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Finding God? The Twisted Road To….Perdition

Reading first hand accounts of one’s Personal Search, is not only Inspiring, it is Awe Inspiring. Hence Kudos and Thanks to Rajiv on this his post.

I do have a few comments on this, which I post here.

Rajiv has said: “All major religions started with a sense of wonder, of mystery, of oneness with the world and with nature.”

I would posit that this Sense of Wonder that exists in the beginning itself is not Religion but Spirituality. Religion is the WAY We deal with, Express and Relate to that Wonder, etc. (Religion=Relationship).

Religion is not meant to ‘Define’ Us. But it does become one of Our ‘Tags.’

On ‘We all want our God to be the One God. It is about power and money. And, sex,’ I would like to say that Many Spiritual Greats have been there for whom Power and Money, etc, have meant Nothing. Those who come Immediately to mind are St. Paul, St. Francis of Assissi, and Shirdi Sai Baba, to name just a few.

Do peruse in full.

No Shadow Boxing, Please

With Paul, I say, “I fight, not like someone shadow boxing.” 1 Corinthians 9:26, NET. The TEV puts the same things as: “I am like a Boxer who does Not Waste his Punches.” I Myself would put it as: “I Do Not Pull my Punches!” [Note: The NET, TEV, KJV, etc, are various translations of the Bible.]

If We are Attacked, We Can Either Fight or Flee. That is Elementary, of course.

It can very well be said that a Christian must turn his other cheek. Sure. Right. Of course. First class.

But what if I am a father/brother/husband, and my family is with me, and They are being attacked? Or if Somebody Totally Unconnected to me is being attacked, what do I do? Say a prayer and keep moving? 


We might have been Wimps and Nincompoops in our life. But to be that All our life? No, That cannot be allowed.

And if We are going to Fight, We just Cannot do it as they do in the funny, comical WWE. If We fight like that, We would just get Reamed. If We involve Ourselves in Shadow Boxing, Keep Pulling our Punches or Waste them, or Fool around as they do in WWE, the person We were trying to protect would get raped, and maybe We would, too.

The evil minded are Raping Us and the Life of Our Future Generations, through the field of politics, courts, police force, and even the field of Sports. We have to Fight them, not with Punches, Sword or Bullet. We have to do so  by Our Pens, the Computer and the Cell phone.

The supreme taste of a 1,000 dollar meal would be lost within minutes. Can You Remember the Sensations, the Ecstasy, of Your last Orgasm? The Pleasures of these live Only in the Moment. But if We have Fought for the Future of Our Children, However Bungling the Fight might have been, that Memory is Sweet Indeed, and Lasting.

Few of Us would be called to get involved in Physical fighting. But there is another World out there. The World of Corruption, which is As Surely Raping the Well being of Our Children. Our Parents did not have the Forum, the Opportunity or the Means to Fight Injustice. We have it. In and Through Blogs, the Facebook postings and twitter.

There are Millions of Good-hearted People on the Internet. Just Why have We Not got the Necessary things Trending, as they say in twitter?

James Head vs. Nick Ring

This is how they fight in the UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championships. This is Real Fighting. Let us Not say that this is Gory, and that We do not want to see this. This is Less Bloody than a Rape. Picture from Internet.

Over to You. And, by the way, Do Not Pull Your Punches. Let their faces become red. Let them lose Sleep and Appetite after reading Your posts. That would encourage them to Change. I Repeat:

Over to You, Dear Folks! Join me in Fighting the evil minded, in the field of politics, the courts, the police force, and even the field of Sports! 🙂

Let us Not be ‘catholic-tards’

Somehow, the words AAP-tard, bjp-tard, etc, started going the rounds. They meant a person who supported the AAP or the bjp, No Matter What, ie, even if the party or the leader was in the wrong. Thus, A ****tard is one who BLINDLY Supports his party or his leader, Blind to Reality. We should always make Use of a Good thing. Hence a ‘catholic-tard.’

As You would know, I am a catholic Priest, myself. But that does Not, and Should Not, prevent me from Speaking out when things are wrong in the church. Nor Should You. Paul did that, pointing out things to Peter, as in Galatians 2:11-14. Then We have had St. Teresa of Avila, Joan of Arc, just to name a few.


Blind_to_Reality_by_Espiritu_Libre, from: www.deviantart.com

Searching for images for ‘Blind to Reality,’ came across the above, and Very Good it is too!

Many people become Uncomfortable with Criticism. As for the Very NEED for it, Please click here. I am Not saying that there anything Wrong with the catholic Faith. In particular, the Catholic Theology cannot be Faulted. But as for putting things into Practice, Wow!

During the same search, came across this, which is also Very Apt.



Whether it is Patriot-ism or Catholic-ism, We cannot afford to Turn Our Face Away from Reality. Wrong is Wrong, as Malcolm says.


catholics, in Large numbers, leave the church and join others. Or Just Drop Out. This is happening very much in the 25-40 year old Age group. I personally Know of at least 10. And good people they are too. This is the Number of those who have Declared their opinions.

Who is Responsible for this? I hold the catholic leadership, the ecclesiastical authorities answerable. The Laxity of Good Leadership brings a Bad Name not only to Christianity, but also to Religion in general.


Here, the case in point is the leadership of the catholic church. Let us leave Christ-is-the-head-of-the-church and all that for now. A True Vicar is ONLY the one who Knows How to listen, Does Listen, and does what is told him. Huge Failures. And remember, Let us not be ‘catholic-tards.’

Both in the Old Testament, eg in Isaiah 56:9-12, and in the New, Especially from the mouth of Jesus, as in: “Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees,” Matthew 16:6, the e authorities have come in for a lot of criticism, due to their Lax lives.

In this and the following 2 posts, I shall show some of the Ugly things that have crept into, particularly, the lives of our ecclesiastical authorities. It behooves catholics to put on their thinking caps and consider, and not be ‘tards’ while doing this.

Woman Is Man’s Equal

I had been called to attend a ‘council’ meeting. There were 30 men folk there. But Not a Single Woman Member. At the end of the affair, I opined that there should have been a Goodly Women’s presence, as the meet had to do with Social issues, and as the Female is part of the Society. Somebody spoke out, stating in No Uncertain terms, that Woman is not Man’s Equal.

The man had referred to St. Paul, 1 Timothy 2:11-12, and 1 Corinthians 14:34-35, though he could not have given the references. These, along with 1 Corinthians 11.2-16, form a rather Hazy, but Well liked opinion in many menfolk. I shall speak of these verses in a separate post.

For now, let us have a look at Genesis 1:26-28, TEV, passim.

Then God said, “And Now We will make Human Beings; They will be Like Us and Resemble Us. They will have Power over …All Animals. So God Created Human Beings, making them to be Like Himself. He Created Them Male and Female, Blessed Them and said, “…I am putting You In charge…”

men woman seated

Graphic composed from: http://onefinalblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/indian-men-tv.jpg, and http://tehnologija.me/previse-sjedjenja-moze-da-vas-ubije-infografika/

Let us now have a second look at the Verses from Genesis again:

Then God said, “And Now We will make Human Beings; They will be Like Us and Resemble Us. They will have Power over …All Animals. So God Created Human Beings, making Them to be Like Himself. He Created Them Male and Female, Blessed Them and said, “…I am putting You In charge…” [ONLY Formatting Changed!]

Neither the Blessings, the Power, nor the Authority was given to ‘man’ alone. They were All given to Man and Woman. The Word Speaks for Itself.

If anybody would like to speak of the KJV in this regard, We see: “26 Let us make man in Our image… Let Them have Dominion…  27 God created man in His Own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He Them. 28 And God Blessed Them, …said unto Them… Have Dominion…” …The masculine Singular becomes Just a Generic for ‘Human Beings.’


It would be Silly to think that Woman, to be Equal to Man, has to be of Similar Weight, carry Similar Loads, etc. Woman is Created by God Equal to Man in Dignity and Responsibilities. When We die, it is Not going to be Sofas for the Men and Steel or Wooden Chairs for the Ladies.

Never Surrender!

The topic: ‘Never Surrender,’ interested me. It was offered on the ‘Weekly Challenge’ of WordPress. …I find that I am one those who do not give up!

If ‘Never Surrender’ means Not Giving Up, the Never Say Die spirit, Bull-headedness (of the good sort!), etc, then I am on the Right Track. …Searching for a picture for this post, came across this dear Fellow! Surprising that for one so Tenacious, He looks so Affable! Just like Me! Haha.


Image credit: http://piperbasenji.blogspot.in/2011/12/english-bulldogs.html



Psychology says that 90% of Us are living Lives of Quiet Desperation! I am a Very Ordinary Human being. If I Can live a Life of Satisfaction, Without Giving up, then YOU CAN TOO!



Those who are familiar with India will know that the side of the road is Not at all the place to lie down! On the one hand, Traffic, being in fair speed, gets down there in order to allow other vehicles to pass. But More Importantly, the place is …Dirty.

This pain was coming to me particularly on the days when I had to go to nearby Erode; which I do once a month. As I had to catch a Bus from the town, some 2.5 kms from my place for that, I would just Carry on. This was at about 4.30 in the morning, so that there were no ‘Town-Buses’ at that time.

I used to Cross my arms on my chest, which seemed give just a little relief, keep taking deep breaths, and go on. And the Funny thing was, I found that after Boarding the Bus and Sitting down, my pains would go away. This last is a Significant point, which I shall take up later.

If I place the Intensity of the pain I had on the day of my Heart Attack at 8 on a scale of 10, then the pains I was getting on these trips was a goodly six, if not seven. The only thing is, on the day of the Attack, the pain seemed to ‘spread’ across my chest, ‘seizing’ me. Subsequent pains did not have these two symptoms.


So my Example is going to be my Heart Problem, and How I manage with that. There are Deeper things on ‘Never Say Die’ in my life than this purely physical one of the Heart. I shall share those with You some Other day. 

Some 5 years ago I had a Heart Attack, and was admitted in the ICU for 5 days. Some 28,000 rupees went down the drain, though my good brother Joseph Ponnou had taken care of it. (I heard that my sister contributed too). That much is goodly money in India. Which all is to show that I got into Big Trouble.

I had been advised to continue my medications. But, according to one of my Bad habits, I stopped taking them after about 2 years. Two Years after my stopping them, my Pains started to appear again.

The second half of 2013 proved to be a Very Bad time for me, as far as my Health is concerned. I started getting Severe pains within 500 metres of walking. I had pains in the Inside of my left upper arm, the left wrist and at the base of two fingers in the same hand; as well as pain in the chest and at the base of my throat. That is what I have described in the section above.

I would say that I have had pains of this severity some 60 to a 100 times! If this sounds surprising, Please bear with me in this and carry on reading. This issue will come up again.


This February, (2014), I decided to have a ‘Heart Check up.’ I took my old reports, and went to ‘Heart City,’ a heart specialty hospital in Trichy, (aka Tiruchirappally, situated in Tamil Nadu). There, the good doctor told me that:


I asked him if I could not be cured by having higher doses of some medicines, etc. He said that Medicines could Only do ‘that’ much, and that ‘Mechanical’ means would have to be resorted to. He advised me an Immediate Angiogram.

I learnt that this would cost some 20,000 rupees. But the problem was, am sure they would have said next that I needed ‘Angioplasty,’ which, they inform me, would cost a goodly rs. 2,00,000. Which kind of money I do not have. Nor do I intend to ask anybody for it, Nor Accept it for this purpose, even if it were offered.

I decided to Carry On as I had been doing.


My ‘Courage,’ if We are going to call it that, and my Attitude to Life, To Carry On, Never Surrender, got formed by the following:

  • St. Paul speaks of his sufferings in detail in 2 Corinthians 11:23-29. While doing this, He keeps calls himself a Fool and a Weak man. And he names this recounting of his sufferings as ‘boasting,’ in a Sarcastic sense. Paul was a Great Man, a Very Great Man. Long ago I Realized that he shared all this to let us know that, If He, a Human being, could go through all this, So Could We!
  • I Distinctly remember reading, many years ago, in the Reader’s Digest, that a man, living by himself quite far from other habitations, had a Heart Attack. He started Walking to the nearby town, which in fact was quite a distance away. When he reached the hospital, they found that he had suffered Multiple Heart Attacks on the Way.
  • I learnt that Surgeons Train themselves to ‘Ignore Fatigue’ while carrying out Long Operations. 

And thence I thought: If ‘they’ can do it, Why Can’t I?


I am continuing with my Allopathy and now, and some Homeopathy medicines, under advise of my latter doctor. I am happy to say that my pains are greatly reduced now, rising to no more than 3 on my scale! At times I do feel breathless; and my heart labouring away, though!

I have mentioned that my severe pains would abate after reaching the spot (the bus stand), and after sitting down (as in the bus). After repeated experiences of this sort, have decided that my Arteries are ‘Opening Up’ by those walks and activities, and that once they have done that, the problem, at least for that day, goes away. I have come to believe Very much in this (my Theory of ‘Arteries Opening Up!) now. And it is Working for me, anyway!

So, When my pains start, I tell myself: ‘Okay, the Arteries are Opening Up,’ and carry on. It just becomes a question of bearing some pain for some time.

By the way, I learnt that ‘Reducing my Speed of Walk’ Lowered the amount of Pain. (All these are purely Empirical things. So You cannot go, ‘Medically,’ on my sharings! But I do hope and pray that these are of some Use to You).

So I do not bother about those pains, palpitations or breathlessness. This comes from my Many, Many, Many experiences with the pains; what I did at time, which was: Kept On going, and the End result, namely, the Cessation of my pain.

Two days ago, I had to go to the shops about 400 metres away, for a bit of purchase. Within 200 metres of walking, my Pains started! The level, happily, was a low 2. The pains lasted all the 400 metres. But once I reached the shop, more importantly, once I stopped walking, the pains went away, and did not return.

It All comes down to this: With Regard to our Many Activities, and our Condition, in my case, my Heart Problem,




At the Cost of Boring You, allow me to repeat that I learnt this Mindset from Others who have/had gone this way before me. So the Credit should go to them. And LOTS of Credit to those Unsung Heroes and particularly Heroines, as the one below, who Keep on Keeping On.

To say a few more words on Women like these, many men in India (as I am sure in Other countries, as well), become a Burden instead of Supporting their families. The Women take up the Challenge, and Make Life Go On, Never Surrendering!

Please believe me when I say that I have come across whole villages of men in Chhota Nagpur, as well as here in Thanneerpalli, my current village, – who are addicted to Drinking and Gambling, which latter is more common here in the South.

I Dedicate this my post to these Brave Women. And I wish You all Happy Times.


Photo credit: As in image.


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Though 66 in life, am just Two Months old in WordPress. Would be Grateful if some of You would enlighten me in these things. Thanks in Advance!