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Social Creatures

ISIS beheading-of-kurd

1. Is this Not COWARDICE? Two #ISIS with mcn guns, one killing a tied man, ALL COVERED FACES?

2. Behaviour of #ISIS more BARBARIC than photo. A Search for #isisbeheadings gives unimaginably gruesome pictures.

3. News is not for just Reading and Listening to. It is OUR world. If We cannot even TWEET for others, Who will STAND for US?

4. At Least Tweet: I Agree, Disagree, I Support, etc. Let us become Social Creatures. I condemn what #ISIS is doing.

The proposal ended it…REALLY???

Technology has been misused by mankind.

‘man’ has ‘used’ woman for doing a lot of work which he considered ‘small,’ beneath him, or things like that. But the example shows how ‘woman’ also has fallen into the trap of short-thinking.

Mankind seems to be forgetting that We are Social creatures, and that Marriage is More than producing children, that the Hunger for Companionship exists in Us, and that the Give and Take of Love is a Need.

Culture Monk

coffee cup 9

By Kenneth Justice

~ At coffee this last week I ran into an old friend, “So how are the plans for the wedding going?” I asked, the last time I talked to my 30ish year old friend she had recently gotten engaged,

No plans, I broke up with him last month” she said sorrowfully

To make a long story short, everything was going fairly well for the last few years she and her boyfriend were dating; they were financially well off, they got along with each of their families, and they had both achieved the proverbial ‘American dream’……but then her boyfriend proposed.

Dude, almost immediately after the proposal I realized how final everything was going to be. I kept asking myself, ‘do I really want to spend the rest of my life with him?’ I love him and all, but to promise to be with…

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