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We did not start with the ‘boys.’


And now that they are adults, at least in body, it seems to be too late.

Take Indian ‘Lynching‘ culture. Or lynchings anywhere. It is Never a One-to-One business. They just don’t have the Courage. Because what they were taught, in their families, or the ‘church,’ has been just Crap. It did not make them ‘Men.’

[ The Men among us would understand, and would not take Offence. ]

Take a Look at this:


Start with the Boys

A MUST Watch.
Kudos to Vogue and Team.


My version of WordPress does not allow the posting of Videos. Please search for ‘Vogue Empowerment Ads,’ in which You will see various versions of ‘Start with the Boys.’

It is Beautifully done, and Very Meaningful. [ Have learnt how, now. Please click here.]

Just two minutes of it, too! Regards.