About this ‘learning…’

Had been showing what I found wrong, and had thought that people would simply and automatically understand that Doing the Opposite was the Solution.

But Bill Gates, one of whose posts I was reading of late, suggests that we, (in my case particularly ‘I’), say it out, in black and white as it were, what could be the solutions.

With India’s Corona lock down, it has meant that thousands of Immigrant Migrant workers want to return home, deciding to Walk(!), Hundreds of kilometres, as Trains are cancelled; – along with small children.

Youth and others are being harassed by the police, when these are trying to return.

And this is what I wrote to the Indian Prime Minister’s Office:


1. Pl arrange for FOOD along the way, for those trying to return home.

2. Army trucks could help them for at least for part of journey.

3. Army shd be under STRICT instructions not to Molest, particularly the women and girls.

[ Army men have been known to use ‘Rape’ as a tool, for what they would say bringing out the truth, as well as… ]

Response of Women of the North East of India, for Younger women being raped:

Do You think I am improving? 🙂

Love and Regards, and Stay Safe.


On Rape culture of India


My Own Country; and it pains me to call it that. But Needs Must.

  • Sadly, Girls (for it is Mostly Girls) – getting Raped, even Gang-raped,
  • Even Brutalised in the process, – as in inserting Heated Iron Rods into their Private parts,
  • – Even getting Killed after all that, ( Showing these modern Rapists Also have Blood Lust ),
  • And the girls Dying by being Set on Fire…

All this does not Bother Too many people.

As in pointing out Where We Have to Change, In all this I blame Ourselves, The Citizens, First. Lewd Pictures, Posters, Advertisements, Songs and Movies, are Accepted by Us; We do not Protest against them… Not at Home, Nor in Our Conversations and Writings. Not Enough. Let Not The Crusaders get hot over this.

It falls upon Religious Leaders to Inculcate Right Values; and tell me the last time You found them doing that; Powerfully, Incessantly, as Christ would have done. The Precise Reason I Keep Castigating Our Dear, Good Pope.

As things Stand, where We expect Sense, Decency and Direction in the ‘leaders’ of the Civil world, We find a Lot of Blah, Empty Words, which I find a Mockery.

Some Ten days ago, a Young Woman was Gang-Raped, Set on Fire and Killed. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/all-4-accused-in-hyderabad-gang-rape-murder-shot-dead/articleshow/72393178.cms

As the link shows, All four Accused were Apprehended, and after a Furore from the Public, killed by the the police in what they called an ‘Encounter,’ in India coming to mean ‘Allowing’ Accused to Run, and then Shoot and Kill them. Here is what I had written about that:

1. Have No sympathy for the Accused. Suggest they should have been burnt.

2. But Sentence Should have come from #courts. There are Too many Loopholes in the #encounter.

3. Physically, to say All Four were killed is Brainlessness. At 3 o’clock at night, All Four are Shot, no one in the Arms or the Shoulders, but Mortal wounds, …and None of them had Surrendered?

4. #police had #KILLED at orders of #politicos, pure and simple.

5. #encounter Further proves Absolute Uselessness of Indian #courts, who just examine papers, and are NOT delivering #justice in any way.

6. #police totally happy to carry out orders of #politicalmasters.

7. End Result: NO Morals.

Accused Needed MOST severe punishment. But #police story HUMBUG. And police are #KILLERS.

Many Spoke up Against this ‘encounter.’

The Chief judge of India bleated that ‘Instant’ justice is Revenge. …I have Issues on his use of the word ‘instant.’ And this is what I wrote:

1. Chief JUDGE of India, the #cji, ( let’s STOP calling these fellows ‘justice,’ ) said Instance justice is Revenge.

Going on a Side note, he is merely playing with Words. What We want is SPEEDY JUSTICE. When they cannot provide that, let the #judiciary resign and Sell Pakoras.

[ On Pakoras, the prime minister of India, I think, had said at one time that it is Impossible to provide jobs for Everyone, – which is Very True, of course, but the statement carried a Levity about it, going on further to say that people can sell Pakoras, a kind of Indian Street food, mostly made of Gram flour over Onions, fried. ]


Politicians, generally the Most Blase of the lot, have been speaking up; again generally ‘merely’ criticising the ‘ruling’ party.

One Akhilesh Yadav was quite vociferous. On him:

2. #akhilesh is raising his own Drama. It was in ‘his’ time that Two Minor Girls were Burnt and Hung on a tree at Badauni UP, in May 2014, pic attached. …And it was ‘his’ father who had said: #BoysWillBeBoys.


And concluding, the #police are Really working Hard to Prove themselves the Dogs to the Pigs of Animal Farm.

3. #police [ Small case as a mark of Disrespect ], who have been called ‘gorement’ – my own spelling for that, – Gundas, are proving that name Right. #police are Proving they are the #Dogs of the #AnimalFarm. …All this on #Unnao.

Let US get Cracking now; Incessantly trying to Inculcate Values.


The catholic church BEGS us to leave it!


[ You might be interested in going through the ‘conversations‘ and the links in this post. Lots of matter there! ]

And YET I remain one, in Theology and in Spirit, though definitely Not in Name – I call myself an Indian Christian.

Now the cases in point, (Yes, I can present Two of them, over and above the above, Miserable cartoon):


An Archbishop, no less, who Claims  he Didn’t Know Sex With Children Was A Crime. Perhaps he thought it was ‘merely’ a sin; not a crime.

I believe in Violence. This would be an Excellent example for my Advocating it.

I have heard of criminals nailing people’s fingers to a table. Do the Same for this fellow, Only, Do it to Another part, please.

This second is More recent, in the sense that it is in the Indian news just now. A bishop is accused of ‘raping’ a nun.

Though ‘that,’ namely ‘Rape,’ does not hold much water for me. 75% No. YET, for a bishop to do that! Not that beeshops are not humans. And Many, Many of them, not to say Priests, not to say Nuns, not the least of all Popes, are guilty of it.

WHY keep this ‘Celibacy’ stuff at all? Anyway, that is a Different question.

Now, here is the fellow:

beeshop franco mullakkal, of Jullundhar, India.


And what happens if You complain? In the church where ‘Charity’ (Caritas, LOVE) is supposed to reign? They would Ostracise You, Terrorise You.


A little More:



Gang Rapes, Now, LYNCHING!


(In Hindi at bottom).

It is said that people get to be born as Humans, once in 84 Lakh (8.4 Million) times. Maybe we get to be born as Cows once in 85 Lakh births. That is why they ignore it when their Daughters are Raped, Gang-raped, and concentrate on the cows.

(Tell me the instances where Rape/Gangrape has received the same priority IN ACTION).

Are the Daughters Not born to them?

With modi’s coming, not just Rape and Gang rape, but LYNCHING has become Most Common in India now.

Here’s the result of my Google search for it today (18th July, 2018):

But please don’t think these happened years ago. One of the reports that it happened 19 Hours ago! …Viva la modi.

Do I not respect Indian/Hindu Culture?

Here I am, with my beard and without it, but still living as a Sannyasi, (I am a Christian, I still am) because I am impressed with So many elements in Hinduism, particularly its sense of Total Renunciation.

But my Hindu friends have to Show me now what is to be taken as Indian/Hindu Culture today. I am just observing.

Do I not love Cows?

I have written Time and again against the practice of Ropes in the nostrils, not just of Bulls, but also of Cows. And Nobody speaks about this.


In the last pic, I have sarcastically written: Behold, a Cow being Loved. …Go on, call the man a Muslim; he is wearing a ‘Green’ shirt, after all.

Oh, you men with Lathis, Are you Not going to defend your Daughters with even half the vigour you show for cows?


सुना था कि मानव जन्म ८४ लाख योनियों में होता है. …शायद गौ जन्म ८५ लाख योनियों से प्राप्त है. …इसीलिये तो लोग बेटी बलात्कार पर कम, और गौ ह्त्या पर अधिक ध्यान दे रहे हैं.

पर ये बातें बेटी वाले जानें! शायद उनकी बेटियाँ, जब वे ‘फोरेन’ में पढने गए थे, अनायास पैदा हो गयीं. शायद इसी कारण इन्हें अपने स्त्री वर्ग पर आक्रोश है.

मोदी सरकार क्या आया, पहले तो बलात्कार मामूली हो गया था, अब, ‘भीड़ द्वारा हत्या’ सर्व साधारण हो रहा है. …कर लो भाई, हम तो केवल आपकी संस्कृति को देख रहे हैं.

हमने ‘पहले’ जो देखा था, वह हमें ख्रीस्तीय होने पर भी ‘सन्यासी’ बनाया. …जब मैं गोरखपुर के लोको शेड में चार्जमैन था, तो लोगों ने बड़े ही प्यार से मुझे ‘गौ’ की उपाधी दी थी, जिसे मैं कभीं नहीं भूलूंगा.

गाय से मुझे प्यार है. …मैंने कई, कई बार, उनकी नासिकाओं में रस्सी डालने के विरुद्ध लिखा है. यह केवल बैलों के नहीं, गौओं पर भी किया जा रहा है, जिसके विरुद्ध कोई नहीं बोलता. …उन्हें तो अपने चाय और दूध से मतलब है.

ओय, लाठी लेके घूमने वालों, अपनी बेटी नहीं बचोगे?


What is the Need for a Judiciary in India?


WARNING: My site has once again been really High-Jacked [ ! 🙂 ] by some Pesky Martian, and thus and hence, I cannot be legally held responsible for the contents. …Am working my Hardest to wrest it back, and in the meantime, let us see what the fellow has written:


First of all, I want to limit myself to India.

Secondly, in reality, it is not just the so called judiciary, but also the Police Forces, that have Ceased to have the Right to Exist.

They receive Fat pay checks, and are getting Fat at Our expense.

You all know that I have written in this vein many times. Bear with me, and read a little further.

  1. SEMEN FILLED BALLOONS thrown at girls in the name of Holi. (See bottom for a few words on Holi).


Google Search gives these words in the introduction to this above article: ‘Women protest increasing incidents of throwing semen-filled balloons.’ [ Underlining mine ]. …Thus these are not Single incidents of some lone Pervert.

It is quite difficult to imagine just How the Bastards succeeded in getting these. Filling Semen into balloons would take a lot of doing. I would say that they are throwing Used Condoms.

Any fellow doing this could not be coming from a good family, and I would further venture to call him the Son of a Prostitute (All my Sympathies for the Poor Prostitute).



Only the Naive, – and I am not one of them, would expect and think that the Police could Patrol All areas and provide protection, and thus Prevent such incidents.


The Way to Stop these is to Act with Speed, and Give Such Punishment, that would-be culprits would think More than twice before indulging in such activity.

The (present) Judiciary seems to give the impression that it could not care less.

The Police, by taking No solid and serious action in trying to nab the culprits, also give the Same above impression.

Goading them, Setting Fires under their Fat Backsides, (they are No bullocks of the Wagon-Train Era of the West, after all!), seems to be called upon, and this is what I am doing.

As neither the Judiciary nor the Police seem to know the Pain in Rapes, Semen-balloon attacks or Acid Throwing,

I Offer the Three Thousand rupees that I have, (I know it is a pittance), for any Kind-hearted, Bold soul, that would throw Semen-balloons or Acid on, or, Rape, …Judges.


NOTE: I have succeeded in wrestling it back, just to use some different words, from that Pesky Martian, but am not able to Delete or in any way Edit what is written above. So that stands. In Every Sense. 🙂


Now a little about Holi.

Again a Spring Festival. Even Most people from abroad would know about this, as this is the one where they throw colours on one another. See the More Sedate way in which South Indians celebrate their festivals, like Pongal, although they do not seem to mind getting Gored to Death in their Jallikkattus.

I remember, from the days of my youth, all of 50-60 years in the past, where this used to be much more Gentle, but FEARED, (!), nonetheless. About this Fear: There You are, going to church in Your sunday finery, and it also happens to be Holi, so You get colours thrown at You; and since You are not Used to appearing like that Blasted Martian, and also since You might have got wet, You fail to concentrate on the church proceedings as much as You would have liked.

As Holi and the Maundy ThursdayEaster periods often come together, it produces not a little Yuckiness. People are known to throw cow dung and even stones at railway carriage windows, (woe are You if You have left them open), and to keep large tubs of coloured water at cross roads and dunk You in with just: “बुरा न मानो, होली है!” “Buraa na maano, Holi hai,” a standard phrase during these days, which means, “Don’t take offence, it is Holi.” …As if You Can take offence.

From Semen to Urine to Faeces? Are We to see those days too? Would not things degenerate to that unless checked?

Semen for Your Daughters?

You call this Culture?

As I have had the happy occasion to have learnt 6 years of North Indian Classical Music, I remember that there is a Dhamaar, an advanced and complicated way of singing, yet very, very ancient, with the words:

“अबीर गुलाल जी न मो पे डारो, उन्ही पर डारो जे ही रहत तोरे संग.”

Which mean: Throw these colours on Your own people. This from ages past.

To Conclude: The Majority of the majority community of India, are Very Sincere, Cultured, – well, not so cultured at Holi times, or else they would have taught their sons better about this, – and Considerate. I would like to Remind them that there Might be People who Just do Not want to play Holi. They should be Left Totally Free.

I am one of them.



Let Nobody say elections are Free and Fair in India


What follows is Just One case. There have been countless ones, to which we have chosen Not to pay notice. God forgive us.

They didn’t vote for his wife in Panchayat election so this criminal gang-raped their 13-year-old daughter

Updated: Jan 15, 2018 | 14:52 IST | Mirror Now



So Now she is Saint Teresa. Now What? [ With Additions! ]


[ This post has been updated. New elements at the Very End! Regards. ]

[ And I have removed that ugly word of mine, with Apologies All around. ]

Teresa skipping

In the Traditional way of things, people would start praying ‘to’ her. And Indirectly the church has encouraged this by demanding that miracles worked through her alone would give her the status of a saint. What is Needed is

But before that.

Found the following in Facebook. I am editing it, by breaking it into two segments. NO other changes:

  1. Very few have seen Mother Teresa in real action,,, and oh, she was really tough too, especially with Christian priests, bishops and her own missionary sisters of charity too.
  2. She’d take 2 of her sisters to Howrah Stn. With their slim, cloth shoulder bags, buy 2 open general class compartment tickets– one to Nagaland-Kohima and one to Gujarat–Surat. As the first train pulls in, she would juggle the tickets and whichever sister got that ticket was sent off by that train and left the other sister on the platform to catch her train whenever it arrived….

As regards point One. Kudos to her. That is Wonderful. Super. Heartily Commended. …But a bit Surprising, is it Not? That a Nun would be Chiding ‘priests!’ …It shows her Internal ‘Worth,’ which made the priests and others to listen to her.

Now for the second point. In this she was Unwise. She had lived in India long enough, and her houses house any number of Young Women who have been the Victims of Rape. Yet she sent out Young Nuns alone! On Long trips!

Holiness does not stop Us from being unwise; Just as Sanctity is No Protection against Rape.

It happened in All corners of the earth. I have personally met, and ministered to, 7 Young Nuns who had been Raped in UP. 

Raping Nuns because they are Nuns is a sport for a particular faction of the majority community. For it was they who had done that in the instance that I mention, as well as the many other such incidents. Search for Kandhamal in Google. Whole villages, some 20,000 driven away, scared away, and told they can come back IF they are ready to become Hindus.

But the above are NOT the main points of this little essay.

She Sacrificed her life for the Service of the Poor. Whatever her background, she could have a live a much more comfortable life. It was her Sacrifice and Extreme Simplicity of life that Attracted so many to her congregation (society). Whereas, vocations (people joining) other congregations is going down, in many instances drastically. The MC’s, the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa’s congregation, is one of the very few that is Attracting Candidates.

MCs in Water

Am Sure this Good little Sister is quite a bit embarrassed at being photographed. They like to work in the Background, away from all limelight. …All photographs from the Internet.



What most would be doing is to pay tributes to her, laud her, and a good many, as I said, would be praying to her. Nothing wrong with that. Pray to her if you feel so inclined.

But Christ, the World, the Future Generations, Our Own Children and Grand-Children would have us Live Like her. Now that she has been declared a saint, That’s What. LIVE LIKE HER.

One of her Most famous statements was: ‘Give till it Hurts.’ …If it has Not hurt me, I have Not given!

So, let’s have less of her praises, and More of Following her Example.


Now for the New elements:

Fellow Blogger Patricia, of <https://newbloggycat.com/&gt; has written in the comments that: ‘But I’ve read some articles about her which are very disturbing and disappointing.’ And she has given the following reference:


{ https://looneybitch.wordpress.com/ also mentioned the huffing post(!) }

This is what I wrote to Patricia:

Hello, Patri! Thanks for sharing this. …Went to the link and read a few lines. It was enough!

This is what I would call the writings of the ‘Fringe’ elements. The author of the post herself mentions: ‘the chief of a Hindu nationalist NGO said.’

I have been with the Missionaries of Charity, which is the name of her congregation, in the branch for men, for a whole Nine months. I have also met her personally a few times. So I should know First hand.

The Only things for which I criticise her are her Autocratic way of functioning (very little ‘Consultation’ took place), and her Unwise ways of sending off Young Nuns ‘by’ themselves over long distances. But actually as I recall now, that was based on a False report. They were/are Always sent out at least Two by Two.

As for:

1. Forced Conversions: Humbug. Their houses are FULL of People who Remain Hindus and Muslims.

2. Bad Medical Care: The MC’s were not founded to give Medical care. Rather they take care of ‘Street People,’ those whom the World ‘Discards,’ leaving them dying on the streets., – allowing them to live and die in Love and Dignity.

3. Gross mismanagement: Her’s was not a NGO. To take care of the Abandoned, living a life of Povery, Chastity and Obedience requires the Very Hand of God, and many special qualities in a person. Which are Sacrifice and Love. Not Educational degrees. …The Indian govt is a Giant, after all. If there had been mismanagements, would they not have found it out?

So Relax. These are Empty Vessels making Noise. 🙂


Why Rape is a Joke in India*


*Very probably Also in Most parts of the World. …Well, this Video that I give You a Link to, speaks or mentions Only the situation in India.

As I have already mentioned elsewhere, this my Free version of WordPress does not allow me to post videos.




QUITE a Good one. And that, for me, is High Praise.

VOGUE seems publish Many such good ones.

Here goes:

Over to You. It is WELL presented. …Regards.


Go On, Middle Class, Keep On Thinking You are Safe


We Not only think: Let ‘him’ do it. We also think it will not happen to ‘us’. In Hindi it is famously known as ‘Dekha Jaayega,’ (Cross the Bridge when it comes).

Continuing on this, …Rapes, it happens to ‘Others,’ like the Dalits. Police Harassment, again, it happens to ‘Others.’ Is the thought. But what is the Reality?

A woman from Noida and her 14-year-old daughter were allegedly dragged out of their car and gang-raped …by a group of men for three hours near a highway in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr, just 65 km from Delhi.

Source: http://www.ndtv.com/cities/woman-minor-dragged-from-car-allegedly-gangraped-in-up-1438363

[ Yeah, they will say ‘Allegedly.’ The so called justice-system will not give ‘Protection,’ but You will find charges, serious ones at that, if You Directly say they fellow raped. You have to say he ‘Allegedly’ raped. ]


In the case sited above, the people had been travelling by Car. Ergo, Not Poor People. ‘Their Cell phoneS had been left in the car, which they used later on,’ is something I heard over the interview on TV. It was Cell PhoneS. Plural. Not Poor People.

It happened to them.


The Jat Women who were raped, come from a Well-to-do community.


It is not just that they put Bombs in Planes. They Casually set Fire to Trains. Which affects Not just the Second Class, Un-Reserved Passenger.

trains set on fire andhra-tuni-protests feb 16

Image of Ratnachal Express set on Fire during the ‘Kapu’ community agitation near Teni in Andhra in February 2016. From:


[ I must Apologize. This incident makes the Kapu as number One in Anti-Nationalism. …The Godhra incident would take ages to discuss. ]


Thus, Those with Cars, Travelling in AC coaches in Trains; Those having Expensive Laptops and Smartphones and Knowing How to Use them, are Not Exempt from Violence and Danger now.

And the Way to bring these things to a Stop is to Raise Our Voices.