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Satisfied with Mediocrity 2

Satisfied with Mediocrity? Oh, Yes, We are.

This time, let me (again!) take the case of the Indian Boxer, Sarita Devi. This lady has had to Suffer Both Injury and Insult, and that from Sanctimonious So-and-So’s, the AIBA. Not only are its judges corrupt, they defend these corrupt judges, and penalize those who dare question them.

Our Mediocrity comes here: AIBA has threatened to Ban Sarita Devi from Boxing events for Life, but have now, very ‘kindly,’ (remember, it is within inverted commas!), banned her just for a year. Most people are heaving a sigh of relief at this, that the Lady Boxer can at least participate at the next event in South America.


That is Sarita Devi in the Blue, Bashing away at her opponent All through the Match. And the AIBA declared the korean the winner! Image from Internet.

What Should be happening is to question and Challenge AIBA on its Absolutely Disgusting, Unjust and Corrupt decision against her. This should be followed by Dis-Recognizing the AIBA.

For Most of Us, Half Victories are Enough. Mediocrity.


(We) Christians are going to Celebrate Christmas, once again, of course. Cakes ordered or baked, Clothes bought, Carols sung. But Is Christ Really asking us to sing Him Lullabies?

What happened to Verses like: ” Zeal for Your House Consumes me.” (Psalm 119:139, and 69:9, my own translation. The JB comes closest to mine, it uses the word ‘Devours,’ instead of my ‘Consumes.’).

How many of Us “Hunger and Thirst for What is Right,” (Matthew 5:6, JB). Are We Sure We understand the meaning of ‘Hunger and Thirst‘?

Hungering and Thirsting for Righteousness means Fighting for Justice, and Fighting Against Injustice. If We want to fight injustices Just against Ourselves, then… Watch Out! This is what Christ Jesus says: “Why should God Reward You if You Love Only the people who love You?” Matthew 5:46, TEV.

Though I Simply Love the ‘Silent Night,’ Singing words like: ‘Son of God, Loves Pure Light,’ Do NOT Delight His Heart as much as Our Fighting for a Better World. Not by a Long Chalk.

Of Course, No Need to Believe me. We can find out Who is Right Only After We Die.

AIBA – the Giant Cockroach

The issue of Sarita Devi, and Amateur International Boxing Association is not like Arsenic poison. That kills at once. Nor is it like Lead poisoning. This is on going and accumulative. But I consider this once instance as Leading to Lead Poisoning of Continued Bad judgements, and at present, like the Burr under a Poor horse’s saddle. I am helping in Not letting it die down, of course! This affair have innumerable videos and writeups. I offer this Well written article from http://www.emirates247.com/


Scuffles broke out and Mongolia lodged an official protest as controversial decisions in favour of home boxers caused chaotic scenes at the Asian Games in South Korea on Tuesday.

Sarita Devi best

The text below the original photograph says:

South Korea’s Park Ji-Na (right) wins her bout with India’s Laishram Sarita Devi in the women’s boxing light 57-60kg semifinal match during the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon on September 30, 2014. (AFP)

Below is the continuation of the post. I have edited it for Brevity. Full Reference at bottom.


The husband of Indian lightweight Sarita Devi launched an expletive-laden tirade and tangled with security after South Korea’s Park Ji-Na was controversially awarded their semi-final bout.

But the International Boxing Association (AIBA) rejected the protest, saying it was not possible to appeal against judges’ decisions.

Later there was more drama when Indian light flyweight Devendro Singh Laishram battered South Korea’s Shin Jong-Hun almost into submission in the final round after controlling most of their fight.

Yet the Korean won the quarter-final with a unanimous points verdict, which was greeted with more loud booing.

Mongolia’s chef de mission Badmaanyambuu Bat Erdene called it a “very sad day”.

“We want to see fair play in sport,” Bat Erdene told AFP.

“For some of these athletes they have only one chance for a gold medal and it has been cruelly taken away from them.”.

Earlier, Commonwealth Games silver medallist Devi dominated her fight and when Park was given the win, it sparked jeers and a melee which prompted the arrival of police.

The India team’s Cuban coach Blas Iglesias Fernandez called for the judges to be sacked. “I hope all these judges that made this decision are thrown out of the tournament,” he said.

Demchigjav Zagdsuren, president of the Mongolia National Olympic Commmittee, called for “fair play” at the boxing competition. “We wish to have fair play and true judging in boxing for the sporting spirit of the games,” he said in a statement.

“We have zero tolerance for misjudging in boxing competitions.”

In the first bout of the day, Icon and five-times world champion Mary Kom too was angry at Devi’s result. “Of course Park won, because she is Korean,” she told Indian TV.


This from me: “Can there be Anything More Insulting than what Mary Kom said? IABA officials are people Without Honour.”



So, Once again it is AIBA, and once again in Korea!

Korea is hosting some boxing this time, under the aegis is AIBA. Seeing that it is in South Korea, I should not, and even would Not have had second thoughts about that. I even have a friend over there.

Scant months ago, AIBA, in Korea, had got Egg All over its Face, over the Criminally Unjust-decision to Sarita Devi, Indian Boxer. This is the only one instance of a Wrong decision I am going to quote. But do We need two 9/11’s, two Water-gates, or two atom bombs?

It would have been the Easiest of things for this abcd, I mean aiba, to have apologized and reversed the decision. Instead of doing that, they are bull-dozing their way, and have got the Nincompoopian Boxing association of India into penalizing the Boxer.

Refereeing, and Judging, particularly in Sports, is difficult. One does accept that. And No one minds close decisions. But in the case of Sarita Devi, the error in judgement was Blatant. So much so, that Sarita’s opponent was both surprised and embarrassed by the decision.


Sarita Bashes her opponent. This was the story of the fight. Picture from:


What had happened, iaba? Had korea asked you to push that particular boxer of theirs through? Was it politics, money or blackmail that induced you to act thus? And you gave in?


Let us Come to Apology. One does not demand it for personal satisfaction.

With an Apology, One is More Sure of getting Better Decisions and Action in the Future. This is the Purpose of Apology.

IABA has not apologized. The last time I had called it Despicable, which is the strongest one can go by way of Parliamentary language. But this time time I go further, and I say, I Spit on them.

On the Subject of such, what can be called Viciousness on my part, here is my next post, namely, No Shadow Boxing, Please.

Sarita Devi, Indian Boxer, and SO-CALLED Boxing officials

During the Incheon Games, Indian Boxer Sarita Devi made a Chutney of her opponent. But the opponent was declared winner. There are any number of Videos available on this issue. I cannot post them because my WordPress account is a Free one, and does not allow me to post videos.
Sarita, Brave heart that She is, refused her medal, and offered it to her opponent. The so called boxing officials are not able to bear this Insult. And like petty and small-minded people, are taking it out on her, threatening to forbid her from participating in further tournaments.
A Case of ADDING INSULT TO INJURY, IF EVER THERE WAS ONE! It is Really Shameful and Sad that such things are happening to a Winner.
Hence, below, two merry bunches of tweets from my side. If they had been near me, their faces would have got wet.
Note: One can easily say that Yesudas is being Uncouth and whatnot in this. But I think in terms of A Champion not just Sidelined, but Shamed, Insulted and subjected to Mental Torture and Injury, with Future Implications. I have always spoken against Injustice, and shall continue to do so. I consider that this alone is True Love. That We even allow ourselves to be maligned, for the sake of Others.
1 Hello, aiba! For a mere Amateur association, in the case of Sarita Devi, you have behaved DESPICABLY. EVERY SHAME ON YOU.

2 An Extraordinary number of video clips are available which show who Real Winner was.

3 The video proof shows that not only was the referee, but also the judges at event, an ‘you,’ aiba, are ABOMINABLY CORRUPT.

4 In India We would say, if You can find Just a Palmful of Water, You should go and drown yourself in that, out of Shame.

5 Go on, find some water and Do it, IF YOU HAVE ANY SENSE OF WORTH. Shameless Jackals and Coyotes.

1 @AIBA_Boxing officials should have Apologized to Sarita Devi AND to India in No Uncertain terms, over their fiasco.

2 On the contrary, to this day, these same @AIBA_Boxing is pressuring @BoxingIndia into licking their boots.

3 And the Shameful thing is that @BoxingIndia gladly licking boots and taking action on #Saritadeviboxer‘s Coach and Husband.

WHY Free jaya? WHY Free Other 3 Also?


Below, a collection of tweets, (plus some ‘add-on’s!), on the ‘most probable freeing of jaya,’ ex cm of Tamil Nadu of India, jailed over charges of corruption.

And Let’s Not quibble saying that she is Not going to be ‘Freed,’ But Only Released on Bail. In practice, what difference between the two?


WHY should this woman get bail? If punishment is not to be suffered, why spend Crores in court expenses? To further burden the Common man?

jaya fox

[My gosh! Look at that face! Enough to Frighten even a Jailer! Do You think that the Jailer asked the courts to take her away, as she was giving him Nightmares? Hahaha! And this is a Poor, Weak Woman! Picture from Internet.]

Healthy enough to sit in High pressure chair of cm for years on end. As soon as in jail, supposed poor health? Courts Blind? Pressurized? Naive? Bought?

What reason to give bail to the 3 cronies? Are they too too broken up? Jails just for those who cannot pay for expensive lawyers?

Person Loots Country and People for decades. Thorium and Sand robbery alone should go into Thousand-S of Crores.

j vaikundarajan thorium thief

[Loot for 20 Years, come out in 21 days! Graphic: From Facebook.]

What difference between terrorists kidnapping and making demands, and admk burning, breaking and making demands?

sarita devi n saya fb

[For Sarita Devi: Please click here. Graphic: From Facebook.]

hitler, mao, fidel, gaddafi, ISIS… able to brainwash followers. admk, shiv sena, mamata’s tmc any different?

When parties like admk already Have taken so called law into their hands, what should people do? Drop pants and bend down?


It is Time for Us to ROAR!

There are many Reasons why people do not Speak out. Getting Dispirited, Lethargy, and Even Fear could be Reasons. But it is Time for Us to Roar!


And this comes Not only from the Media these days. You and I have that Power in Our hands, with the coming of Social Media, in the form of Twitter, Facebook and Blogging.


Speaking Out Makes a Difference. Note this: (This is a tweet from/by the AIR!)

Govt. concerned over the matter of boxer at Asian Games. Seeks urgent report from .


Haha! With So many remarks in support of this Brave Indian Boxer, Sarita Devi, and so much coverage by media, even the Indian ‘govt’ is shaken up enough to take notice and send out official notices via the All India Radio!

sarita devi laishram-boxing

Sarita Devi, boxing. sports.ndtv.com


So Speak Out. ROAR. Write and Speak More on Social Issues. It concerns Our Children, after all. The choice is Ours. We can be Lions.

roaring lion s

Image from Internet.


Or We can be Jackals, Snarling over our food, our petty lives.

Jackals snarling




Indian Sports Support Staff… Nincompoops


Starts with Tweets sent on Indian Sports Support Staff!

1. Indian Sports Support Staff. Nincompoops. On What basis are they chosen? Thailand leads in Kabaddi against India! (At moment of writing; 13:12)

2. Indian Sports Support Staff. Nincompoops. Men’s volleyball coach speaks to team in Tamil! When Most players Non Tamils!

3. Indian Sports Support Staff. Nincompoops. Men’s volleyball coach asks team: ‘How can You give away so many points?’ For that You need a coach?

4. Indian Sports Support Staff. Nincompoops. Sarita’s medal gone. Her future gone. She faces action. What is staff doing?

5. Indian Sports Support Staff. Nincompoops. Only going to Asia or wherever for the fun of it. Free rides. Good food. TA. Jai Ho!

6. Indian Sports Support Staff. Nincompoops. KICK out these govt SERVANTS and send Amir Khan and SRK. They will do better.

srk chak de India


The Bollywood film, Chak de India, stars Shah Rukh Khan as Kabir Khan, the former captain of the Indian hockey team.

The suspension of the Indian Hockey Federation in April 2008 emphasised the film’s influence. After a new hockey council was formed, former hockey player, Aslam Sher Khan, stated in an interview, “We have to make a Team India as you have seen in bollywood blockbuster Chak De! India.

Both above paragraphs from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chak_De!_India


Sarita Devi, Indian Boxer, and Crooked officials

This is a collection of tweets on Sarita Devi and the Crooked judges. For anybody who had watched the matches live, on the Asian Games 2014, and for those who watch it over the news, it would be Apparent that Intentional, Wrong Judgements were given.

boxer sarita devi asian games korea 2014

Picture from twitter.

1. First of all, Sarita Devi, our Indian Boxer, has NO reason to Cry.

2. Let her hold her head up. And let officials hang their heads in shame.

3. authorities intend to take action on Sarita, saying her action ‘Unsportsmanlike’ or some such.

4. If Sarita ‘Unsportsmanlike,’ then authorities CRIMINAL.

5. When Cricket has ON FIELD appeal, Why not for Boxing even after event? If authorities have not provided for it, spit on them.

6. Boxing officials who went to korea for event, went for joy rides as politicos do. Let us Kick them when they come back.

7. Had thought NORTH korea was undemocratic. south korea has proved that it is no better.

8. The IOBA, calling itself International, and Olympic, is a JOKE. Have to repeat myself. Spit on them.

9. Altogether, Sarita was right in refusing a corrupted medal. Shame on south korea, IOBA.