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Christmas Greetings?


Leaving Christmas aside for a bit, I definitely Believe that having been Wished ‘Happy New Year(s)’ Never Really made those years Happy.

Though I Totally believe in the Sincerity of those who had wished me that/those.

With that I can come to Christmas.

[ By the way, I find the wish ‘Merry Christmas’ offensive. Happy Christmas would be More Appropriate. ]

If We take time to Think, We will find that ‘Festivals’ have been created, in All Religions, for the Commoners to Forget their Woes for a day or so.

Both the above images are of the Rio Carnivals.

If what I have heard is True, that the whole of South America is practically owned by about 11 bulti-billionaires, and Brazil is filled with Slums, No wonder they would need this.

Yet, at the same time, where are their brains? Are they all stripping to this extent to show that they don’t have that Grey matter? Why can’t they spend All this Money, Energy, Time and Organisational Capacity to make their country a better place?

And coming back to one of my Favourite points, Brazil being a ‘catholic’ country, What, and HOW MUCH, has the church done to speak out on this?

Are We, supposed to be the Intelligentsia, – We have Computers and the Internet at our fingertips, after all, – Are We too supposed to Rollick around on certain days?

Let us take all the Improvements in the world for Granted.

But Do We have ENOUGH of Freedom, Cessation of Hunger, Homelessness and whatnot?

I Believe, If We Address the Root Causes of evil, the Days and Years Automatically become Happy ones.

As they are for Me!

Let’s put our Thinking Caps on. And ACT.

That’s my Wish for You, my Dear Friends! 🙂