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I am Grateful for this Today!


Last night Our main line current went off at about 11, and as my UPS was beeping, I shut down things except for one fan for the night. As I had not been feeling tired, I would have like to catch up with my TV, but that was not to be, for said reason.

But it was a good thing, for I fell asleep in minutes!

In India, where things take Ever so long to get put right, and Expensive, (You have to pay all those electrical men, though they receive goodly salaries!), the current thing was finally repaired, and I could even fill in my Water tank which is done by electrical motor. …And they did not even come to ‘collect’ from me!

W tank

The Ashram Water Tank!

The Lord is doing Wonderful things, Daily, and this event I can Attest to, Share and Witness, for Today, and too before 10 AM!

Praised be the Lord.:)

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5 Tips to Blogging


Good points, my Dear Nishi!

I must say that I am Deeply, Deeply Grateful for my FRIENDS of the Blogging world. Today, if I am going on after some 800+ posts in about two years, and blogging on for about 5 years, it is because of my FRIENDS!

So Thank You, One and All! Much Love, Regards and EVERY Best Wishes! 🙂


The Showcase

In 5 months it will be 4 years since I started this blog – The Showcase. All I wanted when I started blogging was to dust the cobwebs off my mind at a time when I was sure I actually had crickets residing in my brain 😀 and to write about random things when I felt like it. The truth however, is I’ve gotten so much more. Okay, I think I just sounded like an infomercial right there, but let me explain…

I’ve met some very cool people, learned a lot about them and about myself; I think more clearly, and I’m  more mindful about my place and purpose in this world…Sound too fanciful? but it’s true! If any of you, my dear blogger friends  have felt the same way, please drop me a few lines in the comments…

Today with blogging being free/affordable there are millions of blogs and…

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A BIG Hello, and Some News!

So Hello, my Friends! This is my 600th post, as such a bit Special! I take this Opportunity to Greet You and to send You my Heartfelt Regards.


As far as NEWS is concerned,

Took a Conscious, 15-day Holiday, for the First Time in my Life!

Relaxing Kitten

The holiday was Celebrated Right in my Room(!), but the Rest has Invigorated me. A Very Severe Ache I had developed behind my Head has gone.


There are a few things I WANT TO INFORM YOU about:

Am making a Habit of Visiting the sites, especially of those who are Kind enough to give Comments in mine. I also go through the List of All whom I follow, Nearly 200 of them, and read their posts and share comments. Am able to do that just about 3 to 5 at a time.

There are some sites where I am not able to post comments, even after visiting and reading articles in their Entirety, as they do not open in https. I would ask You all to do things about addressing this Issue.

An example is: robertmgoldstein’s blog. There for comments, it asks for a New and Separate ‘Log-in,’ in WordPress, Twitter or Facebook. That means entering my Password. Since it is not https, the site is NOT SECURE, so my Norton informs me.

NOT https

I take this Opportunity to extend my Felicitations to Robert/Chester, and the Many whom I am not able to contact on their pages.


Hearty Regards Once Again! 🙂

Dashrath Manjhi – Affable Giant!

 Road Dashrath-Manjhi 0

Dashrath Manjhi’s wife Fagunia, died due to lack of medical treatment because the nearest town with a doctor was 70 km away from their village. A not easily climbable hillock was blocking access to the town, which made this long detour necessary. See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dashrath_Manjhi

Now Due to his road, the distance has reduced to a mere 1 Km. Altogether, a 30 feet wide road, (10 metres), involving Single Handed Labour of 22 long years.

Road Dashrath Manjhi a


Above, Perhaps one of the earliest photographs of his Road. Evidently he had already worked Long on it.

Road dashrath-manjhi b

Dashrath at his labour of Love. We can clearly see that he was Not a Young man when he was doing this. I hope We can All be Giants like Him.

Road Dashrath Manjhi c


The shot above gives a clear view of what the hillock had blocked access to.

Road dashrat-manjhi-d 30 ft wd 22 yrs

The Road after the administration has given some Finishing touches to it. The gap is said to be, to repeat, 30 feet wide. Imagine the amount of Rock he must have removed!

…To read about Jadav Payeng, who also, Single Handedly, raised up 1,360 acres of Forest, please click here.

…The Taj Mahal, one of the Most Beautiful buildings in the World, was built by countless labourers, and is said to be Shah Jahan’s memorial to his wife. This road is One-Lone-Man, Dashrath Manjhi’s Tribute of Real Labour-of-Love for his wife. No Need to Compare. But there it is. An Affable Giant, and one whose Example We can All eminently follow! And We Thank Manjhi for this Good Road.

Thank You!

Today, as I opened a page to add a new post, found a sort of golden cup on top, which informed me that I have received 10 Likes on my Blog. There are People who have had millions of them, and they must be smiling.

There is a saying in Hindi, which effectively means, When an Artist does not receive applause, his heart cries. I do not write on subjects that might be popular. It is all more serious kind of stuff. And though I would like to write 200 word articles, I find that they always become 600 word ones! And yet, if People like them, it does make me sit a little bit straighter!

So here is a Big Thanks to All who have made me what I am today, able to Stand Alone, Happy and Strong! I shall not take any names, because, once You start, where do You stop?

So Thanks All! Thanks to all those from my Personal Life, from my Past, my Present Dear Family in my Blog, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. My Love too, and God Bless!