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Civil War or a Revolution, that is the Question.


I am an Ill informed Lout. So people can Enlighten me whether these sorts of – people, particularly Women, getting targeted, – happens in other parts of the world.

This video is from Haryana in India. The women of the ‘Valmiki’ community, a supposedly ‘low’ one, are being beaten up by men of a supposedly higher caste. Many of the women’s breasts were blue with/by the beatings, it is reported.

An old man seems to be getting beaten up, and the words, ‘he can be a witness’ is something I seem to recognize. [ It is in Haryanavi, somewhat different from Hindi ].

#modi, #amitshah, the #bjp, the concerned #cm, the #judiciary and the #police of India will force a #CivilWar in this country; and they shall be responsible for it.

Add to the above list my Esteemed Brothers and Sisters of #SilentHinduMajority, the #ChristianCommunity, etc.

It might even become a French or Russian type of Revolution. Not right tomorrow, of course.

Vande Mataram. ( Salutations to my Mother Land, who must be Weeping. )