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WHY do Dogs of police Hide the faces of Rapists and such?

Rape accused face covered

Image from the Internet. This one belongs to those: ‘Arrested for raping and killing teen daughter near Mumbai.’ Ref:¬†http://www.ndtv.com/topic/raped-daughter

Even in the latest incident, where a Mother and Daughter were Gang raped for a whole THREE HOURS, the accused, after being caught, have had their ****ing faces very Solicitously covered, courtesy the Dogs of the Police. And I don’t mean Police-Dogs.

Curses on a so called ‘culture’ that protects Rapists, even if only their Non-existent dignity.

If they, the Dogs of the police say such are the laws, it is HIIIIGH time such laws were changed.


I have said it before. These fellows’ faces are kept hidden, and then later, these fellows are recruited as Killers and Rowdies (rogues) for politicians!