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To Speak, Or Not to… Part 3.


[ Would make better sense if You start from Part 1, and go thro Part 2, too. ūüôā ]

Continued from Part 2.

MOST people seem to think Democracy is this: Vote once in 5 years or so, then DO whatever the ‘gorement’ says. (Popularly called government; but they just Gore You, don’t they?).

It raises Petrol/Diesel prices? Ok Sir! It helps its cronies and throws scraps to the populace? Yes Sir!

Below is a graphic of a supporter of modi, from his comment, by screen capture:


I decline to translate this; So crass it is. It will be understood by Most of the locals of India.

For the rest of the Mortals, here’s what Most think Democracy is:


I come to my point now:

SOMEBODY has to say/tell/teach What is Right and what is Wrong.

In Christianity, of which I am one, it falls upon priests (and bishops and the pope).

Here’s a quote (Lamentations 2.14, New Living Translation):

“Your prophets have said so many foolish things, false to the core. They did not save you from exile by pointing out your sins. Instead, they painted false pictures, filling you with false hope.”

So, the modern day prophet, the priest, bishop and pope should speak and teach what would avoid Calamity, and Bring Good.

‘They,’ the 1%, the Arms Manufacturers, the ‘Conglomerate’ as the senator in the movie ‘Shooter’ puts it,

Are NOT going to say or teach How to change the system.

Linus says it too.

The ‘tyrant’ FEARS opposition. he is nothing but a Big bully.

And this brings us to

The Responsibility of Speaking Up, and Keep Speaking,

…For the Sake of our Loved ones.


Can We Not do our little bits of kindness and good, and Just Stop looking at the News?

Can We?


Do We Really think hitler’s ideas, Fascism, modi and Xi and all the other autocrats will just cease if We do that?

No. To Repeat what I have said, the tyrant Fears Opposition.

We have to keep hammering away, chipping away, the ploy said to have been used by Michaelangelo for his David.

It is a Spiritual Battle; And It will take Decades.

And that’s Why I Shall Keep Speaking. ūüôā


How To Get Away With Hunger

I would like to repost this under the title: ‘How to Do Away with Hunger.’

I Highly appreciate Ms Davis on having the Courage to speak on the subject, giving living examples from her past, and Kalisha’s treatment of the problem.

I would like to tell Ms Davis, and I hope Kalisha would do this, that Hunger and its Appeasement is Nothing to be Ashamed of. On the Other hand, people who have No thoughts for Others, and those who would Waste food, etc, do have Reason to be Ashamed.

Hunger is a World-Wide phenomenon, and a Horrible thing. To learn about it, I once fasted for 72 hours. At the end of the period the pangs were less. But ‘During’ those mid hours, like the Second day, the Hunger was disturbing even the Mind.

We All have a DUTY to Fight against Hunger.

We are RESPONSIBLE for Our Brothers and Sisters.


‚ÄúThe word that I would like to eradicate today is ‚Äėunspeakable,‚Äô because I think everything should be spoken.‚ÄĚ‚Äď Viola Davis

Viola Davis photo courtesy of Just Jared.

Viola Davis recently revealed her painful past struggles with hunger. When Viola Davis shot to overdue stardom in her role as maid Aibileen Clark in 2011‚Äôs The Help, a surprising number of African-Americans criticized her Oscar-nominated performance as one perpetuating stereotypes associated with our painful Jim Crow past. Davis stood by her character. She would not back down. From numerous talk show couches and award show stages, Davis defended African-American maids of past and present. She asked audiences to respect such experiences as valid Americana to document and fruitful material for Black artists to draw from. Now, she is using her own experiences as a child who grew up in what she describes as ‚Äúabject poverty‚ÄĚ to give more context to her commitments‚Ķ

View original post 1,773 more words

A Post that does Not make much Sense

Upto 5 years ago, our Ashram used to House and Care for about 16 Homeless People at a time, while helping some 40 more by way of Daycare. I have had to stop as I had to shift, and have no facilities to house People just now. My Help these days takes the form of Daycare alone.¬†…As for today’s post, came across what I would say a Meaningless and Senseless one¬†in Facebook in this regard. As Usual, am Pulling No Punches.

Homeless People are No Novelty in India. You will find them Outside our Railway Stations, Near or Bus stands, and In our Bus Stops, looking Lost and Dejected. Not only that, there is an Old People’s Home in our Very Street, and Two more within 2 Kms of where I sit just now, but our Village is special, as there are many Ashrams here.

Let us now come to the post:

homeless a w bg

First of All, let me make it Clear that I am Not writing this post against ‘Jesus Daily.’ Who Knows what all Good things they are doing. BUT. Here are the Problems: This Man looks Educated, and seems to come from at least a Middle Class Home. In India, People would think Nothing of Lying Down under a Tree on the Bare Ground, and if Homeless, find the Shelter of a Bus Stop as a God Send.

bus stop comp

Composite from:¬†j0035001.blogspot.com and¬†fox2now.com¬†…Evidently both are different ones. But they are only to show the Dilapidated conditions they are generally in. For most Indians to live in these kinds of conditions is Old Hat. But for Educated People!

The World is creating the Homeless day by day. russia downs another Civilian airliner (this Malaysian one is the second, as far as I remember, there was a Japanese one some years ago), and Bingo, how many families of the passengers affected? The ISIS decides to kidnap, hold hostage, chase out or frighten away People, who had paid Lakhs (Hundred of Thousands, albeit Rupees), to go and work there, and where are they Now? AND How many are Abandoning their Parents?

Where I do not see the sense is in the Post in question is in these things:

  • Somebody¬†photographs a Homeless Man,
  • Leaves Him Sitting there,
  • Posts His picture and gather ‘Likes,’
  • AND Thinks that Everything is Solved by Saying an ‘Amen.’

Was the Man ‘Posing’ for this picture? His Eyes say it is Not so.

What We Can and Should Do in situations like these, besides providing Him with a Meal is this:

Offer Him Shelter. Do it as a Community. A Few Neighbours, together. Work at it. BOLD Steps, Sure. But I am Used to Talking to Lions.

Let us Not think He would Not be Pestersome. People who have had to live like this would be full of Resentment.

Too many are Ready to say: “There are¬†details that maybe we don’t want to hear, things we didn’t want to know.” Let us Firmly leave such statements to Others.¬†Let the Blood Run Red in our Veins.

Frankly, this ‘my’ post comes under all the headings/tags I mention: A page called ‘Jesus Daily’ posts this. I would expect ‘Leadership’ in Religious Issues from such a page. But such a Spineless kind of a thing Disappoints, Hugely.

By Saying an Amen and going away, We Cannot Expect to Receive God’s Blessings, His Love, Peace or Happiness.

Taking a picture of a Homeless Person, getting ‘Likes’ out of this, and asking People to say ‘Amen’ makes No Sense. If We would Profess that Christ lives in Each and Every one of Us, then We have to Prove it to Him by our Actions.

On Privacy, Personal Space, and Responsibility


It seems that Facebook had conducted an experiment on no less than 689,000 of its users, presenting them, for instance, with Sad stimuli, to see if the users Did become Sad. It seems that Facebook had done this without taking the permission, or even informing the subjects of this. This has created Resentment. There is talk of Invasion of  Privacy and Personal space. But, What about Responsibility?

To Continue, there is talk of people not able to ‘Hold up,’ and ‘Not being Able to Handle their lives,’ and their ‘Mood’ being ‘Affected,’ when they see such presentations there.

This post is Not about Facebook. …How do these people handle Real Life situations? Does Life Itself pick and choose what it is going to deliver to them? No Accidents? No Snakes in the Bathroom? Neighbours and Bosses and All Nice and Quiet?

What are We? Have We finally become a Race of the Pitiable? Should We hand over the planet to the Apes?

It seems to come down to this. Too Many are Wilfully going after what should only be called a World of their own. Which is Actually their Comfort Zone!

rapes up s

Saw a report of a 9 year old Raped. Photo, taken by me with my Nokia cell phone, shows news of not just one, but two incidents, much to our shame. The news channel is Headlines Today.

The Real Tragedy in above news is that both the police and the medical staff did not Care for this Child.

No, I do not have a ‘Fetish’ with Rape. But I do not become ‘Affected’ when I see or hear of such things. On the Contrary, I try to do the Best I can, which is, Raise an Awareness, and Encourage People to Concerted Action. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and of recent times, Arvind Kejriwal did the Same.

Talks of Privacy or Personal Space do NOT bring Success. Facing Issues, Taking Up Responsibility and Doing One’s Best, IN ANY AND EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE, give one a sense of¬†Satisfaction.


A Balancing Dog!


dog balancing

Came across this picture in Facebook just today.

Much to Appreciate in this. The Dog’s sheer Skill in Balancing like this. It’s Courage. Even its Trust in its master who must have trained him for a long time for this.

But for me, it is Never enough just to give one ‘like’ or something and to pass on.

We know Nothing about the owner of this Dog. Was he a Waster when he was Young? Or was he genuinely poor, so that he could not study and do better? …Whatever it is, today he is a person who has to resort to tricks like these to live. One of the Have-Nots.

We, those who Have, Money and Means, Talents, Education, Computers and Computer Knowledge, etc, also have a RESPONSIBILITY towards those Have-Nots. THAT would be Love.


There is also something I do Not like in this picture.

By the Rivers of Babylon (Psalm 137:4)

Gonna tell God

It is not a question of a Syrian, or Palestinian, Israeli, or the Child of ANY particular country. Children, Women, Innocents, People Entirely Unconnected with whatever grievance might have happened, are Dying, Thus Cruelly, All over the World.

The Israelites had been settled on the Banks of the rivers of Babylon. Their Land had been devastated, their fields had been plundered long ago, and even their Single Temple had been Destroyed. Israel is one of the Very Small Nations, and one of the Much Persecuted ones. Its people are a very Homogenous group. Thus, when they had been told by their captors to sing one their songs, they had said: “Just How can We sing when our Land is in Ruins, and our People are living as Slaves?” That is the sense of Psalm 137:4.¬†And the famous song, ‘By the Rivers of Babylon,’ is based on this.

In this Song/Psalm, We have had a very good example of How We should Care, about our Situations, and People.



APATHY¬†is Mankind’s Biggest Sin. And the Mother of All Sins. It is Because man does not Care that he loots, rapes and wages wars. We Cannot, at the Same time, be Apathetic, and Say that We Love.


Akriti has written Well on this, too. Graphic used from her post.


What Separates the Men from the boys

This is Not about Males, or only for Males. It is more about Adults vs the Child. The Un-Grownups!

It takes Courage and Red Blood to Speak Out, to Say what is Necessary, When it is necessary. Even things like, ‘Do Not Eat So much Junk Food,’ ‘Enough of Television, Study More,’ etc, seem to be Beyond the Ken of Many ‘parents’ who have been able to give Birth to Children, but whom they either Do Not Know How to Bring Up, or Do Not have the Strength, the Gumption and the Guts to do so.

Nobody thinks of telling School Authorities: Give the Children More of Values; Go for a Different Curriculum, give Children lesser books to Carry, More Time to Play on the Ground, etc. Or to get it done at the Education ministry.

I would say this Difference between boy and Man is as Great as that between a Child with a Toy, Wooden Sword, and the Fat man, dropped on nagasaki. (Of course there must be greater horrors dreamed up by now).

fatman boy w sword

Image of replica of Fat man, from Wikipedia.

Image of Child with Sword: from http://builtbykids.com/how-to-make-a-wood-sword/

It is definitely Easier to send the Children to School at the Earliest Age, where and when Psychology tells us that the Child should have been with the Parent at least till the age of 6. Actually, going to Work outside is Easier than Taking Care of the Child at home!

It is Very Easy to Go Around as if Nothing is Wrong with the World, than to Pull Up one’s socks, Jump into the Fray, and Say, ‘Enough of Corruption!’

It is VERY Easy for the clergy and the ecclesiastical authorities to mouth platitudes, dish out what the ‘faithful’¬†Want¬†to hear, and to go to their comforts.

It is Very Easy to create pages of holy stuff, simply by means of searching up verses from the Concordance. And these days, they do not even have to type it out! What with so many ‘net’ versions, it is just ‘Copy and Paste,’ even in such things.

The World is FULL of Ungrownups.

Wanted and Needed: People who will Put their Necks on the Block, Say things even if they are ‘UnFriended!’ and things like that. Well, NOBODY made Friends with the Prophets of Old, did they? But THEY are the Ones who made the Difference.

God is Not going to Ask us, ‘Were You a Man or a boy?’ He is simply going to go about His business of Judging. We have been given Enough Time, after all! Leave out God, Society has already Judged us. In the heart of heart, those with whom We mix everyday, though they too most probably are of the Same kind, Know what we Are!




Pearly gates and St Peter

The Pearly Gates and St. Peter. Image from the Internet.

I am an Opinion Former. I am Not out to Merely ‘Inform’ You. What I Intend is to Induce Reflection, and Thence, Action.¬†

There is a Surfeit of Info available. What One Needs is Practical Ways to Achieve Happiness and Satisfaction.

Having named by blog as Love, Happiness and Peace, You will see that I write Quite a Lot indeed on Current Affairs. Love Demands that We Interest Ourselves, and Involve Ourselves, in the Affairs of Our Fellow Beings, particularly those Without a Voice. It is Our Duty and Our Responsibility.

Wish You Happy Times!