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Monkey Drama


Education has been shat upon, vide the Huge Failure* with reference to NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test), and Tamil Nadu govt starts a Monkey Drama of Dress Code for Women Teachers.

Not Allowed! (Supposedly Not Tamil Culture).

De Rigueur!

No Dress code for Men! No Dhoties needed! Pants are Tamil Culture. Yuck. 😦

Women Teachers say that the Sari, prescribed, is: 1. Too Cumbersome for Travel, and, 2. Needs Constant Adjustment (They have to Keep their Midriff covered, as many schools have Co-Ed classes!).

[ * Guess what? Students in TN achieve Huge marks in their colleges, and Fail miserably at NEET. …All this because of the Poor Syllabus in the state, and the practice of Mugging up and answering questions. ]


Demonocracy in Tamil Nadu


One party, let us call it A, is taken on holidays, Wine, (Women not?) and Song thrown in for entertainment for some 15 days, kept there under lock and key, mind You, And brought back like accused-being-taken-to-court by the ever faithful henchdogs the police, and…

Wait. Let me take a breath. And anyway the scene shifts to the holy (so called) grounds of the Assembly.

The Speaker, who speaks for party A, has been told what to do. And he does everything, keeping well within the books. Oh, You can rape Lady Democracy while keeping everything within Rules, You know that.

Party A plays the Game of Kick Me. And party D, infantile enough, falls into the trap. Now the Speaker gets the chance the throw them all out.

They don’t worry that the Opposition is totally Absent in the House. Why break our pretty little heads over small matters like that? Take a vote of… Confidence! Yes! And come out winning, at least with numbers.

And the people of Tamil Nadu are Well satisfied. For them the main game is Jallikkattu, anyway.

RIP, Democracy. …But had she not died a long time ago? 😦


I wanted to keep this short.

You Can Ask me questions, and I promise that I will tell You NO lies.


A Fair Exchange, do You Think?



From Tamil Nadu to Kerala – Fruits, Vegetables and other goods. 

From Kerala to Tamil Nadu, …Medical Waste.

We should not blame the People of Kerala for this. It is just that the people of Tamil Nadu, (as Most people), have all gone to Sleep, and are Busy with Important things like drinking. After all, it is the TN govt that is ‘offering’ them all that liquor.


These so called men, staunch supporters of jayalalitha’s party, evinced by their sporting her picture on the front of their shirts, and the party logo, a double leaf, on the back, have ‘shaved’ their heads as part of offering/prayer for her well being, etc. Now, paid, they go to ‘Relax,’ to — where else, one of thousands of liquor shops jaya has opened.


This school going boy was not ‘paid;’ he just spent the money he got from his father.


New scenes in India. Women drinking like this. The ‘glory’ of jayalalitha’s Tamil Nadu. What is this but Slumber?


The men are wearing ‘black,’ which signifies that they are the devotees of Aiyappaa. They are supposed to refrain even from such things as smoking, and I have known then to avoid eating in restaurants if some others were eating Non-vegetarian foods there. …Now ‘they’ are serving these Beers, given instead of plain old water, along with the meal.


It used to be ‘men’ drunk on the ground like this. Now the women of Tamil Nadu, under jayalalitha ask why ‘they’ should be left behind?


Catch them Young! jayalalitha’s legacy. she and her party say that it had been started earlier, and that if the govt does not run liquor shops people die of drinking spurious ones. …And this bastard of a father is rejoicing in offering his Young boy this satanic drink, thus making his, and Tamil Nadu’s very Future Dark.


The two ‘Mothers’ of Tamil Nadu. One Struggling to feed and bring up her child, and the other, feeding them liquor. Let me repeat that liquor is supplied to the govt run shops by factories run by her cronies, for which she gets Fat commissions, without a doubt.

And to wind up,


Money is generously spent in opening and running liquor shops, bringing in nuclear projects, etc. Bus Passes are duly issued to school children, but lo and behold, they just ‘forget’ to provide enough buses!

Though it is True that one does not hear of these children falling down from running buses, the travel itself must be Unhealthy. If I were to travel like that, I would have my Heart in my Mouth! Why not They? 😦


So, not only Medical Waste, but also nuclear projects, which have been Strongly Opposed in Gujarat, and opposed in Kerala by Wile, (they have cleverly said that they don’t have enough ‘space’ for it!), have found ‘refuge’ in TN, thanks, no doubt, the fattened bank accounts of politicos, and the Slumber of the people!

Am Sure the Current generation of Tamil Nadu thinks this is a Fair enough exchange. Yuck. 😦


Tamil Nadu, the ‘Supposed’ 1st state of India


jayalalitha, the current chief minister of Tamil Nadu, had once promised that she would make the state the First one, meaning the Most developed one in India.

Showing just two of her accomplishments.

Girls on footboard

The administration gives free bus passes to school children, but does not see to enough buses for them. In most cases, boys hang on the foot boards. Today I see a picture of girls having to do the same. As I said in Twitter, ‘Thank you, jaya.’


Further, in the state which she claims to be the one of the safest in India, SIX Women/Girls have been killed in Chennai alone this month. In broad daylight, in places like busy Railway stations.

6 women killed in chennai in 24 hours june 16

One  of the Six women killed. Photo from Facebook.

Infosys girl nungambaakkam

Another of the girls killed, Swathi, an Infosys employee.

Infosys killing nungampaakkam

The scene of the crime. The brave policeman, arriving and present, After the Horse has bolted, as usual.  From: ‪#‎Infosys‬ employee killed in broad-day light at ‪#‎Nungambakkam‬ railway station. From Express News Service Published: 24th June 2016.

rpf w guns

We can see Useless Police Force toting Automatic Weapons on railway platforms. Here, An RPF (Railway protection force) personnel standing with his Automatic weapon at Guwahati, in the North East sector of India. This is by NO means exceptional. Armed police personnel are deployed at All important stations. But it seems they would go on alert ONLY IF they see somebody who ‘Looks’ like a member of Taliban or something.


Hence proved that good old jayalalitha has made Tamil Nadu into the 1st State of India.

[ All images from the Internet ]


Where are the Protectors?


Came across Two Cases of Defencelessness, in both cases those concerning Women. Though, in the first, it is Incidental. As Under:

A. It seems that these 4 Women, aged between 71 and 61, were ‘caught’ by these ‘brave’ policemen when they were trying to sell the Birds they had caught.

Bird sellers

Image from Facebook.

Tax defaulters to the tune of Thousands of Crores are roaming Free, those who had Cheated the country are settled abroad and enjoying themselves, those who steal and sell Statues from Temples are Free, but…

Birds by the Thousands have died because of the Radiation from the Cell-phone towers; and Whole Species of Birds, especially the Indian House Sparrow, has practically Disappeared because of this. But…Sittu pair

Image from the Internet.

But these poor Women are Caught, because they are easy to ‘Catch,’ [ they can’t run too much, can they?  😦 ]. They are the prize catch of these policemen. And ‘they’ are sure to get some prizes for this. Yuck.


B. Came across this also, also in Facebook:

10 Countries where Women are Not Safe; and the Countries mentioned are: Afghanistan, The Congo, India, Somalia, Columbia, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan and Thailand, in that order.

…Some Images, (not in order), from the post by Screen capture:

Defenceless a

Those who have ‘buried’ this Woman thus, Are they human being? And just how can they go about their business as if nothing has happened? …I Absolutely Admire, and Salute this Brave Woman, who is not showing even a Bit of Fear.

Defenceless W India

Defenceless b

Defenceless c

Defenceless d

All these images too by screen capture as they were in a slide show.

The reference:



And in the meantime, this person, jayalalitha, the current chief minister of Tamil Nadu, cannot speak without raising and pointing her finger!

finger aa

finger b

Images from Facebook.

And We are supposed to be a Free, Democratic country. And Safe, too, I forgot to add. At least, they say We are Safe. Yuck again.


Jallikattu and Courage


Pongal, the Harvest Festival as celebrated in Tamil Nadu in India, is just coming. It also stands for the Tamil New Year. So I offer one and All Felicitations on the occasion.

Part of the Pongal celebration has been ‘Jalli-kattu,’ a Sport with Bulls. It is Very different from Spanish Bull ‘Fights,’ where the Matador uses Swords. None allowed in Jallikattu.

For all that, the Animal Rights Activists have moved Indian courts to have the game banned, and there is much furore in Tamil Nadu over this.

Jallikattu is called the ‘Game of the Brave’ Veera Vilaiyattu. I Question that.

1. Jallikattu:

In the most common forms, Specially raised Bulls are released, and young men chase it, and the one who ‘Rides’ the Hump of the Bull for a specified number of seconds is a Winner. They get prizes, measly ones, in my opinion, usually Rs. 5,000 or less. But the Owners of the Bulls that ‘escape’ without being ridden get a lot of name and fame, and I am of the firm belief that heavy betting is involved among owners.

Here are a few graphics, all from the Internet, and some commentaries from my side.

Man riding hump of bull at Jallikattu

A clear presentation of the ‘game;’ the man riding the hump is a Winner here.

The other form of Jallikattu, is where a bull is blindfolded and held back by ropes through its nostrils, and fellows try to ride it (?) – am not sure of the facts of this form. But the ‘Way’ the Bull is held back, Is Sheer Cruelty. Alas, A very common form, used to control generally unruly cattle.

Another type of Jallikattu

Bull controlled by rope through its nostrils

But people, Participants, Onlookers and even owners and tamers are Injured too. I have seen this on clips on TV. On the law of averages, people must be getting gored and trampled.

Man injured at Jallikattu

Another severe injury at Jallikattu

Read more at the link below, though it recounts events in 2013:



Over and beyond this, I also hate, (besides the Cruely to the Animals), the way Onlookers and ‘Supposed Participants’ Enjoy when someone is Harmed. Notice the fellows in the back rows, they are not just unconcerned, they are actually Happy.

Someone gets hurt; others enjoy the sight

This Bull, instead of being a Good Boy and Keeping to the enclosed path, has ‘turned.’ I would say that the man in the Rainbow coloured Shorts is hit. Those close, in the middle of the picture look concerned or alarmed. But quite a few of those out of reach of the animal’s horns are Simply Enjoying their Outing.


2. Courage

There is No Doubt that Courage is required to get into these open arenas.

But, when We find that 90% of the people of Tamil Nadu would prefer Not to Open their mouths, though –

  • The Roads are Bad (Don’t think just in terms of highways),
  • There are Not enough Buses (You have not seen the Way School Children go to school and come back, Crammed like Animals, and Small Children Jumping onto Running Buses lest they miss them),
  • Sand is Mined, – I would say Looted, beyond any Sensible Limits, sponsored by the government itself, which has not only turned the River Beds and the Surroundings Dry, Killed Thousands of Trees and Affected Farming, but is also making Tamil Nadu into a Desert!

School Children Trying to get a seat

School chidren trying to get a seat. The situation is FAR worse than is seen in this picture.

Govt sponsored Looting of River sand B

Govt sponsored Looting of River sand C

Lorries awaiting loading

Bridge foundation exposed

Photographing of the works is Discouraged, at the pain of Your Very Life, hence mostly long range shots. All images from Internet. Seen, the Earth Movers used to fill the lorries, the number of lorries waiting their turn, and finally, the Exposed Foundations of a Bridge.

See also:



To continue and to Repeat:

When We find that 90% of the people of Tamil Nadu would prefer Not to Open their mouths on any of these issues, What is the Use of this Dummy and Useless, Done-in-a-Hype, Drug Induced ‘courage’ of Jallikattu?


Liquor Flows, Rivers run Dry, and Other things


This is More particularly about the situation in Tamil Nadu in India. Supposed to be one of the more advanced ones, We see how Impressions can be Very Wrong.

And here, a collection of tweets on the subject:

  • Under jayalalitha, current CM of Tamil Nadu, the land has turned into a Sea of Liquor, often supplied from her factories!
  • jayalalitha has also, very successfully, mined away all the sand from the Rivers, so that Water rushes away to Sea without seeping in.
  • More accomplishment by jaya! THORIUM stolen away from Beaches! Where? To Whom? When Thorium is NUCLEAR MATERIAL?
  • In all this theft, the central govt, the courts, AND THE PEOPLE, SLEEP. Future Generations will Cry. 😦

thorium theftGraphic: From Facebook

In-Sincere Efforts

Our Forefathers used the open as their toilets. But as We have ‘progressed’ to Electricity, Buses, Trains and the Computer, it is High Time that We changed the above mentioned habit. It is a question of Hygiene, as well as one of Dignity, particularly for Women! In our village of Thanneerpalli, Our ‘govt’ school had No toilet for Girls for ages. Its addition is a recent development.

Indian administration has once again come up with an Effort and a scheme, viz, a Toilet for Every House. Under modi’s regime, work on this has already started. I dare to call this In-Sincere.

ALL High Sounding and Great Sounding programmes, from Bullet Trains to the Lowly Toilet, are just Ways and Means for those in govt, and those Employed by the govt, to Make Money. In the case of these Toilets, too, the govt records would show that Every blasted house received one, whereas Not even Half would have got it. Secondly, LOW Quality work would take place. More Profits.

toilets of govt


I would have liked to ‘Crop’ the image, but left it as it was. Let us Note the Miserable building around it, the Slanting Electric Pole, and a ‘glorified toilet,’ which almost looks like a house worthy of a deity. But, No Electricity there, Nor, More Importantly, Water! Haha. In No time it would be Stinking, as Indians Do Not Know How to use these things, and Care Less about Cleaning it behind them for Others.

Schemes like these had been implemented in Tamil Nadu long ago. I do not think it was during jaya’s time. She spends more time with Elephants. The toilets built in Tamil Nadu are used to Store Firewood, while people Continue to Go to the ‘Open.’ TN is one of the Dirtiest in this regard. (They continue these practices when they go to places like Kerala, where they get a Bad Name).

Needed: Water facilities for these toilets, and, More Important than that, Educating the Public TO Use them, and Insisting that they do so. A few Solid Inputs from the Village Heads would do the trick. If these could be persuaded to make the effort.

In the Absence of Such Sincere Efforts, people will continue to think that the administration has done great things for them, and continue to Get Fooled. As in the case of the Forest department, which planted Millions of Eucalyptus saplings, instead of Good trees, simply because these grow without much care, and as cattle would not eat them. As also the rs. 1,000 Pension scheme, which Just Half the People receive, and which Mysteriously Stops reaching even those hands after a few Months. As I said, In-Sincere Efforts on the part of the administration.

Okayama Waterway, Japan

Waterways! What a Beautiful word used! To come to more serious things, ours, called merely Canals, are not drying up, but Dried Up. It seems We have to ‘Look’ at pictures of Water in Tamil Nadu in India.

Tamil Nadu is forever at War with Kerala and Karnataka in particular, complaining that it is not getting Waters from there.

But, in the case of Karnataka, they cleaned up and deepened their ponds, and worked on conserving Water. Whereas in TN, thousands of Bodies of Water like ponds were filled up, canals narrowed and then filled up, to raise …buildings.

Horrifyingly, this is also one of the Reasons for So many buildings ‘Falling.’ They have been built on such places.

All in all, a Most Shameful to-do on the part of the Tamil Nadu Administration, in particular, that of jayalalitha.

chennai building collaps


chennai building collapse


On the AAP, Tamil Nadu, Silence and 23,000 Volts!

A Compilation of my tweets this morning:

1. MUCH needs to be said about today’s India, particularly after the recent elections. But now it has become ‘dangerous’ to speak out!

2. Am I afraid? YES. I would NOT go and touch a 23,000 volt cable. In my old age, hv 2 take care of my mother n another handicapped person.

3. I would have spoken out IF the AAP had been Strong and Active in TN. It is Sleeping, And National leaders are not worried about this.