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Democracy Simplified!


I like to give people, even those I meet on the streets and in buses, etc, little Booklets. Did I tell You that I had been working on an 8-page one, for over two months, but which was not coming along to my satisfaction? I stopped working on that project for now, as I seem to have found a palm-sized answer!

This is a little ‘Badge-like’ thing I have prepared, which I shall be wearing on my kurta (the long, top garment of the men of Punjab), as well as distribute to those interested:


The photograph is of Our leader, Mr. Udayakumar, of Pacchai Thamizhagam Katchi. The words speak, based on the little picture in the middle, of taking care of Our Life, Resources and the Future, Without Burning or Breaking anything!

These last two allude to the Infamous practice of politicians getting their followers to Burn things, even to the point of Live college students inside buses, and breaking things up at the drop of a hat.


The three girls who had been Burnt Alive by followers of TN chief minister jayalalitha, protesting her arrest.


Typical political culture.


I will put up my favourite little picture again:



Let Us decide in Own minds to Stand Up to Bullying (politics today seems Nothing Else!), Arrogance, Injustice and all that. The Future of Our Children Demands that.

This Standing Up for the Way want Our Country to go is Democracy.


Mahatma Gandhi’s Sacrifice and the Oceanic Circles


[ This pertains to my article: Mahatma Gandhi on Sacrifice. ]

When I was a youth, I distinctly remember buying Rice for Rs. 1.20 a kilo, (today, rice of the same quality is sold at about Rs. 50-75 per kilo), and Wheat for 90 pice, (Re: 0.90), – today, wheat powder costs Rs. 40 a kilo. Mutton, selling for Rs. 400 a kilo was bought at Rs. 6.

My Parents used to recount how in their youth, One Seer (c 900 grams) of Rice had cost One Anna, that is, 1/16th of a rupee. The rupee had 192 pice, and even these brought in goodies, according to them. And that was the time of the british raj!

Today, even modern India’s 50 pice (Half rupee) coin is Out of Circulation, because practically Nothing can be bought with that; Bus Conductors would refuse to accept 2 of those instead of a rupee.

Though Incomes have gone up, I do believe the ‘Buying Power’ is perhaps gone down. That is, when We remember that 70% of Indians are Poor.

So what were We lacking when the british ruled Us?

Nothing but Freedom.

But That Freedom is Such a Precious thing that People, including Mahatma Gandhi, took Lathi’s on their head. [ The Lathi is the Indian police baton, quite 4 feet long, used with a Swing… Just like Dhoni’s Helicopter Shot… I can’t refrain from Jesting even when on terrible subjects like these. ]

Here is a picture of some Brave policemen wielding the Lathi on Dreaded, AK-47 laden terrorists.

assaulting women

Photo from the Internet

These policemen and those command them, AND those who Instigate them, giving the Real Commands from the Background, ie, the politicians, are people Without Honour. For me, there is Nothing Worse I can say of Anybody. …So many of them are attacking a Woman who has fallen on the ground. …They cover their faces, knowing that they are doing a shameful thing. …YET not resisting it. Are they not Scum?


In Indian History, We are taught that the britishers had shot upon and killed a Large number of People at, to use the use Phonetic spelling: Jaalian-vala Baag in Punjab. Baag means Park. And that was the site of a Massacre. But why blame the british? They had come from abroad, and were here merely to make money. The Welfare of Indians was the Last and Least of their concerns. …As such, Indian police beating Un-Armed, Indian Citizens, as in the picture above, is More Shameful.

In the Heart of Hearts, We too know that Freedom has a High Cost. Like Broken Heads, (and Limbs). Not to speak of Useless and Un-Warranted, False Cases dumped on You. And, If We have Courage, and Honesty, We shall admit that We are Afraid!

Actually, there is Nothing Wrong with Fear. Nothing Wrong in being Afraid. The Wise and the Brave Man is Afraid. Only, We Should Not Allow that fear to paralyse Us into Inaction. 


And Action means, like Gandhi and S P Udayakumar, Being Ready to Pay the Cost for Freedom. Yes, We Are on the Topic of Freedom.

And I beg to state that We are Free Only for the name’s sake. When Our politicos Dare to Raise their Fingers at Us like this,

finger b

finger aa

Images from the Internet

It is Not just that Arrogant Finger. But the Set of the Face, the Eyes, and the Mouth, All give the same message: i am queen, and you had better behave, Or Else. ****.

To Continue,

  • When the media is Afraid to report as it should, fearing for its licence and existence even,
  • When the Citizen is Harassed by the government through False Cases; Getting Bank Accounts, Passports and Visas Blocked, Just for Protesting against a Nuclear world or government-run Liquor shops,

Please do Not tell me We are Free.


To Acquire Freedom AND to Keep Freedom is the Work of Lions.

Great Souls become the First to Lay down their Lives. (That Gandhi was not killed by the British Lathi’s is of No  consequence here).

cicles s

It is Only when the Ripple Effect starts to take hold that Things Happen. Gandhiji had taken Years to prepare his campaign. Today, the Average Indian, (and the World Citizen), with Danger no longer on the Perceptible Horizon, Chooses to Ignore it. Since Paying attention to the Situation would mean Danger to Life, Limb And Family, this Does Involve Courage. …And Definitely Sacrifice.

Speaking of Family, Our Immediate families might remain Safe, for the Nonce. But We are NOT thinking of Our Own Coming generations. Our Fault.


So. The Brave and the Inspired Soul comes forward, and either Outright Lays down his life, or Is Ready for that. ONLY WHEN His Sacrifice is Supported by A Flurry of Other Citizens Ready for Sacrifice, Becoming Part of the Oceanic Ripple(s), Is Freedom Achieved, or Maintained.

And That is the Ripple Effect. Regards.


Mahatma Gandhi on Sacrifice


Oceanic Circle

cicles s

“You throw a stone into a deep pond. Splash. The sound is big, and it reverberates throughout the surrounding area. What comes out of the pond after that? All we can do is stare at the pond, holding our breath.”

― Haruki Murakami

‘In this structure composed of innumerable villages, there will be ever-widening, never-ascending circles. Life will not be a pyramid with the apex sustained by the bottom. But it will be

An oceanic circle whose centre will be the individual always ready to perish for the village, the latter ready to perish for the circle of villages,

till at last the whole becomes one life composed of individuals, never aggressive in their arrogance, but ever humble, sharing the majesty of the oceanic circle of which they are integral units.”‘

— Mahatma Gandhi

[ Formatting mine ]

Photo by S P Udayakumar


Monkey Business, aka politics, aka Raj Tantra


In this reposting, Have added some Important points on Raj Tantra, and have put the additions in Red, for those who have already perused it! Do go through. Regards.


Frankly, I am feeling quite Low. Here I am, Labouring away in what is called ‘Conscientization,’ trying to make People Conscious and Aware of the fact that they have to be Invol…

Source: Monkey Business, aka politics, aka Raj Tantra


Monkey Business, aka politics, aka Raj Tantra


Frankly, I am feeling quite Low. Here I am, Labouring away in what is called ‘Conscientization,’ trying to make People Conscious and Aware of the fact that they have to be Involved and Active if Our Children are to have a Good Future.

Politics is a good platform for this, and Pacchai Thamizhagam is a Very good Party, as is Dr. Udayakumar, its leader.

But since the Dr. stands against Nuclear Energy, he has a Cool 380+ cases registered against him! How is that for justice for You! Literally, We can see that they have thrown the book at him.

This is part of the ruling politicos practising what is called ‘Raj Tantra,’ the Tricks of the king. And that, is what We call ‘politics’ in English.

  • hitler shouting away, telling the First Big lie,
  • genghis khan, the taliban and the isis intimidating by sheer violence,
  • jayalalitha wooing the electorate with petty gifts, liquor and things,
  • the modi govt hoisting false charges on Arvind Kejriwal and others of the party, (harassment), and
  • the 380 false cases on Udaya Kumar and others around the Kudankulam nuclear plant, (again harassment), are all examples of Raj Tantra.


And that is Why he did not get many Votes, (People are Afraid to support him, lest they too get slapped with False cases of this sort).

I got a Scare of this sort myself, just recently. Hence the Low. I mean, I would have been prepared, (though I would have Hated it), to be thrown in jail for, let Us say, Protesting when the government says: ‘Thou shalt not protest.’ But to have hoisted on oneself such meaningless and False charges as Sedition and harbouring Drugs would be a Pain in the Backside.

…You have Sedition charges slapped against You!!! I call this No less than Monkey Business.

Monkey business

Image from Facebook, where it was posted in a Humourous way. This type of monkey, named the ‘Langur,’ (pronounced: lung-oor), has the habit of ‘Slapping,’ and a hefty blow it would be too, if it lands. This besides the danger of Our getting bitten. The thing to do is to give him ‘Space,’ which they have done here. All this by way of interest. An Astonishing amount of Dough is kept ready, kneaded, at the lower right, which would mean this is an Eatery of sorts. At least two people seem to be ‘rolling’ the chappaattis, and…

Friend Monkey has decided to try ‘his’ hand at that, reminding Us of You know Who. An Apt picture, and Example, of what goes around in High Places.


The lonely struggle of India’s anti-nuclear protesters


Kkulam leaders

The Ladies who are spearheading the movement/struggle at Kudankulam, against the Nuclear plant set up there, now. Image from the guardian.

As Shared by S P Udayakumar of the Pacchai Thamizhagam in Facebook.

My Heart is Too full for me to write more about this. Please peruse: