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Viola! The Indian Farmer is NOT Poor!


The Planning Commission of India has said it. That should be Enough, is it not? So let’s have No more discussions. Period. The Indian Farmer is Not Poor. 😦

The graphic below says:

According to the Planning Commission, a Villager able to Spend more than Rs. 22.50 a day is Not poor.

But the Average expenses brought up by the Assistant Commissioner of same department in ‘Foreign Travel,’ between May and October (2012) was 2.02 Lakh (202 thousand) rupees PER DAY!


See! He wears Such an Ordinary Strap for his Expensive wrist watch! …Source: In picture.


Kovan's house sans words

VAO's house

farmer b


girl w stone cs

Images from the internet.


Hence Proved. The government itself has said so. Good Day. Bye.


Christ Yearns for a Cup of Tea

IMP Christ yearning for a cup of tea

Image from Facebook.

He wears a Shirt somebody has given him. It is, as We see, many sizes too Big for Him.

Nobody has Cleaned His eyes for Him. He does not know how to do it by Himself.

He yearns for that Cup of Tea. But will not look up and ask for it. He has been Rejected enough times not to try that any more.

For me He is Christ, Who had asked Paul, ‘Saul, Saul, Why are You persecuting ME?’ AFTER He had ascended to Heaven.

Christ Yearning for a Cup of Tea. Here. In Different Ways in Other places. He HAD said, after all, on the CROSS, “I Thirst.”

We Teach that it is not enough to give the Hungry man the fish, and that We should Teach him to Fish. In Other words, Take Time and Arrange for his Welfare.

Today’s World and Time Demand that We not only Arrange things for These, but also that We Fight for them.

Love to All.