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International Women’s Day


My Respects, Love and Regards to All the Ladies in the World. Especially to Our Lady bloggers, and the Brave Ladies of Ukraine and Russia.

Let me Salute the Brave Ladies of India who WALKED, often Carrying their Children, HUNDREDS of Kilometres in 40+ centigrade heat, due to our prime minister modi’s unplanned handling of the Corona lockdown.

And just One on the Children.


Ruth's Reflections

It’s International Women’s Day, and there’s little sign of public acknowledgement, presumably because there’s so much else on the public mind.

My thoughts are with the women of Ukraine. It is barely believable that just a few weeks ago they were living comfortably in situations similar to our own. Today they fear for their lives and those of their loved ones. Some are preparing to fight. I heard a woman interviewed who said it takes strength in the hand and fingers to fire a weapon. When asked how she would feel about killing someone she said she wasn’t thinking about that, just concentrating on the moment.

Many have left home, husbands, and other family to take their children on long journeys to uncertain safety, with tags showing their children’s blood group sewn into their clothes.

Ukrainian child refugees

There have been pictures of people carrying a loved pet, and I’ve…

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Russians, on the War


Very good and heartlifting.


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No Right to Protest = No Democracy


Today’s (Oct. 8, 2017) international news over NDTV says that the opposition leader of Russia, Ilya Yashin, along with his supporters, was arrested by the Russian police on the grounds that they were staging/organizing a protest for which permission had not been granted.

[ Once again the Brutality of the police in handling Citizens, in this case Ilya Yashin, is clearly seen in the photograph, from the internet, of course. I shall contrast this with the police’ behaviour with regard to criminals in another post. ]

Interestingly, and sadly, this is the second time in a mere 20 days that this opposition leader has been arrested, the first also being on the grounds of unpermitted protest.

From centuries before George Orwell, police, likened to dogs, have been brainwashed to obeying blindly; fed, housed and coddled – upto a bit, of course, – by tyrannical, despotic regimes.

That these police have to give one the permission even to protest is ludicrous in the extreme.

  • If I am not getting water in my area, I cannot protest.
  • If there is no electrical supply in my area, ditto.
  • If You do not want a nuclear plant in Your area, You cannot protest.
  • If Your highly arable land is being given to mega-business, You cannot protest. The list can go on and on. (All these things happen very often in India).

  • The police, along with the politicians, judges and officials, receive their salaries from the tax money of the Citizens.
  • If the Citizen says jump, they have to jump.
  • If the Citizen wants to protest, the police has to give him/them protection, so that no hidden member of ruling parties disrupt, much less cause harm to the protester(s).
  • That is their Only job.

It is Not the job of the police to decide whether or not the Citizen can/should protest.

If, When and As the Citizen is not given the Freedom to Protest, as is Most often the case, that means Freedom has disappeared from the Land.

The administration, in the form of politicians, judges and police and other officials alone are responsible for this. When this is the case, they should all be sacked ignominiously.


Bloggers are more important than journalists; FACT

1. Excellent Post!

2. From the article: “The voice of the people was only heard when the journalists and owners of these NEWS agencies deemed them relevant to be heard; the professionally paid journalists and wealthy fat cats controlled EVERYTHING we heard when it came to the NEWS.”

3. I do not think that Only White men are guilty of this. Think of Russia, China, Korea, and Our Dear India!

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

~ Okay, its 2015 and the reality of life is that the Internet has changed the world forever. And while in some ways it has caused people to waste a LOT of time (aka men sitting at their screens and looking at porn till very late into the night = bad) it has also enabled us to accomplish a lot of GOOD things.

For the better part of a couple hundred years, journalism, whether Newspapers, TV News, Radio News, etc., has been by-and-large controlled by the wealthy. It was wealthy businessmen (usually white) who owned all the newspapers, television news, and various news outlets (and oddly enough, most of the outlets are still owned by white men).

The voice of the people was only heard when the journalists and owners of these NEWS agencies deemed them relevant to be heard; the professionally paid journalists and wealthy fat…

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How much land does a …Country need?!

[Had prepared this quite a few days ago. Am late in posting it].

Crimea… Had to look it up. With all the news, wanted to know if it had been part of Ukraine or of russia all these years. No less a source than ‘LONELY PLANET’ shows Crimea thus:


russian forces take ‘control’ of Crimea. And shortly, Crimea ‘Unanimously’ votes to join russia! Typical russian style voting, by the way! Not much later than that, putin ‘recognizes’ (What words!) Crimea as an independent state. And next, putin signs treaty to make Crimea part of russia.

If somebody falls down by the roadside, or is dying of hunger, govts do not bother. But to annex a sizable piece of land, or to keep control over one already gobbled up, govts move with speed, determination, and vigour.

china gobbles up Tibet and Hong Kong. britain wants to keep Ireland and ‘far away’ Falklands under its thumb. And who knows how many more like these. But We Should remember that russia has just about a 1000 countries under its ‘protective custody!’

There are areas that are more Costly to maintain and ‘protect’ than the Incomes from them. But who knows? Let us keep them. At least we would be able to sell the Rock, or do some Sand Mining, as jayalalitha has done with Tamil Nadu.

In the case of jayalalitha, what does it matter if her excessive sand-mining is turning Tamil Nadu into a Desert? It is No skin off ‘her’ back!