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As the Clock Struck Noon

Hello, Folks, for this moving post, I wrote a comment to Jennie, and I would like that to be the introduction to my Reblog.

My Dear Jennie, greetings, and Thanks for sharing.

But, as I write this, and as I was reading Yours, I have Tears in my eyes and Anger in my heart.

India does not have too many War veterans. And those that are seem to be getting by.

All my knowledge of the West comes from reading and seeing the photographs; have never been West.

Through Your post I would like to address the Citizens of the US, to state that ‘THE LIVING VETERANS ARE BEING FORGOTTEN AND IGNORED.’

Aren’t a Very Large of them members of the ‘Homeless?’ After Such sacrifice, to be Ignored, on the Streets, even Hungry! I am Angry indeed.

Hope the US does More for its Veterans. My salutations to them. And Regards to You, my Dear.

A Teacher's Reflections

Today I was a small part of honoring those who have served and given the ultimate sacrifice.  A wreath was laid at Arlington National Cemetery at noon.  Simultaneously, cemeteries across America participated in the same wreath laying ceremony.  It was humbling.  I was proud to be there.

Thanks to Wreaths Across America, people all over the country could be part of this important event.  There’s something special about small town America.  Seems to me that paying respect in my own back yard has far more meaning.  Close to home and close to heart.  It feels good.

Westford is the next town over and much like my small town of Groton, full of old homes and a pretty landscape.  People smile and greet each other.  Neighbors help neighbors.  The cemetery is close to the center of town.  For a small town it is a big cemetery, and full of the graves…

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How IMPREINT challenged our views on homelessness with his latest project “cut off”

‘Before when I was going to sleep and there was rain I was just enjoying the sound. Now I think of those that are in the street and have to find a place to cover themselves.’

– From the post.

Sam French Photography

I’ve been invited to testify to ‘cut off’ (link) a challenging project from the artist IMPREINT about homelessness. “Cut off” really opened my eyes to the reality of what was happening in London with the homeless and how we take a warm bed for the night for granted. Take in a view of London in the early hours of the morning and you will see all sorts of characters but most importantly the scenes you take in will challenge you. The artist invited me to shoot the 24th of December and view how he approached the subject and then I had the opportunity to ask with him about the project.

Q: How was it to run this project for one year?

A: I haven’t realized it yet, once finished I need to take a break and then make full considerations.

Q: Did it affect your life?

A: Well, I used…

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Homeless in America!

Too Painful to give a ‘Like’ for this.

It could very well have been titled: ‘Homeless in India.’ I wonder if it is better in Any country.

In India, We do not say: ‘They are crooks. They are bums. They are junkies.’ We Just Ignore them.

Kudos to Michelle and Dennis for reminding Us again.

Let us Dare to take a few Homeless into Our Homes.

Love to All.


NO, I am Not talking about Heaven. …As You know, they have created many kinds of ‘Paradise,’ one of them being the F**l’s Paradise! I am talking about this one.

The US is the Country to which People GO, Seeking Jobs and Opportunities. The US is the Country from which Science, even the Psychological type, flows into India, they say after about 10 years.

That US, and many parts of Europe, which We think of as Developed Countries, are Experiencing a Malady called ‘THE HOMELESS.’

Homeless Woman

Photo from cited article.

Our Residence in the Fool’s Paradise consists in thinking that that Malady will Not touch India, and Us.

Please Peruse:

Photographer Shows Homeless In A New Light To Remind Us They’re People Too

A Post that does Not make much Sense

Upto 5 years ago, our Ashram used to House and Care for about 16 Homeless People at a time, while helping some 40 more by way of Daycare. I have had to stop as I had to shift, and have no facilities to house People just now. My Help these days takes the form of Daycare alone. …As for today’s post, came across what I would say a Meaningless and Senseless one in Facebook in this regard. As Usual, am Pulling No Punches.

Homeless People are No Novelty in India. You will find them Outside our Railway Stations, Near or Bus stands, and In our Bus Stops, looking Lost and Dejected. Not only that, there is an Old People’s Home in our Very Street, and Two more within 2 Kms of where I sit just now, but our Village is special, as there are many Ashrams here.

Let us now come to the post:

homeless a w bg

First of All, let me make it Clear that I am Not writing this post against ‘Jesus Daily.’ Who Knows what all Good things they are doing. BUT. Here are the Problems: This Man looks Educated, and seems to come from at least a Middle Class Home. In India, People would think Nothing of Lying Down under a Tree on the Bare Ground, and if Homeless, find the Shelter of a Bus Stop as a God Send.

bus stop comp

Composite from: j0035001.blogspot.com and fox2now.com …Evidently both are different ones. But they are only to show the Dilapidated conditions they are generally in. For most Indians to live in these kinds of conditions is Old Hat. But for Educated People!

The World is creating the Homeless day by day. russia downs another Civilian airliner (this Malaysian one is the second, as far as I remember, there was a Japanese one some years ago), and Bingo, how many families of the passengers affected? The ISIS decides to kidnap, hold hostage, chase out or frighten away People, who had paid Lakhs (Hundred of Thousands, albeit Rupees), to go and work there, and where are they Now? AND How many are Abandoning their Parents?

Where I do not see the sense is in the Post in question is in these things:

  • Somebody photographs a Homeless Man,
  • Leaves Him Sitting there,
  • Posts His picture and gather ‘Likes,’
  • AND Thinks that Everything is Solved by Saying an ‘Amen.’

Was the Man ‘Posing’ for this picture? His Eyes say it is Not so.

What We Can and Should Do in situations like these, besides providing Him with a Meal is this:

Offer Him Shelter. Do it as a Community. A Few Neighbours, together. Work at it. BOLD Steps, Sure. But I am Used to Talking to Lions.

Let us Not think He would Not be Pestersome. People who have had to live like this would be full of Resentment.

Too many are Ready to say: “There are details that maybe we don’t want to hear, things we didn’t want to know.” Let us Firmly leave such statements to Others. Let the Blood Run Red in our Veins.

Frankly, this ‘my’ post comes under all the headings/tags I mention: A page called ‘Jesus Daily’ posts this. I would expect ‘Leadership’ in Religious Issues from such a page. But such a Spineless kind of a thing Disappoints, Hugely.

By Saying an Amen and going away, We Cannot Expect to Receive God’s Blessings, His Love, Peace or Happiness.

Taking a picture of a Homeless Person, getting ‘Likes’ out of this, and asking People to say ‘Amen’ makes No Sense. If We would Profess that Christ lives in Each and Every one of Us, then We have to Prove it to Him by our Actions.