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We may Not see the TAJ MAHAL in the Future!



The ISIS did it some time ago. They destroyed numerous [ should we say Numberless? 😦 ] historical artifacts in many places. A screen shot for the search, below:

A little before this, Hindu extremists pulled down the Babri Masjid.

AYODHYA, INDIA – DECEMBER 8: Paramilitary police position themselves on a hill overlooking the ruins of the 16th century Babri mosque (foreground) 08 December 1992 in Ayodhya, India. Behind is the temple being built to Hindu warrior deity Lord Rama. Police took control of the disputed religious site two days after Hindu activists demolished the mosque. (Photo credit should read DOUGLAS E. CURRAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Above: The first four are pictures during the demolition, and the last, at the end of it.

It is said that centuries before, Babar had destroyed a temple that had stood in that place, and built the mosque there. I heard this from a person, whose word I used to believe, who had visited the monument after the mosque was destroyed, and had seen Hindu idols on the back wall of the masjid!

…Only, if there are really those age old idols on the wall, it would not have been pulled down by the Hindus, and they would have posted those images for all the world to see, thus gaining a Huge amount of sympathy. Thus…

Being a Christian, I condemn and criticise the various Peoples and Civilizations destroyed by us in the past.

And now it seems to be the turn of Poor Old TAJ MAHAL. It is being accused of Not being Indian in Culture, and other things. Mind You, this may be a long time away. But the foundations are being laid, particularly by the members of India’s ruling party, particularly by ‘Yogi Adityanath,’ the chief minister of UP in India, where the Taj is!



They are backpedalling, of course. But these waters run Deep. I wouldn’t trust them an inch.

Come see the Taj within the next 5 years or so.

Earliest known photo Taj Mahal, 1850s


Or Raise Your Voice. 🙂


Dashrath Manjhi – Affable Giant!

 Road Dashrath-Manjhi 0

Dashrath Manjhi’s wife Fagunia, died due to lack of medical treatment because the nearest town with a doctor was 70 km away from their village. A not easily climbable hillock was blocking access to the town, which made this long detour necessary. See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dashrath_Manjhi

Now Due to his road, the distance has reduced to a mere 1 Km. Altogether, a 30 feet wide road, (10 metres), involving Single Handed Labour of 22 long years.

Road Dashrath Manjhi a


Above, Perhaps one of the earliest photographs of his Road. Evidently he had already worked Long on it.

Road dashrath-manjhi b

Dashrath at his labour of Love. We can clearly see that he was Not a Young man when he was doing this. I hope We can All be Giants like Him.

Road Dashrath Manjhi c


The shot above gives a clear view of what the hillock had blocked access to.

Road dashrat-manjhi-d 30 ft wd 22 yrs

The Road after the administration has given some Finishing touches to it. The gap is said to be, to repeat, 30 feet wide. Imagine the amount of Rock he must have removed!

…To read about Jadav Payeng, who also, Single Handedly, raised up 1,360 acres of Forest, please click here.

…The Taj Mahal, one of the Most Beautiful buildings in the World, was built by countless labourers, and is said to be Shah Jahan’s memorial to his wife. This road is One-Lone-Man, Dashrath Manjhi’s Tribute of Real Labour-of-Love for his wife. No Need to Compare. But there it is. An Affable Giant, and one whose Example We can All eminently follow! And We Thank Manjhi for this Good Road.