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Afghan Earthquake


Saddened to hear, over the BBC, that No help is arriving.

This, despite a situation like this.

That reduces my belly to a jelly. But no matter.

WHY isn’t even the (Chritian) West involved? …Have noticed, over time, that helping ‘Others’ does not seem to be a priority for Hinduism. …But why not even Arab, and Muslim countries like Indonesia, et al?

As I see it, NOBODY seems to be liking the Taliban‘s policies.

Yet the taliban is belligerent.


A Muslim Bangle-Seller

A few days ago a Bangle seller was thrashed by a small crowd of men. Problem: He is a Muslim. Immediately following the incident the TV channels had said that they had demanded to know Why he, a Muslim, had entered a hindu neighbourhood for his sales.Now the Victim has been Arrested by our ‘glorious’ police, on charges made by a 6 yo girl, conveniently called a ‘minor’ (FULL of connotations, You see!), – that he had touched her ‘Inappropriately’ – on the cheek(!), this in India.

They say a ‘6 yo’ girl testified, saying the bangle seller touched her on her cheek in an ‘in’appropriate way. How do You touch a child on her cheek in an ‘in’appropriate way? Eagerly waiting to see how quickly the ‘courts’ see this.

कहा जा रहा है कि चूड़ी वाला उस ‘६’ साल की बच्ची को गालों पर ‘गलत’ तरीके से छुआ. १. ६ साल की बच्ची को गलत और सही ‘टच’ का उतना अच्छा ज्ञान है? २. ६ साल की बच्ची को गाल पर कैसे गलत तरीके से छुआ जा सकता है?…बड़ी उत्सुकता से प्रतीक्षा कर रहा हूँ कि ‘कोर्ट्स’ इस पॉइंट को कितनी जल्दी पकड़ती हैं.

Gandhiji – Anarchist!

This happened when I was in Bhagalpur diocese, at Basmata, I think. A Beggar was turning up all too often, and so the Parish Priest said, with some Irritation and in Sarcasm, ‘Yes, the Next time, Come with your Whole Family!’ And Bless me, he did that the next time!

At sometime Arvind Kejriwal seems to have said that he was (also) an anarchist. The media, which likes to keep harping on this, does not deign to give us the background, or the Original instance of this utterance. But it does keep ‘Crowing’ about it in its own sanctimonious way.

Speaking of Crowing, of Old, it was said that the True Sportsman neither Cries when he loses, not Crows when he wins! Crowing is Best left to Crows! I want to remind the media of this. Particularly when those who are presenting the news seem no better than mere Wage Earners. It does not behoove them to behave thus with Game Changers.

Coming to Anarchy, is that such a Bad thing? One Man’s Terrorist being another Man’s Freedom Fighter, and all that? Anarchy, from Greek, signifies ‘without government,’ or Rejection of the Administration. The other definition of Anarchism, namely: the political philosophy which holds the state to be immoral, is where Kejriwal comes in, and in that I am with him. Whatever the beginnings, just after India’s Independence, might have been, for the last 30 or 40 years, Morality has been Sold to the Dogs by the Administrations that followed one after another.

Also, in Kejriwal’s case and mine, it is: Rejection of ‘the’ administration; and Not: Rejection of Administration. Let them give Us a Good one, and We will Accept that.

Coming to Gandhiji, called ‘The Father of Our Nation,’ We See Him here with ‘lord’ mountbatten. It must have been Cold, mountbatten has his coat on, but more importantly, has put on heavy woollen socks. So Gandhi appears with a ‘Shawl.’


Dress ‘Codes!’ The vatican has one, and so has the taliban, especially for Ladies, and Only for Ladies, it would seem. We see what Gandhiji thought of dress codes. It is said that He went in the same Attire for the ‘queen’s’ Tea Party, (though I could not find a photo of that), and the queen had to bear it. Anarchy!


I give the following from: ‘Does Gandhi Deserve a Place in the Libertarian Tradition? By JEFF RIGGENBACH,’ in http://mises.org/daily/5002/

The intellectual historian George H. Smith: “Gandhi’s hatred of State oppression was as passionate and deeply-felt as any contemporary Libertarian.” Smith quotes Gandhi as having said that “Any man who subordinates his will to that of the State surrenders his liberty and thus becomes a Slave.”

“In the enormous corpus of Gandhi’s writings, we find no systematic treatise on political theory. Yet scattered throughout letters and articles we find unmistakable indications of his anarchist tendencies.”

“Gandhi repeatedly called himself an anarchist.”


So, if Arvind Kejriwal called himself an Anarchist, he is in Very Good Company. Let us Join them!