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Peace, War, and Other things


Nobody in his Right mind could Like, or Want War. Yet there are some, who, without knowing the effects of War, call for it. For example, if reports can be believed, pakistan has been firing shells across the border of India. And again, it is reported that chinese troops have/had made numerous incursions into Indian territory. In these instances, there are a group of people who want the Indian govt to ‘take on’ these countries. Meaning, military engagements.

As I said, these people seem to have No idea about The effects of War on the Families of the Soldiers, often rendering them Orphaned and Widowed, and the Soldiers themselves Maimed and Traumatized.


All that being so, the call by ‘Armchair Philosophers’ for Peace is Laughable. One needs the Experience of Beatings, Pain and Shame before One can even speak, or write on Philosophy. And a Person should have a Care for the Victim. In Mooooost cases, this is Lacking.

There are Many words that are Akin to War: Fighting, Violence, Vehemence, etc. A Person who resorts to these is also considered ‘Not for Peace.’ Let us take a few cases.

I have seen many instances where Mothers had tied their infants by clothes, to keep them out of harm’s way, yet allowing them movement. It is like the ‘Crib.’ Is this not Violence? (And I am not talking of Badly manufactured cribs). Just hold somebody by her Wrists and MAKE her sit by your side. Is that Violence? What is the difference between the two?

ch in crib


Putting a person in Irons or in Jail is Violence. Concluding with Just these instances, – except for the ‘Wrist case!’ – We see that these are Accepted as OK, Necessary, and even Good, by Society.

There are enough cases of the Weak and the Poor getting Oppressed, Taken Advantage of, being Subjected to Violence. In India, Bus Conductors would oftentimes Load Up their buses, taking Passengers on willingly (More Passengers means More Bonus), yet Shouting at them while they are getting down. “Get down, Get down, Get down,” they say, and “Hurry, Hurry, Hurry.” So Undignified. And Violent. After all, Just Who wants to Remain in the blessed thing? And if some Poor Soul wants to get down at some particular spot, the answer from the conductor is: “The bus does not stop here.” The Creature has taken a mind of its own, and just refuses to stop. What is he to do, the poor fellow?


Have We ever said: “Let this Old Woman (Or the Woman with Small Children) get down. Why should they walk back so far in the Sun? How much Time would We lose, after all?” etc. No. We have paid for the Journey. And We should not get late. And when the driver stops to pick up members of his family, Nobody objects. No complaints when the bus is pulled over for 15 or 20 minutes for tea and things. And No complaints at all when held up by traffic or ‘Bandhs’ (Political Protests), for Hours on end.

We Want Peace. And that is What I am talking about. If We have Love in Our Hearts, We Would Speak out.


Serious Thought has to be given to the Question if Gandhi’s ‘Ahimsa,’ Non Violence, would have worked if it had been hitler and not the british who had occupied India!

The ISIS is one such creature. So it putin. Think of Ukraine. There is a saying in Hindi: ‘Laaton ke Bhoot Baaton se Nahin Maante,’ which means, roughly, ‘There are some who will Only be Controlled by Kicks; they will not Listen to Reason.’ Mad Dogs Have to be Put down.

So We Will Fight, Will Have to Fight, If We Love Our Fellow Human Beings.

You can read here how a Soldier fought to save a Girl from getting Raped.