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How to Improve


000 ppl who make You do better

Image from Facebook. Cropped.

This Sounds very simple. But it is Profound.

The Problem with Most of Us is that We prefer to Remain in Our Comfort Zones. This is not just relaxing in Our Sofas, with the TV on and perhaps a Beer in the hand. It is also that We Avoid, Studiously, and like the Very Plague, all those who call upon Us to Stand up and Do something.

We Know what they say is Right. But the Sofa is So Comfortable. And We Avoid those People Altogether. Never Rising to Heights. Spending the Latter part of Our lives in Regret, which We will never Show, of course; The Weapon of the Mediocre! 


So Folks, By Choice…



Everything you believe is a myth…REALLY???

Last I heard, Einstein had accepted the Existence of God. But then I am a simple, country bumpkin. What is more interesting is that scientists now say that the universe came into being from nothing, but also Without the Divine Will.

For me Philosophy had always been More of Thinking, and finding out the ‘Holes’ in a theory. If scientists believe that their knowledge qualifies them to delve into Philosophy, why should We deny them that?

It does not trouble me if somebody says that there is no purpose to life. That is his theory and he can have it. But is it even Important? To find out whether or not there is a purpose to life?

Buddha, who had almost everything that Most men would long for, came out of his palace because he did not find Satisfaction in them. Christ came, Denied Himself, and Lived and Died for Others. “Love Your Neighbour,” He had said. I like to put it thus: “Live for Others.” And I have found that this theory gives Satisfaction!


Culture Monk


By Kenneth Justice

~ At coffee yesterday the subject of a recent blog article I wrote about science, purpose, and meaning came up in the conversation,

Kenneth I read your article and you’re mischaracterizing scientists. Sure, dudes like Dawkins are extremists, but you’ve got to read scientists like Carl Sagen who were good people; Sagen was kind, and calm, and intelligent” said someone sitting at my table.

It’s the dawn of the 21st century, 132 years ago Charles Darwin died and over the course of the next century the various disciplines of science would converge giving birth to new theories never before considered by ancient generations;

—-) The universe is roughly 14 billion years old

—-) The universe came into being from nothing

—-) No god, gods, goddesses or intelligent designers created the universe

—-) You are not special

Okay, so I may have left out a…

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My Losses and Gains!

Right from my Youth, I have kept pictures of the Poor, usually inside my books. I would cull them from Magazines, and Old Issues of the Catholic Digest that We used to get were a Rich source. One of my favourite pictures was almost exactly like this one, though in Black and White.


Picture from Internet.


Our Family Situation was a Comfortable one. My Dad was in the Indian Railways, and his last salary was about rs. 450. As that was back in 1968, We Lacked for Nothing. …We could See People living like this in Gorakhpur, where We were.

During my Youth I did not think in terms of Christ living in Each and Every one of Us. I just wanted to do something about their Poverty. And Happily, I have lived for that Ever Since.

Now, this Post asks the Question: What did I get from living like that?


First of all, It has Cost me LOTS and LOTS of my Energy. Tons and Tons of it, so to say, so that I am one Very Tired Old Man.

Secondly, because of this my Nature, Many have kept away from me! They find me too Burning?


On the Plus side, …I Realize, and Experience, that I am Loved. It is seen in the Smiles and the Welcome on People’s Faces.

I also Enjoy a Lot of Peace. If things Upset me, it is only to move me to Action, like Trying to Get my Fellow Humans Involved in Creating a Better World.

All these things should make one Happy, and I Am Happy. Quite Happy.

Maybe a Very Short list. But when You are Carrying Your ATM card, what is the need to carry cash? Or, in other words, One Diamond is better than a Piggy Bank full of Coins!

I am Satisfied, and am Ready, Even Eager to Go, to my Rest!


Fellow Travelers Welcome!

On Privacy, Personal Space, and Responsibility


It seems that Facebook had conducted an experiment on no less than 689,000 of its users, presenting them, for instance, with Sad stimuli, to see if the users Did become Sad. It seems that Facebook had done this without taking the permission, or even informing the subjects of this. This has created Resentment. There is talk of Invasion of  Privacy and Personal space. But, What about Responsibility?

To Continue, there is talk of people not able to ‘Hold up,’ and ‘Not being Able to Handle their lives,’ and their ‘Mood’ being ‘Affected,’ when they see such presentations there.

This post is Not about Facebook. …How do these people handle Real Life situations? Does Life Itself pick and choose what it is going to deliver to them? No Accidents? No Snakes in the Bathroom? Neighbours and Bosses and All Nice and Quiet?

What are We? Have We finally become a Race of the Pitiable? Should We hand over the planet to the Apes?

It seems to come down to this. Too Many are Wilfully going after what should only be called a World of their own. Which is Actually their Comfort Zone!

rapes up s

Saw a report of a 9 year old Raped. Photo, taken by me with my Nokia cell phone, shows news of not just one, but two incidents, much to our shame. The news channel is Headlines Today.

The Real Tragedy in above news is that both the police and the medical staff did not Care for this Child.

No, I do not have a ‘Fetish’ with Rape. But I do not become ‘Affected’ when I see or hear of such things. On the Contrary, I try to do the Best I can, which is, Raise an Awareness, and Encourage People to Concerted Action. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and of recent times, Arvind Kejriwal did the Same.

Talks of Privacy or Personal Space do NOT bring Success. Facing Issues, Taking Up Responsibility and Doing One’s Best, IN ANY AND EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE, give one a sense of Satisfaction.




Hello, Everybody! …As I have written to Shiva in the comments, I have 840 posts, done in 28 months! Hope these are of Use to You as they give me Satisfaction in writing.

Pearly gates and St Peter

The Pearly Gates and St. Peter. Image from the Internet.

I am an Opinion Former. I am Not out to Merely ‘Inform’ You. What I Intend is to Induce Reflection, and Thence, Action. 

There is a Surfeit of Info available. What One Needs is Practical Ways to Achieve Happiness and Satisfaction.

Having named by blog as Love, Happiness and Peace, You will see that I write Quite a Lot indeed on Current Affairs. Love Demands that We Interest Ourselves, and Involve Ourselves, in the Affairs of Our Fellow Beings, particularly those Without a Voice. It is Our Duty and Our Responsibility.

Wish You Happy Times!