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The Same Boat


A wonderful sharing from a Dear Friend, Indur K Chhugani.

“Both Jawans (Soldiers) and Terrorists are brainwashed into giving up their lives for the country… While others loot the country through their corrupt ways.”

See more at: <https://ikchhugani.wordpress.com/2015/08/05/terrorists-and-jawans-sail-in-the-same-boat/&gt;


India, syria, pakistan, and terrorists

  1. Over Simplistic on part of Obama to have announced Air strikes against ISIS. Rabid dogs Swerve when they see a gun.
  2. India, as Yet a Developing country, KNOWS where its trouble makers are. Each Citizen needs multiple Id cards for banks, sims, etc.
  3. Why Can’t and Why Don’t states like pakistan and syria opt for these methods? Or are they favouring and aiding the terrorists?


winning elections, Losing Hearts

The bjp (Bharatiya Janata Party) is almost sure to win in this election. But it is sad that this win is Not Reassuring Many Indians. I am one of those Not Reassured.

I know Zero about Sociology or Politics. But I remember that my Father had said:

Democracy is where the Will of the Majority is done; at the same time keeping in Mind Not to Wrong to Any member of the Minority.

And Old lessons of the Sportsfield:

Do Not Crow when You Win, and Do Not Cry when You Lose…

Need such things be forgotten?


What has happened just recently, as can be seen from twitter, is quite Disheartening! [Not that I am going to Give Up!]

1. One giriraj singh (of the bjp) makes such a communal remark, as under. We find SO many supporting him in twitter. THAT is the bad thing.

2. This what giriraj seems to have said: #SendThemToPak to #AllMuslimsAreTerrorists.

3. This is the support for giriraj singh.

support for giriraj copy

4. This is the love one brother in twitter has for his Countrymen.

IMP anti muslim copy


Good Sense has to Prevail. National Leaders, even those of the bjp, have to see to that. We Expect it of them.