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done so openly, & in a supposed democracy


(Before I proceed, had added ‘content,’ maybe foolishly in the ‘classical’ editor; all of which material is lost. Typing laboriously again.)

Re ‘Hathras,’ see here.

Re ‘Activist,’ the Latest. 83 yo Fr Stan sj arrested.


#modi’s Demonocracy


Below: Cropped from Twitter this morning.

Of late, Many Lynchings had taken place in India. Shamefully, members of the ruling party had welcomed, garlanded and lauded the accused. [ Guess Who had been ‘lynched?’ The Minority community, of course. Most of these cases referred to: ‘Suspected of Transporting Beef.’ But Who cares if there was Mere Suspicion? Kill them and get Garlanded. ]

When politicos Incited Violence, with Video evidence of their doing the same,



…Our #judges were examining their nails.

This time, 5 Eminent Social Activists and Dissenters have been accused of having given ‘inflammatory speeches.’


PS: We can meet Democracy at the ‘Further Shore.’