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Courts in politicos’ pockets


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The so called #SupremeCourt of India #Belongs to the #RulingParty.


See: The scales of justice as ear rings!

ले भैंस गयी पानी में! …केवल मूर्ख और अनजान सोचते हैं कि भारत की अदालतें निष्पक्ष हैं.

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Indian courts


The so called sup court of India has asked the police of Delhi, Why it permitted the People to gather when section 144 was in effect. I would have appreciated the court if it had asked, ‘Just why was 144 put in effect?’

The court seems to think that it has the Weal of the Common Man in doing this. Wrong judgement. Just WHY had the PEOPLE gathered there, if they had not so wanted it?

And Just HOW was the police supposed to have prevented the gathering? The People had braved the closure of railway stations, had not worried about the 3000 police personnel gathered there, and joined Arvind and the Team, despite His having Specifically asked them Not to Come. Does the court think that the police should have used their ‘Lathis,’ (staves) to disperse the Gathering? Or Worse?

Let me take a flashback onto the media. When an enquiry is instituted against police personnel, they are, at the least, Suspended. You can Imagine what they would do if they remain when the questions are being asked. Which Witness would dare to Speak out? Indian police is No Longer the Friend of the People.

But neither the police dept, nor India’s Home ministry, under which Delhi’s police is, suspended them. Only when Arvind threatened to take His Protest to the Republic Day Parade Ground, did the politicos, Knowing that that ‘Would’ happen, sent the guilty policemen on leave. The media ‘gloated’ over this, taunting: ‘Leave instead of Suspension,’ as if this were a great, personal victory for them. What interest had they in this?

As for turning up on the Republic Day Grounds, but for that it is a little too far for me at my age, plus my having to Care for my Aged Mother, I would have turned up there. And millions would have, had Arvind given the call.

A Change in Meaningless laws is More Important than mere ‘celebrations.’ Is India Truly a Republic? It is not the ‘Ayes’ who have it now. It is the ‘fat cats,’ the pseudo aristocrats, who have it. The politicians, judges, media personnel and the police have it. The Public have become the Have-Nots.

The thing is, No politician (Except those of the AAP), No judge, and No media person has ANY idea of the Pains or the Problems of the Common Man and Woman of India. policemen come from Humble enough backgrounds. But they too are ‘untouchable,’ (Would anybody with an ounce of sense think of attacking these creatures?). So the police also think that they too belong to the above club of pseudo aristocrats, and growl at the people.

It is Not only that they do not know the Pains of the Common Man. It is also that they do not Know the Changes that have Occurred in the Mind of His. Through the AAP, under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal, the People of India have started to Realize that Democracy Can Work.

The Colossal Waste of the Tax Payer’s money had always Irritated one. With the AAP formed primarily to fight Corruption, the Corrupt have started to Tremble, Shiver and Shake.

Would like a few words on the media at this point. The media, along with others, had called the gathering a Mob. It is useless trying to show off, if your usage of Vocabulary is Wrong. Now, the crowd that had gathered at the demolition of a certain masjid was a Mob. The gujjars who had uprooted Rails, and those who stopped Trains in Andhra qualify for that name. Not the gathering in Delhi at Arvind’s Protest.

Above: gujjars ‘trying to,’ it is said, uproot rails. Should this not have been stopped and nipped in the bud?

Our politicians Incite Communal Violence, and then prove that they are the long lost descendants of nero. Our politicos might not be able to differentiate between a fiddle and a frying pan. But they are very good in going for Jaunts. Expensive ones. Local picnics will not do. And the Citizen is also Insulted, in that it is called a ‘study tour.’ The chief minister of the state, with other politicos, needs a Raunchy, Saucy stage show. All the while, the humble tents that the Victims of the Communal Violence have been living in are Bull-dozed! …And the good judiciary of India does not mind this.

A former chief judge of India, balakrishnan, goes on record saying: ‘No self respecting judge would declare his assets.’ After all, he knows that the Rest of the World are Fools for doing it. Hue and Cry is raised against judges dinakaran and soumitra sen. The courts believe it is enough to ‘Transfer’ them. …After all, Other Places of India Need the kind attentions of these, do they not? What sort of punishment is this? These fellows are going to have their posh accommodations, continue to travel in air conditioned cars, millions spent on their security… it would merely be a Change of scene for them.

Following a Three Fold Increase, Senior judges get paid rs. 90,000 pm, and the chief judge of India rs. 1,00,000. Allowances and ‘furnishings’ are separate.

Enough ‘chief judges’ have held their posts for just ONE day. After all, these poor creatures feel that they are paid so badly that they just Need some perks before they retire. In order that a senior, retiring judge may enjoy the pensions and other benefits of a ‘chief’ judge, he is allowed to sit on that chair, be it for a mere day. …Great work is being done in the ‘justice’ dept.

And I cannot, for the Life of me, understand just How these people are called ‘justices?’ We would be Slaves if We continue to keep calling them that.

The courts let go those Inciting Communal Violence, citing Lack of evidence, with the Utmost Alacrity. Trials of politicos drag on for Decades. And to ‘show’ that it is doing great work, the sup court orders enquiries on Arvind Kejriwal and company.

anna hazare, in his original demand, had asked for a bill that would make the judiciary also accountable to the People. That Has to happen, and it Will happen, however long it takes. And those days cannot be too far. We, the People, Look Forward to It.