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Love is the Answer – But!

No, No, No, I am Not saying that Love is the Answer, But sometimes We have to Hate too, or anything stupid like that.

The Whole of Christ’s Teachings can be Condensed into One Word, and that would be: ‘Love.’ But We have to Remember that in its many forms, He used the word Love as a VERB. Go and Love, He said, and said it as a Command.

Love is Seeing to it that Their Bellies are Full,  

And that there is Not a Drop of Tear in Their Eyes.  

Love is NOT Theory and Love is 24×7.

Orissa 08.psd

This, incidentally, is Christian Child, Burnt in Odisha, India. Picture from Internet.

When there is a Situation, one does not discuss Where the Arrow came from or Who Shot it, as the Buddha used to say. Love would mean Controlling the Mad Dogs. And that, my Dear Friends, is REAL, Hard Work.

Whether We Whimper around, saying, ‘Let us All Just Love,’ or Go Out and Do things about it, Putting Our Necks on the Block, is, after all, Up to Us. It Depends upon Who and How much of He-Men We are. And We Shall be Judged according to that.

Great without being Good?

One of the newer advertisements, those of Bajaj Allianz, using no less a personality than Naseeruddin Shah, an Eminent Actor, has him saying that he would go for being Great rather than Good.



In the advert Naseeruddin is asking us: ‘Would Alexander have been remembered if he had been (called) the Good instead of the Great?!’

I do not know on what basis they built this up. Is greatness conquering great amounts of territory? Being the lord of great lands and masses? In that case, what would Bajaj say with reference to hitler, stalin, idi amin, pol pot? Does greatness lie in amassing fame and fortune? Do not mafia bosses have lots of money?

As for fame, though I remembered Naseeruddin from my earlier days, I had to look up on Google to get the spelling of his name right, and to check that I was talking about the right man, and Naseer is still living. How many of today’s youth remember or appreciate Charlie Chaplin? ONE generation and You are gone!

But if We take up Christ, the Buddha, Abraham Lincoln and Gandhi, ages and generations have had No difficulty in accepting them as Great.

Bajaj will do well to change this advert. They are a good company. I do believe some young script writer(?) has come up with this funny(!) Great vs Good imbroglio. It behooves that business houses contribute to Values even in their adverts. HAVELLS advertisements have shown the way, in showing that Power is in the Hands of the People, while presenting their own products.

Buddhist ‘Monks’ Lead Violence!

The Buddha would be Horrified. Buddhist (so called) monks in lanka had already been at the forefront of Violence against Tamils. Now their next target, it would seem, are Muslims. Whether the lankan locals want to achieve their ends ‘using’ these monks can be debated. But even if the locals give the call, ‘Real’ Monks could have refused, and changed the ‘course’.

Here is a recent Carnage, Instigated, Encouraged and Led by them, AND a Cool monk in the midst of all that.

carnage ag moslems lanka 0614

Image from Facebook.

The dalai lama, instead of Whispering Sweet Nothings, should make out Strong statements against such happenings.

As Should the pope in situations where catholics have been/are at fault. As should any religious leader with regard to his following.


A Large section of the Martial Arts, from Jiu-jitsu to Karate, and all their sisters and brothers, were developed by our (Old) Buddhist Monks, mainly to protect themselves, for Self Defence. Whereas, at least for the last 30 years or so, it can and will be seen that these (modern) so-called monks seem to have given up all ideas of ‘Shanti!’ For them it seems to be: ‘long live violence.’ But We cannot and Should not blame only the Buddhists for Violence like this.