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06 Sex, Matched bra’s and panties

This series on Sex is in Response to one Annie’s https://aedmonds315.wordpress.com/

High Sexual Satisfaction does not come from paraphernalia like clothes, implements or equipment’s, or from techniques, etc. A Sloppy attitude or approach does not help. Of Course. Just like in anything else.

Matched bra’s and panties might help in creating the mood. But these are more the Sales pitches of Lingerie manufacturers. How long is one going to gaze at them?

If One is Desired and Loved, that leads to Satisfaction. If a person has All his/her Thoughts, Dreams, Hungers and Energies for his/her Partner, that leads to Satisfaction.


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01 Some Posts on …Sex!

My writing on this subject might surprise some, but, For a Sannyasi, Every thing is Sacred, and Nothing is Taboo.

I try to Respond to those who Very Kindly give me their Time to Read my Posts, give me ‘Like’s,’ and Comment on my posts, of course.

One ‘Annie’ had given me some Like’s, so had visited her site: https://aedmonds315.wordpress.com/

There I found a post called: ‘Matched Bra’s and Panties.’ In my first comment in it, I wrote: ‘Being in India, would say that interest in sex is not a problem here at all. If anything, it is the other way around!’ …There is more there.

I felt the Need to write something detailed to her Responses. You will find them in the following posts, under:

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06 Sex, Matched bra’s and panties

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