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To Speak, Or Not to… Part 1.


Am in famous company! “To be, or not to be,” and all that! 🙂

Am writing this (these) inspired by the Very Frank question raised by a blogger friend, who had written: “Maybe we should start ignoring the newest and trendiest head line topics of the day and simply start doing good in our immediate neighbourhood, friend Swamiyesudas. Love, cat.” https://ckpeacemaker.wordpress.com/

I Really Appreciate that. Thank You,  my Friend. …I Really wish More would write like that.

Am Most gratified that this my Trying to Get People Involved in Questioning and Challenging society, Has borne Fruit.


This consists of 3 posts, and is around 300 words Each.

So, Today, am starting with my surroundings!

Both the above shots are from the North of our Ashram.

This one to the South:

The one below is from within the Ashram compound.

Below, the Eucharist just having been celebrated, Cat Boy has taken over his favourite cushion!

And here’s my famous gate, with my ‘Watchman!’:

“Breathes there the man with soul so dead,” had said Walter Scott, to whose words I would like to add: “Who does not like ‘Likes!

…I would dearly like a Lot of ‘Likes.’ But Alas.

It would be SO easy for me to post much more of the above sort;

Of which I have quite a collection!

I would get Lots of likes and comments, too!

But, can I do that?


What I feel Impelled to do is post the sort of things which You see from me. …Here’s my latest:

So, the Question is More like: “What to Speak, or Post!”

…More in Next. 🙂


Birbal’s Son, and the Roses

I had shared the anecdote of Birbal’s son and the incident of the Roses quite a bit earlier, in my Facebook page. Actually it not so much about Roses as the Mouth, or even more specifically, About Opening the Mouth!

King-Martin-Luther-on slience


To read about the little story of Birbal’s son and the Roses, Please click on the link below:

Raise Your Voice!

Often, Christians seem to think that Speaking out is Not required of them, or that the Bible does not Tell them to do so.

Here is what It says:

IMP raise yr voice Prov 31

Image from Facebook page of International Christian Concern.

“Speak Up for those who cannot speak for Themselves, for the Rights of those who are Destitute.” Proverbs 31:8a.

It was originally posted thus:

Meriam, a Christian mother 8-months pregnant with her second child, was sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging on charges of adultery and apostasy.’

Cooked up charges, as in all these cases.

More information here: http://ow.ly/x7fEg

Let Not the Lord say to Us: “I was in Prison, and You did not Speak out for Me.” Cf: Matthew 25:43.