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Beijing: The Air we Breath — Globe Drifting


Very Powerfully and CONVINCINGLY presented.

Living in India, read about Smoke density in many of our cities. Had read about Beijing earlier. But these photographs! The look on the face of the Girl with the Mask!

But Ecology Refuses to accept our lines of Geography!

Smoke created in nearby states is the reason for the Dirty air in Delhi.

We All have to Wake up, and Do things about such.

The Air we Breath ‘Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.’ ― Jacques-Yves Cousteau You can feel it in your lungs and smell it in the air, a grey mist before one’s eyes that hangs between the trees- this is not a glitzy 1920’s party or a nightclub smoke machine on […]

via Beijing: The Air we Breath — Globe Drifting


Smog in Delhi


@FayeD’Souza @MirrorNow

Knowing English, having qualities of public speaking, and above all the support and the go ahead of Your owners is…


@FayeD’Souza asked Childish questions, like, how many Memo’s did the Delhi govt give to / serve upon the required agencies.

Here comes the glitch. Those who were with silver spoons in the mouths, as @FayeD’Souza seems to be, not being conversant with How things do NOT get done in the world of babus, And with the BJP whose One single intention is to grab as many seats/states (to rule) as possible, @FayeD’Souza refuses to notice that the Indian Parliament has created a Toothless Tiger type of governance in Union Territories. These have elected chief ministers, who can serve tea, at the most. For all the rest, the Centre rules the state through its own china doll, LG.

Question this, @FayeD’Souza, if You Dare, and if You are really interested in a Better India.

@FayeD’Souza, You are appreciated for many things. But do not go putting Your Foot in Your mouth over this issue.

It is Not enough to be Impartial. You should have the Brains to analyse with whom the problem lies.