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Religious heads and Political leaders


Politicians seem to believe in religion and religious leaders quite a lot. Many times, politicos visiting places of worship seems a sham, but it seems #putin has trust in the head of the russian orthodox church there.

Kirill, 75, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has made statements defending Moscow’s actions in Ukraine and sees the war as a bulwark against a West he considers decadent, particularly over the acceptance of homosexuality.

vide: https://www.reuters.com/world/russian-patriarch-discussed-ukraine-conflict-with-pope-francis-2022-03-16/

Wow! homosexuality! I too feel ‘Extremely’ uncomfortable with it, in that I would absolutely Cringe if anybody approached me that way, yet…

I feel positively Violent at this man, because #putin’s bombing Civilian areas, esp Hospitals does not seem wrong, and of greater importance to him. 😦

Taking the part about (Kirill being) ‘ a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin,’

the present situation shows that

he is supporting putin.

  1. If he is allowed Only the official russian media, does he protest against? I would expect him to do this in the most powerful ways. he could/should have conveyed that to the pope in their recent communication.
  2. As the (supreme) head of the church in russia, does he not have methods of updating himself from various other sources?


the russian orthodox church


(And the romancatholic one, of course).

Firstly, does anybody know what the russian orthodox church has said about putin’s invasion of Ukraine? Seems to me, they are too afraid to say anything.

Absolutely Unworthy of the Leader who had taught about Laying down one’s life.

I did hear one single bleat from the pope somewhat on the issue. Whatever the Lord decides, they have my spit.

PS: Rather miraculous! The pope has been Very active on the issue. https://www.reuters.com/world/russian-patriarch-discussed-ukraine-conflict-with-pope-francis-2022-03-16/